4 Minute Workout That Replaces 1 Hour in the Gym

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Going to the gym is a chore for a lot of people.   Here's a few reasons why most people hate going to the gym:

1. Paying a   membership fee
2. Travelling to the gym
3. Time spent at the gym
4. For women, the amount of men at the gym
5. Too busy

Then there's the evidence that shows going to the gym is not necessarily going to help you lose weight, which is why a lot of people got in the first place.   WHAT! I hear you cry, evidence, what evidence?

The Science is in: Exercise won't help you lose much weight  (

Exercise is good but it won't help you lose weight  (The Guardian)

Does exercise really make you healthier?  (Scientific American)

However, it may not help you lose eight but it does keep you healthy as long as you're not overdoing it.

What a lot of people do is jump straight on the running machine or on the bike until they work up a sweat and think they've had a good workout.

What is better for you is a combination of strength training e.g. using the 5 x 5 method  if you want to do it at the gym, which will help keep you fit, build muscle and lose fat (as long as you're eating healthy), and a cardiovascular workout.

We don't need to go to the gym to do strength training and a cardio workout, we can do it right at home in the space of 4 minutes per day.

Here's a great exercise routine which will get you started:

4 Minute Workout That Replaces 1 Hour in the Gym

1. The Squat

If you're looking for a powerful way to boost your overall fitness and get some serious results —  fast  — from your workout routine, look no further than performing squatting exercises.

This is one exercise that should be a part of virtually everyone's routine, as it's relatively simple to perform, requires  no  equipment, and can be done just about anywhere.

More importantly, although squats are often regarded as "leg" exercises, they actually offer benefits throughout your entire body, including deep within your core"¦

2. Push Ups

Pushups  are not only great for your chest, but do a tremendous job of defining your abs, triceps, shoulders and torso.

Pushups  will also improve muscular endurance within the upper body, strengthen both muscles and bones, create lean muscle mass that raises your metabolism and, of course, help keep you fit and healthy.

Version 1

Version 2


3. Mountain Climber

Mountain climbers are calisthenic exercises that challenge your balance, agility, proprioception and coordination.

They benefit muscular and cardiovascular fitness by increasing strength, flexibility and blood circulation.

Mountain climbers require you to engage your upper arms muscles, as well as your core and your legs. Practice the proper alignment of mountain climbers to get the most out of your workout.


4. Lunges

Whether you're trying to shape your lower body, increase muscle tissue, develop core strength or make your hips more flexible, the lunge can help you achieve your goal.

This functional, multi-joint exercise can be modified to meet your fitness level.

Whether you're doing basic beginner lunges or take on a more advanced variety, such as lunges with your rear foot elevated, the exercise is beneficial in more ways than one.

Variation: Lunge with reverse leg lift

There you have it, a 4 minute workout that you can do at home which will keep you strong, fit and healthy.

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