5 Tips To Nail Your First Date

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More than 60% of our population is expected to move into urban centers by 2020. There are over 1 billion people on Facebook and more than 2 billion mobile phones in use. Online dating has become a huge market while people have been meeting in real life situations less and less. With statistics like this, why do people feel lonelier and more isolated than ever before? We find our ability to engage small talk and develop trustworthy relationships diminishing as our energies pour into Instagram and Newsfeeds.

Regardless, we still have to date and get there eventually. Despite our social inadequacies and anxieties, people are dating more and more following the growing population trends. Worried about how to impress on your first date? Fear not! Browse this list for some interesting tips about how to close your first date.

first_date21. Remember Your Inside Jokes

While in your free time you've been chatting away, your work-life time has been ripe with obstacle. Every day you are bound by work, distracted by prices and carried away by the sexy guy or girl in the elevator. So, when you get to that dinner table for your first date, do your homework and re-read your messages! What was the last thing you said that made him/her laugh? Did he/she have a funny picture you've always wanted to poke fun at? What about that silly fact from each other's hometown? These will be great conversation starters, and open the door for a slew of relaxing topics.

2. Be Comfortable

I'm not saying bring your pyjamas to the party, but we're almost there. Believe it or not, you can be comfortable and sexy without having to sacrifice all your human comforts! Your favourite necklace is a bit too heavy? Wear the smaller one. It won't matter to him. Your lucky boxer-briefs are a bit tight? Just wear the loose ones – it doesn't matter to her. Skip the bulky watch. Wear flats. Undo your top button. Just relax! Chemical attraction starts after the first few seconds by two consenting parties, and after a few jokes you'll forget all about what you're wearing; so you might as well be comfortable while you're at it.

3. Talk About Anything

When I was a young man I overheard a few guys talking at a bar about how they couldn't approach women. They were big, strong, handsome guys. What do they have to worry about? From that day on I knew I had nothing to worry about. Girls and guys are all the same. You've already set up the date, so the chemical attraction is expected already. After that, realize the humanity behind it all. You're both two slightly anxious, slightly risk-taking people who live in the same place and are ready for fun. No topics are off! Whatever you're thinking of, he/she is probably thinking the same. So just let it out and watch the wavelengths sync.

4. Don't Overthink Anything

How many of you stand in front of your phone or mirror hours before your date practicing lines, rehearsing one-liners in your car, or preparing speeches for unexpected awkward silences? Forget about it. Forget all about it. Take a deep breath and go with the flow. You're both nervous, and both strangers. Be a leader by leading the conversation with random interjection. Be comfortable with silly jokes, and hold each other's hands through awkward silences. Oftentimes you both need a break from chatting anyways, and it gives you both a great chance to consider your feelings and enjoy the moment.

5. That Includes Location

"Where should we go?"

"What should we do?"

I can hear the gulp already when this text hits home. Where should you go? What should you do? Just as in life, there's no rulebook or guidebook for dating. I'll tell you now that you're probably not going skydiving or snorkelling with whale sharks, and as you browse through the Yellow Pages you'll find that Italian restaurant on the corner looking more and more appealing.

And there's nothing wrong with that. Remember that at the end of the day, what really makes a great date is the company you share, not the place it happened. So go to that awful Italian restaurant – and when your food arrives late and in the wrong order, laugh about it together and enjoy the cavalier fun.

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