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10 Habits of Highly Successful People

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Do you have what it takes to develop habits that will promote your success and the success of those around you? Of course you do – so what are you waiting for? Highly successful people have complicated businesses and tight schedules, but manage them seamlessly and effectively through time management and delegation. If you can wrap your head around a healthy, managed and goal oriented schedule, you'll be able to better organize your time for success.

We always see commercials about successful people leading these leisurely and comfortable lives. Where do they have the time for leisure while they are so busy organizing business and commerce? They probably follow a few of these steps, and are unhindered by disappointment or struggle – they have the skills to overcome challenges and fight for success.

dreams_success1. Practice a morning ritual

Successful people keep a strong routine at hand in the mornings and evenings. They practice rituals that promote prosperity – things like a ten minute stretching routine, making a healthy and nutritious breakfast, writing down your dreams, or going for a short run. All of these things offer an opportunity to begin each day with foundation, and despite being so simple, are things we often daily miss.

2. Keep their energy levels high

We see advertisements about successful people that are healthy, look good, and exercise. It's because they know how important it is to balance a successful business life with a successful life of health. They organize to find time in their schedule to take a run, eat healthy food, go to the gym, and otherwise live a healthy and good feeling life.

3. They aren't afraid to delegate

Successful people are rarely stubborn. They know how to accept help, they know that you cannot do everything on your own, and they know how to delegate responsibilities to others in order to succeed. A lot of people are shy to command others to do something or assume responsibility. Successful people understand that sometimes even though it's hard to ask others for help, it leads to greater success for everyone.

4. They don't believe in perfection

Perfectionists can spend days, months or years working on something to get it right. Highly successful people are ok with "it's good enough." They are utilitarian – as long as the job it's done, it is fine and we can proceed. Perfectionists will waste too much time wracking their brain and stressing out about everything, while those with success will see the greater picture – and work on fine tuning the details later.

5. They aren't afraid to say "no"

People are often shy to refuse something – we feel social pressure to give in or commit to something even if we don't necessarily agree with it in the moment. This habit is especially prevalent in situations of high importance like with business deals, lifelong decisions, or relationships. We act on social impulse instead of thinking directly about the consequences. Successful people have gone beyond that barrier and know exactly what will be good for their life – even if it means saying "no".

6. Avoid meetings

These days, meetings take up a lot of people's time for many hours – often involving long commuting, introductions, pleasantries, business, and then wrapping it up. Successful people know that oftentimes what can be accomplished in one meeting could just be accomplished via some well placed phone calls and video chats, without taking up everyone's time at once or upsetting any already complicated schedules.

7. Embrace a "to-do" list

Highly successful people are organized. A "to-do" list does not seem basic or ordinary for them – it has gone beyond daily chores and diary journaling. They streamline their days and weeks using easy to read tasking. Use a notepad or whiteboard that is easy to either carry around, erase, or report to and make it a part of your habit to cross off essential tasks in your schedule.

8. Respond to emails at delegated times

We generally get a steady stream of emails and messages throughout all hours of the day – you could be easily interrupted for many minutes by responding to them each as they come in, resulting in you not getting anything of your actual project done. Instead, take an hour aside every now and then to open your inbox and respond to everything at once. It will keep you focused on your task without distractions and let you get to all conversations when you can at one time instead of at scattered, distracting intervals throughout the day.

9. Grow a thick skin

Successful people can say no, send out instructions, delegate, and manage responsibility. They can accept criticism, and dole it out. They have developed a thick skin after years of being themselves and knowing what is best for them and their team, and they are not shy about it.

10. Finish it, forget it

Successful people don't dwell on what's happened or spend time admiring their achievements. They finish the job, and move on to the next without doodling or wasting time in limbo. It's just like crossing off another task on the "to-do" list. Finish up, and keep moving forward.

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