5 Intuitive Messages from your Body you Should Never Ignore and why

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Our intuition is a guidance system that works through our thoughts, our ideas, our dreams, our feelings, our visions, our hearing and our bodies.   Learning to tune in to all of your intuitive senses can help you tremendously with decision making, avoiding danger, managing stress and forming healthy relationships.

Our bodies are always functioning to send us information in some form as part of our Intuitive Guidance System.   This system works with energy, and energy doesn't lie.   Often, the messages our bodies send is in reaction to energy and something we need to be aware of because of negative energy in some form (a person or situation) or as confirmation of our intuitive feelings.

deep meditation open mindOur angels also communicate to us through our Intuitive Guidance System and will send messages we need to know, making us aware of energy.   Along with messages through our intuition and bodies, angels use other forms of communication to guide us.   The awareness of energy through our bodies is very important for our discernment with choices, get comfortable with using this information in decision making.   You may not be able to fully explain these feelings because your intuition is a guidance system, not an explanation system; follow it any way.

Here are 5 intuitive messages from your body you should never ignore and why:

1.   Tension in your gut

Your Solar Plexus Chakra is in your gut region, and it,is very energy sensitive.   When we are happy and excited, we may experience a "butterfly" feeling.   When something is off (about a,person or situation), we may experience tension, nausea or even pain in our gut; pay attention!   Who or where is this happening around?   What are your true feelings about this person or situation?   Are you doubtful or suspicious there is dishonesty or negative behavior?   These types of sensations are a reaction to low vibrating energy.

2.   Irritated throat

Your throats Chakra is all about communication.   An irritated throat often stems from a lack of communication in some way; often is is denying our own true feelings because we do not understand them (because we cannot explain them) or we want to avoid them and remain in a comfort zone.   Your throat Chakra is sending a clear message to follow your feelings because they are correct.   Admit the feelings to yourself and begin to align with them.

3. Ringing in your ears

Your angels will send ringing in your ears as a sign of confirmation.   Pay attention to what you are or were just thinking about, you are on the right track.   It could also be confirmation about a decision, giving you a nudge in the direction you feel is right; even if others do not agree with you.   It also is a,sign of awakening to your intuitive senses, they are getting stronger.

4. Headache

A headache is a clear message something needs to change.   Your are jamming your head with stressful, negative thinking and it needs to stop.   It also,could be related to a particular person (or people) that are draining your energy.   If you are highly energy sensitive, an Empath, you can also get a headache from being overwhelmed by negative energy,or because someone around you may have one.

5. Dizziness

Feeling dizzy can be a sign of chaotic energy around you, pay attention to where you are and/or who you are with.   For highly intuitive people, this can be a sign of spirit energy around you and/or a deeper connection with the other side.

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