5 hidden ways jealousy is detrimental to your health.

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No one likes to admit they have a jealous side to them. It's a rather embarrassing trait to have. It shows that we are weak. Jealousy has always been portrayed as that little green monster. That visual alone makes us cringe. Whether we like it or not, though, every now and then that little green monster rears its ugly head and here we go again.

When we look at the definition of jealousy we wonder what spurs this feeling on anyway. Jealousy is resentment. Resentment of another's success or popularity or advantages. Anything that shows they have something more or better than we have. Whether it is better is irrelevant. In our minds, it is and that's all that matters. Ironically, half the time, it's not better and we were jealous for nothing.

Often this feeling of jealousy stems from childhood or something that we might have lacked growing up or throughout our life. Maybe we had to struggle for something and to John it came really easy. For that, we resent John. Seems justifiable right? Wrong. Jealousy is never justifiable. It's pure evil and should be controlled or, better yet, completely obliterated. It is a sign of weakness and no one ever should feel weak or inferior. Is this detrimental to our health? You bet. Here's why.

1.Low self-esteem can lead to sadness and sadness causes a weak heart.

Believe it or not, it's true. Your heart is a muscle, remember. When it is sad, it slows down, when it is happy it pumps normally. Of course when it is too excited it will pump way too fast. Sad also can lead to depression. If you don't take care of this, it can spiral out of control very quickly. Watch your jealousy, get to the bottom of why you feel it and then turn it around into something positive.

That may sound hard to do but if you take one little thing you are jealous of and then think of something positive in your life in relation to it, you've succeeded in eliminating it, just like that.

2.Anger increases blood pressure.

Just as jealous can cause a weak heart it can also cause you to get too worked up over something which in turn can increase your blood pressure, increase your heart rate and the next thing you know, you are on meds. This is never good. Especially when you realize it is an evil thought that is causing you to be on medication. Get rid of those jealous thoughts and feelings. Ditch the pills.

3.Bartender pour me another drink.

Yes, as silly as that sounds, often our feelings will lead us down to the local bar, or your own bar. Some people have a tendency to lean towards alcohol or even drugs to calm our nerves or soothe our wounded egos. We get jealous, we get mad and then we need a drink or smoke. This can't be good if you are continually doing this, like every week. Find another way to deal with your feelings of jealousy so they can eventually never return.

4.Tension and stress caused by jealousy leads to many physical ailments.

Such as dementia, obesity, headaches, premature aging and early death. Yes I said death. You need to get a grip on your jealousy. It can cause you to become an emotional eater, which in turn can lead to diabetes or obesity. There are just so many things that it can lead to that you absolutely do not have to suffer through. Take control immediately.

5.You will start to lose friends and family.

Which will lead to loneliness, which will eventually lead us right back to the first thing on this list, depression. No one will want to be around you anymore because of your constant resentment and negative words and attacks on the person you are having jealous feelings about. No matter what anyone says, you won't listen to their reasoning, and eventually you will be excluded from any social gathering. No one will want you around.

It's important to get to the bottom of your feelings of resentment and see where they stem from. If you feel you need professional help, then get it immediately. If you don't think you are that deep into jealousy and can handle the problem, then handle it. Rationalize in your head why you are jealous and flip the switch. Deal with it and be done with it. It's no good for anyone, really.

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