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4 Reasons Why Facebook Messenger Bots Are A Boon For Businesses At Alarming Rates!

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Since the onset of Facebook Messenger, the rate of usage has gone up exponentially forcing the social media industry to explore yet another way to connect with their growing followers.  Roll out the red carpet for what is perhaps one of the greatest assets to online coaching business owners by way of BOTS!

But before we dive into the bot technology and how it can help you INCREASE subscribers, SKYROCKET your engagement, and make your Facebook LIVE MORE INTERACTIVE than ever before…let's talk about some of the eye-opening statistics about Facebook Messenger, first.

With nearly 2 billion people logging into Facebook Daily, it's no surprise that Facebook Messenger is the next strong contender by way of connecting with your community and prospective clients.

Facebook Messenger is a new platform within Facebook that can be the game-changer and massive boon for your business, especially when you utilize Bot technology.

Following Mark Zuckerberg's announcement enabling businesses to build custom Facebook Messenger bots, the tech industry has been in a frenzy with the potential this has for business owners.  He stated, "No one wants to have to install a new app for every business or service they want to interact with it."  Facebook has essentially removed a barrier between business and client and prospective client.  That's BIG!

So, What Exactly Are Facebook Messenger Bots?

Bot is a general term used to describe software that automates a task.  In this case, Facebook Messenger Bots automate communication between client and/or prospective clients and YOU, the business owner.

A Facebook Messenger Bot is a call to a conversation, which leads you to higher potency client leads through dialogue.

This is a game changer for Your Digital Formula members, whereby the program supports online coaches grow their influence and their following and therefore, their Facebook messages, too!  All of which leads to building their KLT (Know, Like, Trust) Factor

1. Your Facebook Messenger Bot Is Your Online Assistant

You can use Facebook Messenger bots for games, automated and live stock quotes…but more specific to the YDF audience, you can use it to manage the flow of inbox messages and automatically reply and direct them to the information they're requesting (and this includes growing your email list). As a business owner, it's important to be an early adopter of the bot technology that supports your business growth and overall connection and communication with your community.

2. Increased Open and Click-Through Rates (A LOT MORE)

I've long suspected and feel more confident with each passing day using Facebook Messenger Bots that communication via Facebook Messenger will outplay and overtake more traditional email.  The open and click through rates via Facebook Messenger Bots have surpassed that of email by a long shot.  I'm seeing open rates of 100% and click through rates over 80%. These statistics alone force us to take notice to just how amazing Facebook Messenger Bots are at connecting with a growing community.  It feels so much better to know that no one is getting missed (whether they write to me, or if I have something to share with them).

3. Increased Subscribers

You not only increase subscribers via Facebook Messenger, you can create a message flow inviting them to subscribe to your email list and any free offers you have.  Although the open rates for Facebook Messengeris massively more, it's still a good idea to invite them to your own email list (off of Facebook).  Never leave all your eggs in one Facebook basket.  You'll never have control over what Facebook does (it can giveth as much as it can taketh away). 🙂


4. Increased Engagement With Your Facebook LIVE Broadcast

The use of bots have now moved into the Facebook LIVE arena with the use of bots triggered with a keyword you assign by way of comments during your Facebook LIVE broadcast. I demonstrated this recently and it was hit!  Not only fun for me, but fun for the viewers of my Facebook LIVE show! It encouraged a higher open rate than a scheduled message because it was all happening LIVE.

If your audience resides on Facebook, then it's likely they use Facebook Messenger, too.  According to GlobalWebIndex, 75% of internet users today use some sort of messaging App.  Messaging Apps are overtaking social networks to become the dominant platforms on phones.

The question now is, are YOU ready to dominate Facebook Messenger Bots?

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