8 Steps To Follow To Get The Attention Of Your People And Make Them Buy

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Most entrepreneurs know that it can feel very tough to get the attention of people who are ready to buy what you have on offer.

Having a system that works will help with that so read this and implement it step by step. Feel free to pop any questions below the post and tag me in and I will do my best to help you out.

Let's begin"¦

1. What is your unique message?

You have to get clear on what it is that you specifically offer the world.   There are a whole lot of people who sell what you sell and how are you going to stand out if you try too hard to be the same as they are so that you get accepted.   Be bold and brave about why you do what you do.   What makes you different from all the rest? You may have different ideas, different thoughts about your products or service or maybe, you are the only one in your industry that states categorically why you do what you do and how it all works.

Your uniqueness causes you to stand out but you have to own it.

make_people_buy2. Who are your best buyers?

Who do you want to sell to?   Now that you are clear about what your message is, it is time to decide who you want to work with.   You have heard all about the ideal customer?   Now it is time to define who yours is.

No, it is not anyone with a heartbeat and a wallet!   Be specific and call those people out by your messaging and your marketing.   Always have that person in mind when you speak or write "“ You will be doing a lot of both of this stuff when you start marketing.

What is the before picture of your buyers and what is the after result when they work with you?   Get clear about that and then tell them all about it.

3. Create a free giveaway

Based on the before and after result, create a free giveaway that will encourage your best buyers to show themselves.   What quick solution/information can you provide with a checklist, a mini report, a discount voucher, anything they want.   What can you give them in return for their contact details?

4.   Create a Lead generation Page

Now, you need somewhere to send people who are interested in your free giveaway or lead magnet as it is known in the marketing world.

You need a headline, some bullets points telling your best buyers what they get and a call to action telling them where to put their name and email address.   This page can be on your website or you can use an applications like LeadPages or unbounce pages to create a standalone webpage whose only purpose is to do the exchange of free giveaway for contact details.

Of course, also have ways to collect your best buyers' contact details on your website as well.   Use the side bar, the header and the footer to remind people of your free giveaway.   Make it a focus of your business to set things up.

5. Create an informative blog post or video or audio

This piece of content gives them solid information and ends with an invitation to pop over to the lead generation page and claim the free giveaway which will take them deeper or enable them to get the product or service at a discount.   Make sure it all flows together and also expect to write a lot in order to attract the people you want into your world.

The days of sending someone straight to your landing page without them knowing anything about you are passing.   Everyone seems to know what you are trying to do when you offer a free report and they are no longer so willing to get another email in their inbox from another nameless, faceless marketer who does not seem to care about the individual customer.   And that is where content creation comes in.

Let people get to know you through the informative, entertaining and inspirational content you offer.   Let them hear your voice in all your content and then they feel considerably more inclined to share their information with you.   Each blog post or video or audio then sends them to the landing page if they are interested in the free giveaway.

6. Send people to the blog post online

Use pay per click adverts and social media to expose prospects to your content.   Continue to indoctrinate them into your world.

7. Send people to the blog post offline

Use networking and giving talks to get attention on your free giveaway.   You know where your best buyers are as a result of defining who they are in step 2.   Go where they are and get to know them.   Check to find meeting where they are and offer to do talks or just attend and build relationships.

You can also use direct mail to very specifically target people or flyer the area where your best buyers are.

8. Follow up with email

Build an email auto-responder campaign that stays in touch with your new leads at least 3 times a week and each email invites them to take an action.

You must understand that it is a key part of the growth of your business to have more people on your mailing list because most people will not be ready to purchase anything from you at first glance.   Some will but most won't so you must make it a priority to collect contact details.

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