5 Easy And Effective Ways To Be Emotionally Strong In Your Relationships

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Being in a relationship and in love is fantastic. Butterflies in your tummy, flowers for no reason, dinner and movie dates. Yes love is grand. But what about when things aren't so grand? Are you handling the not so great times well too? Do you consider yourself the strong one or the weak one in the relationship? Do you wish you were stronger?

In order to make a union work, there needs to be balance. One person will complement the other. He's quiet, she's bubbly. He's the peace maker, she's the frantic one. Is there one person in your relationship who is stronger than the other emotionally? Do you wish you could be that one? Do you wish you could be stronger for your partner when they really need you? It's easier than you think. Here are a few simple ways to be that strong person when your partner needs one.

emotionally_strong1. Separate yourself.

This may sound almost counterproductive but it's important to take your feelings out of the equation in order to better deal with your partner and their emotions. Even if a little bit of what they are going through might have something to do with you. Deal with their emotions first, then you two can tackle your feelings. It's not about their feelings are more important than yours, it's simply about handling the bigger issue first, the main issue, and then dealing with the trickle effect. You'll see how it will be best for both of you this way.

2. Remember your heart.

You love your partner, no matter what. Remember all the reason s why you love them and why you are still with them. Keep in mind, as they would do anything for you, you in turn will do anything for them and that includes being emotionally strong in times of need and trouble. Come from a love base and you will see that your emotions won't get the better of you and your heart will help you be that strong one in this, or any, situation.

3. Calm yourself.

This one might be a tad difficult to do but it's so important to do this. Stay calm and act like the anchor, the rock, your partner needs right now.   Before you react to anything, you need to take a few big deep breaths and calm your nerves and yourself. No one gets ahead or gets well, and nothing gets resolved when both parties come from a place of upset or chaos or anger. Someone needs to be calm and that one person could be you. Practice deep cleansing breaths. You will see how easy it is to do.

4. I trust you.

Your partner trusts you just as you should trust your partner. Trust is a big deal and goes a long way. Depending on what the circumstances are at the time, you r partner is trusting in you right now to be the strong person here and you need to st and up and be that person. When you remember your trust, and your love, you will find strengths you didn't even know you had. You also know, that you can trust your partner to be that strength when you need it. Trust will get you through just about anything. Remember trust is a two way street.

5. We got this.

No matter what. You know that everything can be dealt wit hand handled as two mature adults. You both can't be screaming and cursing at each other in the face of difficultly. Someone has to be strong, right? So why can't that someone be you? In any situation, remember #1 and #3 in order to be that strong person. It is very important that someone be the adult here and if it's clear that your partner is not the one, then it's up to you to be that person. Take a minute to stop, breathe, calm down and be that strong person. Even if you have to leave the room. Do it.

Being emotionally strong isn't hard to do but you have to be willing to learn how to be that person and be that person when the situation calls for it. Remember, in any relationship , balance is key. While someone is breaking down, the other person needs to be the one to hold your hand.

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