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6 Ways to Discover and Unleash Your Inner Hero

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We all have a little, or big hero, inside of us. How many times have you wanted to do or say something that would have probably been considered heroic but you kept it tucked deep inside out of fear? I know that probably sounds a tad contradictory but think about it. You've got this hero trapped inside of you, you feel it often, but you never unleash it because you're just not so sure about him/her. What will people think or say?

Honestly, who cares? Can you imagine what this world would be like if everyone thought that like? There would never be any heroic acts performed and what a sad and selfish place this would end up being. You've got a hero inside of you and it's time you showed him/her off. It's easier than you think.

1. Face that fear now.

Naturally easier said than done, but when you are faced with a situation that requires someone, anyone, to step in and help why on earth would you take a back seat? This is your call. Go do it! Kick your fear in the arse and tell it to step aside. You have bigger and better things to do right now then feed your fear.

2. Deal with, and triumph over, your past.

Most of our fears stem from our childhood or some traumatic experience. We never really got over that and we are constantly exposed to triggers that remind us of it. Until you learn how to effectively deal with these issues, the hero in you will always stay dormant. Deal with your issues, unleash the giant.

3. Ignite your fire.

That passion that burns inside of you could very well be just a small little flicker of a flame of right now. Light it up and set the world on fire. Quite often, our passion, or our soul's purpose is the something that could quite possibly change the world or shift our perception of things. Why not be that catalyst for change? If not you, who then?

4. What's your thing?

Besides your passion, what is your superpower? We all have one or two. Are you a great talker, healer or listener? Do you have a genuine loving and caring heart? What's the one or two (or even more?) fantastic gifts that you possess inside of you that can help people or even yourself? Dig that thing up and start using it . Imagine the lives you could touch?

5. Step up to the plate.

You so got this. It's time to remove all your self -limiting beliefs and let them know who's in control now. There is no time for fear, lack of self-confidence or any other hero blockers. You are going to have to take the bull by the horns eventually so why not today? If there is something that is calling your inner hero out, step out of your comfort zone and go do some saving. It's in you.

6. Your future is calling.

Why put it off any longer. Get your hero out there and let the masses know you are here, brave and have a purpose. It may take some time to get the brave part right, but once you do, the future is yours and there really is no stopping you. There will be no limits to what you can accomplish with your hero cape on.

For far too long and for far too many of us, there are things we know, without a doubt, we are more than capable of doing. Our heroic part. But we keep it locked down inside and carry on life as usual. Isn't it time to be brave and bold? Why would you keep that gift to yourself?

When you keep in mind that everything is temporary, even life, you will soon realize that opportunities to unleash your inner hero will come and if you don 't jump on them they may never come back. Don't waste time in the back seat. Get out there and flash your cape.

(There are times, as well, where you are sincerely concerned about your own safety and that's perfectly natural too. Use your judgement. If you feel danger, true danger, call for help first and foremost).

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