6 Things You Must Remember to Thank Your Best Friend For

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You've had the same bf for 5, 10, 15 maybe even over 20 years. You love her to pieces and you can't imagine your life without her. (For the sake of this article we'll say "her/she"). She's been there through thick and thin. Every relationship break-up, every fight with your sister, every job loss, all your successes and yes,even all your failures. She's your go to person for your every emotion and, of course, she's the one you love to hang with.

No doubt, she feels the same way too. You two need and complement each other like lips and chapstick.

Yes, you guys are that tight. So what's your secret? How do you two keep it together without any worry
of a melt or breakdown?   Mutual respect and gratitude. Sounds simple, right? It should be, however many of us forget to take the time to thank our bff for lots of little things they do. Now while some of you feel you shouldn't have to say thank you, guess again. Gratitude is the glue that holds things together but not only that, it also is the key to bringing and keeping more things to be grateful for.   You probably already take the time to thank your bff for many things but here is a small list of the things you probably haven't thanked her for and simply just forget. They seem like little things but remember, gratitude is huge, no matter what it's for.

1.Being honest about that ugly dress.   You girls go shopping, you saw that dress and you were sure you had to have it. You put it on, fall in love with instantly, bust out of the change room only to see your bff scowling. She's shaking her head and you know that look. "It's horrible on you, go take it off now. Your boobs look too small in it". You sulk and go take it off. Did you thank her for saving you from making that ridiculous purchase and saving you x amount of dollars too? Can you imagine how many other ugly things you would have bought if your bff wasn't there to steer you back to the change room? Go thank her for all those times.

2.Are we talking about him again? Yes, that loser boyfriend you fought with for over 3 years. She sat quietly, patiently and lovingly listening to you go on and on about how terrible he is and how much of a jerk he is. You didn't want her advice, which you knew was going to be "dump his sorry ass already", and she didn't offer any.   Nope, she just sat and listened, passing you Kleenex and rubbing your back.   And she did this for all your loser boyfriends. Have you thanked her for always being an ear and never offering up her advice, even though you knew it would be good anyway? Go thank her for that now.

3.You never did return that shirt, did you? You had a hot date and needed something super sexy to wear and your bff had the best shirt ever. She reluctantly hands it over, knowing she'll probably never see it again. Did you thank her for her understanding and patience even though you were truly sorry? You couldn't have gotten away with that with just anybody.

4.Please don't judge me. And she doesn't. Ever. You have made some of the poorest choices when it comes to dating men and she has always just smiled and said "as long as you're happy hun". She will never judge you or your choices. Go say thank you for that now.

5.Cover me will ya? How many times has she covered your ass? She's called in sick for you when you were hungover, she's told your parents you were away when you couldn't make it to a family function, and she's even called your boyfriend to tell him you were sick. She's covered you in more ways you can imagine.   Sure you probably said thanx after each incident but have you said thank you for always covering your butt? For always being that cover girl for you? Do it now.

6.Don't talk, just sit here. When you were at your lowest low and were curled up on the couch in a depressed state. She came over and just sat with you. She would wash your dishes, watch really bad movies with you, rub your feet, read a book, stare at the ceiling and just be there all the while putting her own day on hold. She didn't want anything from you and she couldn't give you anything you needed, but she stayed with you anyway. Thank her for giving up her time and day to be with you, every time you needed her.While most of these things seem like they should go without saying, remember this one thing. Saying thank you for all the little things is nice. Saying thank you for all the big things that seem little is respect and love and though your bff may not look for gratitude, it's always nice to show and receive.

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