4 Ways to Get More Recognition at Work

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More than often in work, you would either have helped solve a problem, make good sales, pitched a great idea or executed a flawless presentation. What followed up is perhaps a smile and a "good job" and then everything goes away like fire doused in water.

Within a few hours or, if you're lucky, a few days"¦ your hard work and effort that helped close a sale or boost the company's revenue gets forgotten and you are back at your desk trying to figure out the next good idea for your company.

Demoralizing isn't it? Once the "Savior" of a project being swept back under the rug like he/she doesn't add a single value to the organization. If you're feeling that way, it's time to have a conversation with your superior.

recognition_workThe problem to even open your mouth and plea for the recognition you think you deserve can be extremely challenging as you don't want to come off as an obnoxious or annoying employee. Also, recognition is only effective if it's sincere, meaning that you shouldn't ask for recognition. Instead, you should just kinda just wait for someone to notice it. But here comes the biggest problem.


Very often, it happens that people don't get the appreciation they deserve because they are scared to look obnoxious or they could very much be some kind of saint who don't give a shit about their career advancement. In fact, there are some sneaky ways to get your name stuck in peoples mind"¦ in a positive way of course.

Here are 4 ways to get yourself recognized at work

1.Praise people

Not too much will come off as boot-licking. Praise people who perhaps have been in a situation like yours, solved a problem or closed a deal. Follow up with it by asking how the situation currently is and tell them how amazed you are that they are able to come up with this kind of idea. Tell them how you have gone through the same situation and how you managed to solve it. News spread easily and no doubt, if you have left some kind of positive image in their mind, people will start to hear all about you as well.

2.Give credit

Even when you did a lot for the project, give credits and recognition to your team members. Do not talk about your own personal achievement as that will seriously turn people off. The whole point is to give praises so that your team members will trust you even more and share more ideas with you. Also, giving credits is a 2-way traffic, meaning that when you praise someone, they will definitely praise you back, which brings us to the next point.

3.Accept praises in a graceful manner

Accept the compliment and simply say thank you. Do not go through the stage where most people starts to explain their accomplishment and sometimes it will come off looking really obnoxious.

4.Let it go

A lot of times you'll see people that is really blind to your effort. Word of advice? Forget it! Sometimes you just have to let go and let your accomplishment slip past people. Do not go into an argument because it will make you look like a total d*ck who only works for recognition and it will really put your reputation in bad light.

There will always be times when you feel unjustified at work. If you truly felt that you are not receiving any recognition at work, perhaps you can try out these methods. If all these doesn't work out well, a sincere and heartfelt talk with your superior is usually the most effective way to get your message across.

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