6 Amazing Things Happen When You Drink Coconut Water

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Coconut water. Just the name sounds ultimately refreshing and brings you right to the tropics. When I think of coconut water, I think of swinging in a hammock with the ocean close by and the sounds of exotic birds singing. My thirst is completely quenched even though the warm sun is beating down on me. I am taken to paradise. That's what the thought of coconut water does for me.

So let's get to reality now and talk about the actual health benefits of coconut water. I'm not talking about the artificial sugar laden stuff you might find in the grocery stores. Nope. We're talking about the pure kind you can find in your natural food health stores. That's the kind you should be looking for and drinking. Want to know why?

Here are 6 reasons why though I'm sure there are at least 10 more.

1. Great natural hydrator.

Toss away those energy drinks that are loaded in sugar. Coconut water is perfect for hydration especially for athletes or after a great workout. It has only 5 grams of sugar in 8 ounces and plenty of potassium, 294 mg to be exact.   Not only that, there is no artificial horrible after taste with it. Naturally and lightly sweet with a fantastic refreshing taste.

2. Nutrients anyone?

How about these ones: calcium, sodium, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium. The 5 main nutrients our body requires to maintain optimum health are all packed in this tasty beverage. All naturally. It's a powerhouse packed drink for anyone. Yes anyone can drink coconut water, even diabetics because of the extremely low sugar content.

3. Aids in digestion.

Coconut water has a high fiber content, but not too high to upset your stomach, and it helps aid indigestion and can reduce acid reflux. It is great to settle the stomach as well if you feel queasy or even slightly hungover. It replaces the electrolytes you may have lost after a night of having a few too many.

4. Beautiful skin please.

You can either drink it or splash it right on your skin but the fact remains, coconut water is excellent for your skin. From within, it flushes out excess oils that you may have consumed throughout the day. Externally, this wonderful magical water will tone your skin and help with acne and sunspots. It's no wonder most of the beauty products on the shelves these days have coconut as listed as one of the main ingredients. Because it works.

5. Helps you lose weight.

Drinking water isn't for everyone but is so important in weight loss. For those who have a hard time drinking water and losing weight, coconut water may be just what you need. It is refreshing, tastes great, helps suppress appetite, like water should and helps you to feel full. Go ahead and drink up.

6. It's loaded with antioxidants.

This is good for this reason: antioxidants help to control and prevent the damage to our bodies caused by free radicals. Our body needs something to neutralize this and antioxidants, which are found not only in coconut water but also a lot of our foods, are extremely crucial to our overall health.

If you haven't tried coconut water yet it's definitely worth looking into. The kind you find in your health food store is the best to purchase or anything that says 100% natural and you should definitely check the ingredients to make sure it is. With anything, make sure to start slow an d in moderation. Coconut water has a history of flushing out things real fast if you aren't careful how much you consume in the first few days. I recommend starting with one glass and moving up to 2 or 3 in time. Watch your wallet too though. Depending on where you live, it can get pricey. If you're lucky enough to live in the tropics then you can get it for a great price and you already know how good it is for you. Drink up!

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