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5 Tips To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Page

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Before diving into the tips, it's more important to really comprehend the importance of engagement and what it means for you and your business.  Simply put, engagement is where things are able to grow.  When you get that engagement is necessary for growth then you'll get why engagement is so vital for your business and to your social media marketing—especially on Facebook.

Engagement is where passion resides and it's where you, yourself, are connected to your mission—YOU are engaged.  When you're engaged and locked into what your message and mission are, then your delivery for marketing shifts because you've quit leading from the mind and you've now let your heart lead.

When you shift your mindset to engagement thinking and feeling you've armed yourself with the capacity to do more and therefore more things can happen for you and your business. Engagement is what sets the heart centered entrepreneurs apart from the masses.

THE buzzword lately in the business world is engagement.  And, if increasing engagement isn't a part of your business plan, please keep reading. You're going to get tons from this article.

Your business may keep you easily engaged if you're passionate about what you do…but does it translate over to your employees?  Engaged employees (employees who help buoy your business and who believe in your mission—your cause—your WHY) expand your ability to grow your business beyond the latest marketing techniques selling anywhere.

Engaged employees become engaged intrapreneurs who represent you, your business and they are an extension of your passion beyond the 9 to 5 day.  Your cause is also a part of them, too.  Engaged employees are natural marketers (like you) because they feel the cause and the passion.

Engaged employees produce more because they're not bored…they're engaged and connected to the cause and naturally desire to do more. Non-engaged employees cost you money because their attention is likely on wasting time and watching the clock for 5pm to roll around. Engaged people (including yourself) create a positive work environment, are better communicators, are less likely to quit and are more likely to be creative and solution-oriented.

Engagement is Essential for SUCCESS

Engagement in your business is perfectly expanded upon via social media platforms, like Facebook.  Engagement marketing on social media is pull marketing.  By sharing your passion and authenticity on social media platforms like Facebook, then you attract (pull to you) others who match you, your message, your mission and what your business can do to help them.

This is the digital age so…YES…this means getting out of your comfort zone and SHOWING UP as the media company you are.

Here are 5 easy tips that can help you quickly increase engagement on your Facebook page:


13116426_10153571791431439_5094979438226012163_o1. Ask Questions

Asking is the best way to quickly kickstart engagement.  Include simple "Yes" and "No" questions in your posters or ask deeper more meaningful questions.  My best suggestion for you is to keep the question simple (see the example from my Facebook Personal Development Page.  It was shared over 10K times and has over 5.3K comments on it.  Be careful though…  You never want to get carried away with this idea.  If every post becomes a question then each post is also a step away from your authenticity.  Too much gets boring and doesn't build relationships and connections with the audience you want to build.

2. Post At The Right Times

With a simple look at your Facebook page insights, you can immediately see exactly when your fans are online.  Post during that time and keep a rotation of posts scheduled every few hours within a 24 hour period.  So, if most of your fans are online at 10am, begin with a post at 10am and schedule posts every 4 to 6 hours after that and watch your engagement. Everyone has a different "sweet spot" for the right amount of times to post a day.  Too little and your posts will get missed.  Too much and Facebook will search to see which of your posts is more relevant to share with your readers.  Test, test and re-test until you find the right schedule for you and for your engagement.

3. Reply

If people comment on your poster, acknowledge them back with a simple like (showing that you've seen the comment) or reply with a comment back to them.  Respond to messages in your inbox within a reasonable amount of time.  Each time you reply, the audience sees that there is a real person behind the page—helping you increase your engagement even more.

4.  Share Value

Review the images and blogs you're posting.  Does it give your audience value?  The more you give value and share of yourself, the more they'll come back for more because they'll feel the quality and they'll begin to build a trust with you and emotionally connect.  Your authenticity and online reputation is the best way to grow your social proof.  Not even the best online marketers can achieve that for you.  David Ogilvy, considered the father of advertising said, "You cannot bore people into buying your product, you can only interest them into buying it." He regarded advertisement as a medium for information.

5. Use Humor

Business can also be fun.  Social media organically gives your audience the opportunity to feel good about you, your business and your overall "vibe." Humor every once in a while is a great call.  Lighten the mood and show them your personality.  Even better… include some humor with a Facebook LIVE.  Facebook LIVE lets you connect, share your message and lets your audience feel your passion and enthusiasm and authenticity. Of late, Facebook is pushing their Facebook LIVEs and getting online and in front of the camera may be just the answer to get your engagement to skyrocket.

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