6 Simple Ways To Be More Loving In All Your Relationships

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You have a lot of love for your family and friends. Always have and probably always will. Most of us do. We tell them we love them on a daily basis. We mean it too. But what happens is that we start taking the people in our life for granted. We don't even realize we are doing. Perhaps we need to be more loving in all our relationships?

Of course we display random acts of love. We tell them daily, we're nice to them, we spend time with them when we can. Is there more that we should be doing? Chances are, probably yes. So what else can we be doing to show more love and be more loving? The list below has some great tips and ideas for you. This doesn't mean only family relations and love relations but friends, co-workers or anyone else you have relations with.

loving1. Give random hugs.

The random ones that no one was expecting. In the middle of cooking dinner together with your family give hugs all around. If you know one of your co-workers might be having an off day, go give her a hug. Just give out hugs. People love them and it is a beautiful act of love.

2. Make time.

In our busy lives, many of us seem to run out of hours in a day to spend with people we love. We text or email but what about just putting down the electronics, knock on their door and have coffee or tea with them. Take time. We are good at making excuses, ho w about we make time.

3. Listen more.

Don't just sit and nod and reply mm hmm every 30 seconds. Really pay attention. Ask questions, show interest. Many of us have our heads in a book or cell phone while someone in the room is talking to us. It is absolutely impossible to scroll through a FB newsfeed and give someone 100% of your attention. Pay attention more. They will appreciate it. Greatly.

4. Bring cookies, or flowers, or a deck of cards.

Bring something, a little thing that they really love to show them that you are thinking of them, you know what their favourite thing is and that you love them. Nothing says I love you better than cookies right out of the oven. How about flowers? You can pick a beautiful wild bouquet right from the side o f the road. This will mean more than gold to them. Love.

5. Just tell them.

That's nice and easy. The more you tell them, the more they will feel loved. Some people love to and need to hear the words I love you often. You already know you love them, start telling them more. This simple little powerful statement that will take a nanosecond to say will leave an energy and feeling in someone's heart and world for the rest of the day. Just wow, right?

6. Be a friend.

Sometimes this isn't so easy to do either. there are times your friends or family are going to need you to just listen to their problems without actually saying anything. No comments, no advice, no faces. Just sit and listen to them. And then giving them a hug when they're done. When someone we love has a problem and they need to talk, it doesn't necessarily mean they need advice. They just need someone they know they can trust whole heartedly, to just listen, so they can get whatever it is eating at them, off their chest, in a safe zone. You're the safe zone. Just be quiet and listen. Intently and then hug after.

Being more loving in any relationship or in anything you do is something that purely comes from the heart. Be there more, with your heart and watch your relationships grow, change, evolve and become more loving.

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