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10 Things Happy People Never Do

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Oh those ridiculously crazy happy people. You see them in the grocery store, walking down the street and even sitting at their desk at work, smiling and being all happy without a care in the world. They smile and have a skip in their step. They greet you with great cheer and overall, they are just happy. All the time, all day, every day. How is this even possible?

Open Minded PeopleThere are a few tricks to being happy all the time. Remember happiness is an in side job so if you are looking for eternal happiness from things or people, you got it all wrong. So what exactly are some of the things that happy people don't do?

1. Complain.

Nope, they don't have time for that. They are too busy being happy about all the things in their life, especially life itself, to complain about outside influences. There is nothing to complain about as far as their concerned. Life is good. And why would they want to waste time and energy saying bad things about good stuff?

2. Give up.

On anything. Giving up on any challenge, chore, task or dream or anything like that is not even an option nor is it acceptable in the happy place. They keep going no matter what the challenge because they know the end result will be great. Giving up isn't something they would ever entertain. They like to try anything at least once!

3. Feel sorry for themselves.

What would even be the point of that anyway? If something bad happened or they are experiencing less than exciting results from something they stay positive and know that whatever bad is happening, it is only temporary and the sun will shine again. They don't have time for pity parties.

4. Say no to opportunities.

They will take on any opportunity because they know that if they say no it may not come around again and they could be passing up a great time with great adventures. They aren't interested in passing up on anything that could mean fun!

5. They don't shop and shop until they drop to buy things they don't need.

Happy people don't look for happiness in things. They know that buying things to make you happy is only temporary happiness and they aren't into that. They also know that happiness doesn't come from a store.

6. Invite negativity into their lives.

There just isn't room for it anyway. They don't hang around negative people, they try to stay away from negative news, and anything else that isn't positive. Negative people, things and events suck the happy life out of them so they just try to avoid it.

7. Put others down.

They are a helpful bunch. They get great pleasure from helping others and making others happy. They believe that everyone should be happy and they try to see that this happens. They don't talk bad about people or put people down. That's not a happy thing to do.

8. Try to please everybody.

They already know that's not going to happen no matter how hard they try. It's too much wasted effort, effort that could be spent on maintaining their own happiness. They also know it's almost impossible to please everybody. You can't, and they're not going to lose any precious time trying. They have better things to do with their time.

9. They don't forget to express gratitude daily for all the awesome things in their life, including life.

Happy people have lots to be grateful for and they know that the more gratitude they show, the more things they will have to be grateful for, like good health, great friends, and serendipities. Fun stuff like that.

10. They don't act selfishly.

They believe that we are all here for the same purpose and reason. To love each other and spread peace on earth. They help their fellow man any way they can whenever they can, without even so much as a thought. Helping, sharing, giving and loving makes them very happy. They couldn't imagine a life without serving from the heart. And it's all about their heart, not their ego. They don't seek recognition for the great things they do. It's not necessary.

Happy people are positive. Period. There's no other way to explain it and if you are wishing for a life of more happiness, love and more things to be grateful for, check yourself and see if you are doing any of the things listed above. If so, might be time to purge.

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