6 Types Of People We Need To Have In Our Lives

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Everybody needs somebody. We all need people in our lives to teach u s things, nurture us, help us grow or anything else that supports our personal development. The trick, sometimes, can be whether or not they deserve to stay in our lives or how to get rid of them. Of course, there is family, who for some reason, we all feel they must stay in our lives, and then the high school friends that won't go away even if we know they are toxic and don't contribute anything good to our well being. But there are definitely certain types of people we need to have in our lives.

people_1Some people come as lessons, some as blessings. Some are here to stay, others should leave immediately, once we've learned the lesson. Whatever the case may be, here are the 6 types of people we all need to have in our lives at some point.

1. The mean judgemental person.

This is the one we learn the lesson from and get rid of immediately unless we can teach them not to be so mean. This person will show us that the world needs more loving, kind and beautiful people and why you should strive to be one. This person will show us who we don't want to be.   After witnessing one of their random acts of judgement, our hearts will break and we will feel sorry for them. Some of us may even get angry with their behaviour and that's ok. They will teach us who we don't want to be.

2. The happy loving person.

This is the person you want to hang on to for eternity. They are beautiful loving caring souls and we will learn how to love, be happy with what we have and share love freely. They show us to not be like #1, to spread love and enjoy people. If you have suffered a recent heart break, they will help us to heal our hearts again and to love again with no inhibitions.

3. The no bull person.

This person will not only teach us how to find our voice but will also be in our corner when we can't find our voice. They are our cheerleaders, our protectors and our supporters. They are also our encouragers. They want us to find our voice and will show us how to stand up for ourselves and go after what we want, while not taking any bull from any body. This person doesn't want you to be a doormat and will show you how not to be one.

4. The stressed out person.

After spending even one hour with this person you will surely learn to and appreciate how to stay calm and meditate. This person is filled with anxiety and too much nervous energy. From the poor stressed out soul, we can learn how to take life one day at a time and not sweat the small stuff. We can see that stressing out gets us nowhere and the calm person always wins.

5. The calm person.

Another one you want to hang on to. If you are the person described in #4 then you desperately need the calm person. This is the person who will show you how to not take things so seriously, enjoy life more and maybe even teach you how to meditate. The calm person has a very soothing energy field that instantly puts you at ease. It also makes you feel like you want to be with them more. Do it. If you are a stressed out soul, hang out with the calm person more.

6. The successful person.

Success comes in many forms. Professional success, life success, health success. It's not just about working your arse off and finally making a million dollars a year. The successful person has their shit together and knows how to get it done right. There is much to be learned from this person. Hang out with them. Learn some tips and tricks. Find out what the meaning of success is and how they achieved it. Success is yours too if you are willing to learn.

It's true that people come into our lives for a reason. If any of these people come into your life, open up to learning what they have to teach you. Hang on to some, dump the others. Remember we are all here to love learn and grow.

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