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5 Reasons Tribes Help You Succeed

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Psychologists have long substantiated the fundamental human “need to belong.” In fact, bonding and caring for others is a natural part of human behavior. There's good reasons why tribes are increasingly more important than ever and for bigger reasons than you may think.

The dynamics of belonging to groups (be it family, or community, or professional mastermind group) have the potential to propel you to excellence if you’re keenly aware of how it’s doing that for you.

Successful entrepreneurs know the immense benefits of belonging to mastermind groups and schedule life and business around the meetings, including paying group fees of upwards to $30,000 per year to belong. Before you wince at that fee…keep in mind that investing $30,000 per year also means that the benefit of belonging to such a group includes business growth and revenue surpassing the fee.

When you surround yourself with growth-minded individuals, especially in the entrepreneurial world, you tap into abundance thinking.

Equally important—wherever you belong—you must experience empowerment and growth. When you have that, then you know you’ve found the right tribe. Otherwise, you’re just killing time.

When you belong to the right tribe, you’ll be pulled to draw on your own strengths to contribute and support and help others in your tribe. So, not only will belonging to the right tribe help you grow in strength, but you’ll feel so great helping others grow in strength, too.

A successful tribe deepens connections and professional relationships and opens up safer networking opportunities for you.

Belonging to the right tribe can be just the magic you need to cultivate your success.

Business success is why you’re reading this right? So let’s dive deeper into the crux of what makes a tribe work successfully:


Tribes can keep you on task and accountable for the things you want to achieve. Accountability tribes will also be excellent sounding boards for you when you have a challenge in front of you. They’ll help you work through the challenge and offer solutions and new perspective about what’s ahead of you. You’ll be around others (with a growth mindset) who’ll get you focused on solution-oriented thinking (versus highlighting and stressing over problems)—helping you stay the course as you walk away with actionable solutions. Accountability tribes will help you expand on your successes and will celebrate them with you.


You’ve likely heard the old adage, “Your best teacher was your last mistake.” Imagine preventing mistakes from happening simply because you can learn from other’s mistakes who are in the same industry and tribe as you? Tribes expand on that learning by learning from each other’s mistakes and even preventing mistakes BEFORE you have a chance to make them. This kind of learning drives success much more quickly for you—eliminating time wasters.

puzzle-1686920_19203. PERSPECTIVE.

You have a vision for your business and by sharing it with the your tribe you can manifest its success with more ease. Tribes will help you refine your vision to help you even more by helping you fill in the gaps and pieces you may be missing that will help you actually achieve your vision.??

How long have you been going at it alone, thinking and hoping to “figure it out”? How many hours have you spent doing it? Belonging to a tribe who holds the vision with you will get you where you want to go.


Let’s face it, life happens and things can get in the way of what you want to accomplish. Tribes will support you when “stuff” gets in the way. Tribes won’t let you forget what you set out to do. Tribes will not only help you get through it, they’ll help you get back on track with your vision and purpose.


You may have an idea for your business and sharing that idea with the right tribe can help you expand on your idea even more. Belonging to the right tribe also surrounds you with people outside of your inner world, who may see things in you, your ideas, your potential even better than what you see working by yourself. One idea shared in the right tribe can get the ball rolling in ways you didn’t even see for yourself. You can walk away with bigger “aha” moments, partnerships, angel investors, more contacts, more clients…the opportunities are immense and immeasurable.

Time and money invested in the right tribe will bring more wins to you in a shorter period of time than going at it alone. Saving a buck is not always your best bet if you’re looking to grow your business.

Personally, I invest (at minimum) 30% of my gross income for my business, including belonging to (several) tribes that fulfill several areas of my business.

Finding Your Tribe…

Look to others who are doing what you want to do. This isn’t mimicking them, but looking at them as guides and as mentors and as good examples of where you want to go. Find out what they’re doing and find out what courses they offer or recommend. More often than not, courses are supplemented with group support. This is a huge win because you’re learning and continue to learn through the group.

This digital age offers the ability to belong to tribes worldwide. It also offers the facility and time saver of hopping online and joining a tribe (paid and unpaid)…but please be discerning when joining any tribe. Free is not always equivalent to quality (please refer to the 5 points above to remind yourself of the ways you should be benefitting from investing in a tribe.

A good tribe will have a standout tribe leader who will manage the tribe fairly for everyone. They’ll make sure help is available and help you with networking. A good tribe leader will keep empowerment and growth front and center for every tribe member giving value every step of the way.

The tribe on Your Digital Formula were recently asked how they benefitted belonging to the tribe. I’d be remiss not to share some of the recent thoughts from the members. The replies expressed are excellent indicators on how you should be feeling about your tribe, too…especially if you invested into a tribe.

“I love being a part of the YDF tribe, it is a place I can come for support, connection and guidance. It has helped me immensely personally and professionally.
The people in this Tribe and especially Steven Aitchison continuously inspire me.”
~Anne-Marie, Follow Your Song

“…although Maria and Steven head the group it is the members as well that makes the group so amazing. It is the constant openness of people willing to help each other.
Everybody supports everybody else.”
~Steven, Your Peace of Mind Coach

“…folks in here connect from a space of love and intention — we're grateful to be able to call the YDFers our folks!”
~Tay N Val, Tay N Val

“From the YDF program aspect, I would have to say the Q&As. In terms of the group itself, it is finally finding a tribe of people with the same approach to online business. People who you can trust to be yourself around and say what you really believe, and who are always here for each other. The feeling that although you are working alone, you are part of something 'bigger' that can make a real difference.”
~Lorraine, Life Rhino with Lorri Faye

“The community. Being instantly surrounded by people who get,
live and define the abundance mentality. ?”
~Amanda Foy, Amanda Foy Official

“I’m no longer ‘doing it alone.'”
~Thea Westra, Forward Steps

“The hardest part about being a heart centered entrepreneur is working in a vacuum.
Being part of this amazing community has opened the doors to so many new ideas and opportunities. YDF has truly made a difference in my life!”
~Wendy Merron, Powerful Thinking On Purpose

“I’m still a relatively recent arrival, so I’ll focus on what really stood out, attracted me here, & influenced my decision to join YDF – it was the clear Integrity, Genuine Intent & desire by Steven Aitchison to so generously share his knowledge & experience in helping as many people as he could succeed… That integrity vibe carries right through to the very palpable atmosphere he has created here in YDF, & also among the very welcoming like-minded Tribe of Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs. As they say, Like attracts Like… Everyone here is very willing to help each other. It’s like sandbox buddies 🙂 😉 I feel I’ve only just touched the surface of the many benefits I’ll experience here… Thank you Steven & Maria”
~ Kathy Baker, Your Life Success Mastery


Overwhelm or Empowerment (The Choice Is Yours)

This digital age and businesses online can either make you feel like you 're swimming alone in a vast ocean of websites—overflowing with distractions, time-wasters, and overwhelm—or you can empower yourself and grow your business, focused and doing what you love to do.

“Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds.
Discard them and their value will never be known.
Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Where will you choose to invest your time? My hope is that you find a tribe that pushes you to new levels of thinking, helping you and your business thrive.

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