5 Potentially Deadly Pains You Should Never Ignore

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When was the last time you experienced a jolt of pain and dismissed it immediately because you thought it was nothing? What about that pain that you keep getting but you think it is just because you are overworked and it's your body telling you to slow down? We seem to be so busy in our lives these days that when a pain hits us we tend to ignore it because we simply can't be bothered to have it checked and we end up self-diagnosing, and carry on with our day.   We have no idea how dangerous these pains are and many of us are of the mindset that we are healthy and t here's nothing wrong with us. It's nothing. Really.

As a matter of fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. Sure you probably are healthy and you don't anticipate any debilitating condition to strike you at any moment. One thing everyone should know is that even the healthiest of people have heart attacks and strokes and die. High blood pressure, cancer, diabetes etc. has no preference anymore. It will strike who it wants, when it wants. And there are warning signs to many of these conditions. Warning signs that many of us ignore. It's time to start paying attention.

Woman having headache migraine. Stress and depression.Here are only 5 pains that you should never ignore and have checked immediately.

1. Severe headache.

If you are clutching in your head in severe pain and you know it's not a migraine you need to get yourself to the hospital immediately. This could be a sign of a brain aneurysm, a hemorrhage or a tumor. Many have ignored this pain and sadly have not survived. Don't be one of those people. Do not go lay down and hope it goes away. Always better to be safe than sorry. Oddly, headaches are one of the most ignored pains as people brush them off as just that, a headache.

2. Chest, throat, jaw, shoulder or arm.

Any severe discomfort or pain in any of these areas should be checked right away. Though pneumonia is often linked to chest pain or discomfort, so is heart attack and heart disease. As is pain in the aforementioned areas. Don't dismiss pain in any of these areas. Get to your doctor or ER right away. It could save your life.

3. Severe abdominal pain.

If you still have all your parts then don't overlook this pain. One of those precious parts might just be ready to be removed. If this pain gets ignored and something has ruptured, the chances of internal infection spreading throughout the body are very high. Rule out whatever you think it might be (menstrual cramps, gas, indigestion, etc.) and then get yourself to the hospital.

4. Tooth ache.

Our teeth have a deeper relationship to our body than you think. Never ever neglect any sort of tooth ache or pain. Any infection or abscess in your teeth will immediately stream through the rest of your body. Our teeth are closely linked to many other areas of our body. You should be taking very good care of your teeth all the time anyway. Any tooth that should be pulled, should be done so right away.

5. Calf or leg pain.

If you normally don't get any pains in your legs and suddenly your legs are cramping and in extreme discomfort, get them checked right away. You could possibly have a blood clot brewing in there which is very dangerous. If a piece of the clot breaks free and enters your lungs the result is fatal. Any new pain in your calf or legs should be given immediate attention.

Self-diagnosis seems to be a common thing these days and because of that more people are suffering more than they should. Don't ever think that a pain is nothing. If it is new, or even recurring and extremely painful, it could be time to get your arse to the hospital and get looked at. Your life matters and it matters greatly to the people around you who love you. Don't make light of any pain. Get checked.

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