7 Ways to Become More Confident with Women

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What women consider to be good looking varies widely, but there is one thing that is always attractive- confidence. Many of us do not have an over-abundance of confidence though, so where we can we buy some? Fortunately, confidence is something that we can learn to integrate into our personality with enough willpower and determination.

1. Dress and Groom for the Part

It is hard to have confidence in yourself when your style screams soccer dad or hobo or a mix of the two. In order to feel more confident, it helps to have the uniform of someone who should be confident. Head to the barber, wear nice clothes and attend to personal hygiene on a regular basis. As you go through these habits tune into the fact you are stepping into the costume of confidence.

2. Trick your Brain with your Body

Our brain is easily persuaded by the actions of our body, but we need to be mindful of what our body is doing first. Start standing tall, using assertive gestures and flashing confident smiles whenever you get the chance. The more you practice having a body that projects confidence, the easier it is to do when you are actually nervous about any given situation.

3. Take Time when You Speak

When we are nervous, we have a tendency to speak faster and higher- neither of which are very sexy to women. When you are speaking try to slow down the pace of what you are saying. Take the time to organize your thoughts before saying what you want to say next.

4. Practice Interacting with Females

It is hard to get good at something you never do! Whenever you get the chance to talk to females, preferably at least semi-attractive ones, seize the moment. A good place to start is chatting up baristas, waitresses, cashiers, bartendresses, co-workers, etc.  Given these ladies are at work try not to be flirty or anything, bust just practice making small talk with good eye contact.

5. Brainstorm Things to Talk About

If you know you'll be in a situation where you'll be interacting with women, take the time to brainstorm topics to talk about and questions to ask. Refresh this list every time you go out to keep your brain fresh with new ideas. If you have a set of things to talk about already, you spend less time nervously contemplating what to say next.

6. Meditate

Our brain has a tricky way of running through negative loops of thought causing us a lot of anxiety. The practice of meditation teaches us to turn of these voices, so that we can focus on the present moment. Integrate at least 5 minutes of meditation into your day to help learn to clear your mind, so when you are talking to ladies you can focus on the lady rather than how nervous you are about talking to said lady.

7.  Don't Feel the Need to Talk too much

There is no need for the male to dominate all aspects of conversation. It is also okay for their to be brief pauses in speech. If you feel yourself dominating the conversation, make room for the lady to speak by asking questions.

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