7 Ways to Become More Confident With Men

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Girls are nervous around guys, guys are nervous around women.  It is a wonder any of us get around to procreating! There is nothing unusual about feeling shy or hesitant around the opposite sex. With a little work you can build your confidence, so that being around men can be a more comfortable experience.

The 7 following tips will help you feel more confident around men, so that you can better enjoy hanging around the opposite sex.

1. Dress for the Part

Part of feeling confident is looking like the Goddess that you are on the inside. This is all about dressing in such a way that makes you feel beautiful, comfortable and happy. Whether that means wearing your favorite pair of jeans or going  all out with a heels and a dress entirely depends on your personal preference. Choose a look and style that makes you feel confident about who are on the outside, so that you can let your inner beauty shine on through.

2. Flaunt your Positive Features and Love Your Flaws

A huge part of  projecting confidence is learning to love every part of yourself. It is easy to love the parts of your personality and looks that are top notch, but learning to deal with the flaws is something that takes time and practice. We are all put on this earth with a certain set of negative and positive features and no amount of hate or self-loathing will get rid of the "negative" traits. Instead of viewing flaws as flaws, see them as little quirks and try to figure out how these downfalls are actually positive traits in disguise.

3. Have  a Relaxing Ritual

If you know beforehand you are going to be hanging out with men then take the time to do something that relaxes you before doing so. Take a bath, read a book, meditate, do some yoga, eat chocolate or do anything that helps you unwind. Make sure to dedicate your whole mind and body to this experience and try not to clear the brain of any anxiety you may have about your future encounter with guys.

4. Adore your Time Alone

If you feel a certain desperation to be around the company of men, then you build up this whole overly anxious and excited energy that can make it hard to feel confident around men. It is okay to enjoy time around men for flirting, friendship and fun, but try to make sure that you equally enjoy just hanging out with yourself. When you aren't as amped up about hanging around men, it makes it a lot easier to not feel as jittery.

5. Eye or Face Contact

Making contact with the eyes can be a difficult step, but it is something you should work towards to help build an image of confidence. If you feel like you can't make eye contact without absolutely freaking out then try just making eye contact with any facial feature. Focusing on the lips, forehead or checks will make you feel less nervous than awkwardly starring off into the distance.

6. Do not Hunker Down

Hunkering down not only makes us look a little awkward and weird, it signals to our brain that we feel like we are in danger. To end this negative cycle of faux-danger between your brain and bod,y sit up straight with open shoulders to welcome whatever male attention that may come your way.

7. Be in the Moment

A huge mistake many women make is holding onto expectations when they are around men. For example, if a woman is on a first date she often spends a lot of time worrying whether he'll ask her on a second date or not. Instead of worrying about what will happen in the future, try to focus on enjoying right here, right now. No amount of anxiety will help you control a man's future actions, so don't bother worrying about what he or may not do next.

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