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5 Devastating Ways Procrastination is Ruining Your Life

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I'll do it tomorrow. Let's pay that next week. I'll read that book another time. We'll get to the grocery store later. No follow up excuses, just a statement that whatever we need to do, or should be doing, can wait til later. Much later in most cases. For the most part, this putting things off habit that we have is harmless. Or is it? You've been doing it for most of your life. You stake claim to being called the "Master of Procrastination". Not a title I would be proud of but then again, this article isn't about me.

We already know what procrastination is and why it's not the greatest habit to have but why do we continue to do it when we know it's bad? Has it gotten as bad as smoking? It's so hard to break this habit that we give up trying? I get the comparison is a little extreme but it's the point I'm making here.   As bad as smoking is it's a very hard habit to break that often requires professional therapy. Did you know they have professionals to help with procrastination? See what I mean? Yes it's that bad and can e devastating effects on your life.

procrastination_5_badWe all have often put things off for another day or even a "rainy day". It's easy to do that. It's when this becomes your daily routine that it becomes a problem with huge implications. Are you at that point? Are you there yet? Let's have a look at some of the ways procrastination can ruin your life and hopefully save you from this demise.

1.You are losing trust.

When you keep telling your children/friends/family you will go to the movies tomorrow or next week and you never do, they will eventually stop believing you and have no trust in you anymore. Your words and promises will mean nothing to them. Once you've lost that trust it's ridiculously hard to get back. If the reason is you don't want to go then just be honest and tell them you don't want to. This way they will stop waiting for you and find someone else to go with.

2.Your job is at risk.

You keep telling your boss that the project will be done by next week. Or the week after, or the week after. He's been patient far too long and he's tired of hearing your empty promises. This has been your record for the last year. It will eventually wear thin and it won't be long before your boss has had enough and fires your arse. Get your act together now. Do you want to be bouncing from job to job for the rest of your life and only because procrastination has got you in more trouble than it should have? Smarten up!

3.You are putting your health at risk.

Remember that doctor's appointment that you haven't made yet? Yes that one. Just make it already. You have no idea what's wrong with you and though you may think your ailment is little, what if it's not? How do you know if it's serious or not? When did you get Ph.D. stamped at the end of your name? Why on earth people gamble with their health boggles my mind. So many die from conditions that got out of control and could have been prevented had they gone to their doctor sooner. Don't be a statistic.

4.You're missing out on some awesome opportunities.

Like good jobs or meeting the right person that can help land you a better job. You were supposed to update and submit your resume two weeks ago. That job is long gone now. Why didn't you update your resume? Are you ok with being in that horrible job with crap pay and miserable coworkers? What are you waiting for? Every day you are more miserable than the day before. It won't get better unless you takes the steps to make a change. Stop putting it off. Your happiness matters.

5.So much for goal setting and smashing.

It will never happen if you keep procrastinating. Sorry, but no, your goals will always be on the back burner. How important are they to you? At what point do you start asking yourself the big question "why"? Why do I want to reach my goals? Dreaming and setting goals are one thing, actually working towards them is the sign of a true warrior. Stop putting off living the life you desire. Make it happen today.   You can see how procrastination truly can control and ruin your life. It isn't pretty. Are you ready to kick this habit to the curb? Ask for help from friends or a professional. There's nothing wrong with having an accountability partner in your life. Have someone follow up on a promise you made. It may take some time and a lot of courage, but you can do this.

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