5 Warning Signs That Your Body Just Needs Water

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So often we opt to self diagnose our problems and then check every health internet site on the web to see how close we are to making a good diagnosis when in fact the problem is dehydration and the solution is simply, drink more water. When was the last time you were sure you were going to die from whatever condition you discovered on a site but then realized after you drank some water, you seemed perfectly fine?

Yup, that's what water does for us. It is the answer to a lot of our problems. We overlook it for some unknown reason and skip to something more complicated. Why we continue to do that to ourselves will forever remain a mystery. But we do. So how about today, maybe after reading this, we can stop torturing ourselves and stop making things grander than they really are.

body_waterHere are 5 often missed signs that your body just needs a drink of water.

1. Constant headaches.

Many headaches are due to stress, some are triggered by food, others by smells, (and some due to ex's) but chances are a lot of the headaches you are getting is simply your body saying please give me water. When you don't drink enough water your brain, yes even your brain, dehydrates and a headache is one of the warning signs that your brain is thirsty. Hydration may even help aid in the relief of migraines. Give i t water.

2. Tired or lethargic.

You have no energy and you don't want to do anything ever. It's not that you feel sleepy, you just feel lazy. Getting dressed to go out is a major chore. Check your daily water intake and see where it's at. Your body is quite possibly in dehydration mode. It does no t want to use up whatever energy it has left and is storing it just so you can move about through your day, even as slow as that may be. It is crying to be hydrated, perhaps even given some nutrients maybe. You don't only have to drink water, remember a lot of our water comes from fruits and vegetables.

3. Your skin is sallow and dry with little to no elasticity.

Stop slathering on expensive creams. Those are only temporary fixes. What your skin, or should I say body, need s is water. The purest moisturizer you can find. Our skin contains 64% water so imagine what happens when you don't drink enough of it. The largest organ in our body turns to a wrinkly dry leathery mess if you don't give it enough water.

4. Muscle weakness.

If you find that you simply are not strong, meaning you don't have strength to pick a baby or a bag of groceries or maybe even don't have the strength to walk, it could be your muscles are severely dehydrated. Remember your muscles need oxygen and water to perform properly. Oxygen it gets but what about water? Are you giving them enough of that? Next time you feel weak, drink some water or eat some fruit. The natural sugar plus the water in the fruit will perk your muscles back up in no time.

5. Dark urine or not urinating frequently enough.

Your urine should be pale to very light yellow. Water flushes out all the toxins and waste in our bodies so if you aren't drinking enough those toxins will simply collect in your body and when you finally do urinate, if it is dark in colour, that's why. Your body requires water to flush out crap. How else will it get clean otherwise? This is one of the most important jobs of water. The other one is to lubricate our joints and absorbs shock for our brain and spine.

You see water has a pretty important job to do so if you aren't drinking enough, your body will act out in ways that may have you scratching your head wondering what on earth is wrong with you. It could be simply, you need to drink water. And as mentioned in a couple of points, you can get water from fruit and vegetables. Not everyone likes to sit and drink water, though you should, but there are many ways to make it more satisfying too. Add some mint to it, a splash of citrus, or even a touch of honey. However you get hydrated, make sure you do it.

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