10 Surprising Benefits Of Marijuana That Make It Good For Anyone

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Before we start, this is a fun article. Not to be taken too seriously but not to be ignored either. I' m neither promoting marijuana use nor shutting down the users. It's just a fun way to look at its use and some of the benefits of it. I am not insensitive, or ignorant, to the fact that often drug addiction does start with marijuana. This article simply talks about it from a medicinal point of view and from a non – addictive view. If that makes any sense. For any of you that may be offended by this articles topic stop reading now.

Carrying on.

Marijuana is becoming popular for its medicinal purposes as pain therapy and now research is coming up with claims that it is also good for those suffering with cancer.   Gone are the days where weed (ho w about we just call it that from here on in?) was only used to get super high and forget the world. It' s now proven that it actually does help people medically. Who knew? And for those casual smokers? Read on.

marijuana_benefits1. Let our creative juices flow and flow and….yes and flow even more.

For those artistically inclined, or even those who aren't but don't mind trying their hand at it, smoking a joint is a great way to get those juices flowing. You'll be surprised and probably amazed at what you can create. Colours come alive, objects dance. Yes the possibilities are endless. And beautiful.

2. Let your inner child out.

Ever been to a playground stoned? Go try it. The swings are amazing, the monkey bars show you that you are stronger than you think and the slides prove hours of entertainment. Yes the park is a fantastic place to be stoned. Leave the kids alone while you're there. Remember you have to share the toys.

3. Make lots of new friends.

For those super shy people, smoking a joint can remove all your inhibitions and suddenly making friends is easier. You want to talk to people and find out all kinds of stuff about them. Or maybe you want to solve the world's problems. What better way to do that than with a stranger, while you're stoned.

4. Dance like no one is watching.

Music takes on a whole new meaning and sounds more beautiful than it ever has. It moves you in ways that you never thought possible. You can actually lose yourself and your surroundings in a great tune while you're stoned. Hips grind, arms sway, legs won't stop. Yes, music is magical.

5. Pass the pizza please.

More please. Ok so maybe being stoned might not be so great for the waist line it sure is good for the appetite and food tastes oh so good. You can enjoy and savour every morsel, every mouthful, every forkful. Yes food is heaven when you're stoned.

6. Making the old seem new again.

That old picture that has been hanging on the wall for years suddenly appears much more beautiful than it ever has. Your old coat is now your new treasure. Oh and that creepy brown couch that you never liked ? It's the best thing in the world. So comfy. Yes, all your old things are new and fabulous.

7. Nature is breathtaking.

Really. Those trees, those leaves and did you have a look at that chickadee? Where did all this beauty suddenly come from? The sun on your face is blissful, even the rain is great. Get out in nature when you're stoned and see it in a whole new light.

8. Laugh until you cry.

Or cry until you laugh. Emotions are on an all-time high. You will laugh at the silliest things. Laugh like you've never laughed be fore. It's actually pretty therapeutic. Feel like crying? Do that too. The emotional dump will be mind-blowing. Trust me. (ok wait, ya never mind)

9 . What pain?

And yes, it does relieve the pain if only temporary. That's ok. It sure feels good to not be in any kind of pain for at least a few hours . So no pain, happy and giddy, dance freely, eat happily. It's sounding better all the time.

10. Intimate moments are high.

Pardon the pun but try having sex while you're stoned. But try to do it while you aren't laughing or eating. All kidding aside, the bond and the intimacy is out of this world. So intense and amazing. You'll view sex in a whole new way. (I shouldn't have to say this but please make sure you practice safe sex with new partners)

What's not to love about smoking the occasional joint and experiencing things in life in a whole new way? It's harmless, if you know to control it properly obviously, and it's pretty fun.

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