5 Things You Didn't Know About Connecting

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1. Everyone Needs MORE.

You got goals? Yes. You got Dreams? Of course. You got problems?   Yeah, me too.
"Everyone needs more"  is about self-interest but that's ok. No matter how fortunate or successful you have been, EVERYONE needs more income, contacts, access, information, and influence. One effective strategy to creating resources is to barter with  good  people who own what you lack and create a long term win/win situation. You can try the "No New Friends" approach but even Drake gonna be like, "Lol you thought I was serious?"


2. Communication is very SIMPLE.

If you've ever achieved a big goal (which I'm sure you have), it probably required two or more people working together. BUT before any of us can work together to achieve great things, it's necessary that we KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST each other. Right?… Judy Robinett, author of "How to be a Power Connector" says, "People come to know, like, and trust each other through simple communication. The simple communication process starts with A. a MESSAGE, and then B. a REPLY." Eureka!!

This means tweets, comments, and  especially  emails  should not be ignored in the pursuit of achieving great things. I know you're busy but 90% of responses only require a hello, a thank you, a question, or an emoji(seriously, an emoji!). Keep the process going for a while and watch how doors start opening for you. Don't wait until you need a relationship to start developing it.

3.  Weak Ties suit you better / I understand.

Strong ties are friends, family, people from work. You have a lot in common with strong ties. They're great because they're your support system but usually don't offer much in terms of growth.  Weak Ties  are friends of friends, fellow alumnus, someone you follow mutually on Instagram. Studies show that our weak ties are our greatest assets because of geographical, industry, and cultural differences.

* I understand  the trust issues. There are moments when it seems like everyone is in it for themselves, but hey, you're not selfish like that. What if there were more people like you out there? How will you find the Gems if you don't believe in people?

* I understand  Brand Identity. Society Says: "Tell me who you hang out with and I'll tell you who you are." This isn't about your brand or circle, it's about your connections. There's a difference.

* I understand  you wanna know who you wanna know and you're not concerned with who wants to know you, but what if the person who wants to know you is the cousin of the person you wanna know?? Ironically, that's really how life works! Remove yourself from the trap of your own assumptions and be open to possibilities beyond the obvious!

4. Social Capital makes you RICH.

A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship. Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher in life. Social Capital refers to the quality and standing of your relationships both  inside AND outside your industry. These relationships are about info, advice, cooperation, and trust. The more diverse connections you have and the stronger those connections are, the more social capital you have. The more social capital you have = The greater your opportunities. [Invites, Referrals, Hidden Resources, Jobs, Blessings]

5. Beycause 1 + 1 = 3, Duh!

Economic, Personal, and Professional success is about connecting the right people with the right resources in the right way, so that your individual value can be magnified! Your greatest successes will come from collaborations with others. The way Bob Meyers, Steve Kerr, and Stephen Curry work together to win an NBA championship. Or the way Beyonce's Hair, Nails, and Instagram collaborate to form the  Bey Hive. Nobody really understands it but it works. Your connections allow you to accomplish together what would be difficult or impossible to undertake alone.  This brilliant math is called Synergy.

6. Your neighborhood Connector visits the doctor regularly. [Bonus]

I get it, there are so many schemers and users out there just waiting to take a piece of what you've been working on.   "If only there was a way to filter out the bad guys and ensure I was meeting only friendly, trustworthy people! THEN I would use my time and be more responsive." Well guess what?  I'M that filter. While you're busy working on your craft, I'm  interviewing people  and weeding out the Dracula's. I'm the connector and my role is to connect you with the friendly, trustworthy people that you can build with in good conscience. I am curating a culture and trying to set the tone.

If I ever send you an email, understand there is a competent reason behind it and that legitimate synergy exists there just waiting to be tapped into. In other words, Trust me and reach out. I visit the doctor regularly… I don't send emails for my health. 🙂

Happy Connecting! Thank you for your time.

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