6 Tips to Help Figure out the Always Challenging Pisces in your Life

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Scorpio's have sharp tongues and know how to hold a grudge, Libra's can never make up their minds and are far too judgemental for their own good. And then there's those Sagittarians. Can't they just sit still for one minute? Whether you want to hold any faith in astrology there's much to be said about each sign and, in my opinion, definitely some truth to a lot of it.   Each sign has a great blend of the great traits and the not so great ones.

Tell a person your sign and usually the first thing that comes out of their mouth is negative. Oh I've heard about you Aries people. You're left shaking your head and wondering what the heck that means. Yes each sign has their thing, but what about those Pisceans? Are they in a league all of their own? So elusive, so mysterious and so hard to pin down.   Do you know one that you are still trying to figure out? These pointers might give you a better understanding so next time you come across one you'll know how to handle them.

pisces1.Living in a fantasy world.

Yes they do and they are pretty darn happy there too. Pisceans are big dreamers, quite possibly the biggest dreamer of the 12 signs, and what you think is a fantasy world they try to find ways to think it into reality. Just be patient and agree with them. Whatever dream they are conjuring up at the present moment, just nod and smile. Oh and encourage them too.

2.Hello moodiness.

Not moody like Libra or Gemini moody but more in the sense of depending on where they are and what the atmosphere is like will depend on how they feel at that moment. They kinda like to be the life of the party, which is slightly ironic as there is an introverted side to Pisceans as well, but if the energy of the room sucks, then they will take a back seat. You might actually think they are sulking. They're not. Let them be.

3.The melting pot, really.

Being the last sign of the zodiac, they tend to pick up traits from all the preceding signs, hence, you never know who you are going to see at any given moment. Fear not, it won't be strong enough to have you running for the hills. Just remember the Pisces that you love and in no time at all, that darn Capricorn characteristic will disappear.

4.We don't need a map. Or a watch, or a GPS or a calendar or instructions.

I'll be there when I get there and I'll try not to be late. They generally live life on their internal clock which, unfortunately, doesn't run at the same time as the rest of the world. Be patient and a gentle reminder to them might get them to snap out of it. Might (though I highly doubt it).

5.Sensitive much?

Oh yes, they are. Very much so. Because they love everybody and want to please everybody they often find out that not all people are nice back. Pisces want everyone to be happy and if someone doesn't graciously accept their kindness or generosity, they will retreat and sulk. Not for long though. Let them be. They'll get their groove back on soon enough. They just need a few moments alone.

6.This way, no that way, no wait.

Their sign is symbolized by the image of two fish. This alone should warn you of two things
a) they are always chasing their tail and
b) there are two sides to the Pisces.
Fact is, both is true really. A lot of time, the Piscean doesn't know if they are coming or going or which way is the right way or the best path. All this because of that darn fantasy world. It's so much easier to stay there. Offer gentle guidance and light suggestions. If that fails, just give them encouragement and support. Being with a Pisces obviously isn't a terrible thing. In fact, being with any sign will be a challenge depending on what your sign is. We all have good and bad remember? If you love a Pisces know one thing for sure, they are the most romantic sign of the zodiac so if that's your thing, then you got the right person.

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