20 Things Guys Look Out For On Their First Date

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The first day of every date is always filled with great anticipation from the guys and the ladies. Everyone wants to be on their best "“ physically, mentally, emotionally in order to keep a lasting memory in the mind of their date.

In order to appear attractive some might unconsciously or consciously fall into the trap of putting on a double face which wasn't a part of the agenda.

First date could be a memorable day that most people will forever live with while to some persons it might be a torture.

The excitement is so high because you are focused on what to wear, what could be his first word, the thought that is running through his head and lots more.

The atmosphere is so tense that it can only get better when the date is finally over.

Woman getting rose on first date

Every guy has what he is looking for in a woman but most often there are specific things we all look for as guys when it comes to issues patterning to the opposite sex.

Your attitude towards time

The first thing I notice is if she's ready when she said she'd be ready!"- George H.

Your attitude towards time to a total strange on your first date speaks volume about the things you give priority to. We are all confined by time and it will be wrong for you to have waste your own time and now think that you can do same to someone else.

Be honest

Be yourself and don't put up a front. You have all the time to let your potential date or long time boyfriend know your likes, dislike, what value you place on yourself and things that pertain to your happiness. Your good and bad habits should be put on the table and he will have no option to let loose of himself too.

Give him the opportunity to chase you

Most guys find it fun to chase after their woman rather than her given too easy to his advances. Even though if she comes out stress- free does not mean that she is a cheap girl. On the other hand, some guys prefer not to stress themselves chasing over a lady for too long but all the same give him reason why he should want to chase after you.

Enjoy the fun and let him see that you are having a nice time

Love is a process and is never built overnight. Do not mistake lust and infatuation to be love because they do not look alike in anyway. The guy is out there with you to enjoy his day, reciprocate same and enjoy his company too. Nothing annoys a guy more, when the lady starts to puts up an attitude of having to do some other important thing than the date she's already in. if you truly have something better, why did you accept to come out for a date with him?

Keep the conversation flowing

If it takes two to tangle, then it takes two to keep the communications flowing. It is not wise for anyone to be too silence or to even think that one person talks too much. Also make sure that you don't bore him with stories of things your friend did, if he does not know them. Put up with issues that you both can fully discuss.

Don't bring a friend along

This few hours was meant for both of you and not for another stranger sitting close to him. Guys feel so uncomfortable with such arrangement and will look for a way to end the date very early and focus on more important thing.

Ignore the phone

It is so annoying to be in a conversation with someone and then notice that that same person is busy with her phone. It is so disrespectful and shows that you lack manners. Mute your phone and keep your eyes on the issue why you are out. It can be excusable to attend to any call that seems to be urgent but don't make your date less important to the phone.

Enjoy the meal

If it happens that you are on a date in his house and he provides food, eat it with joy even if he's cooking is bad. You can trash that out sometime in the future and laugh over it. But in the case that you're both out in a restaurant, make him feel comfortable and relaxed by eating the meal. When you complain how bad everything and including the meal is, he feels you don't appreciate his effort.

It is not about you but both of you

A woman who talks too much about herself will definitely not be asked out again. Help the conversation along by promoting him to expand the discussion, rather than focusing the subject round about you. I am not saying you shouldn't talk but talk when it is necessary. If you find him interesting, he'll find you interesting too.

Be cool with the make up and fashion

Keep the make up and fashion cool because he loves to see how fashionable you are not how scary you look like.

Keep the family secret

Since you are meeting for the first time, make sure that the core of your discussion focuses on both of you not on your family. If he finds out that your family is wealthier, richer and loving than his, he might fill intimidated.

Don't talk about your ex

Forget that you ever have an ex. Talking so much about him in your discussion makes your date feels less important, thinking you've not gotten over your past. He feels threaten to see you again.

Put up a smile

Having a strait face throughout the whole discussion would be so boring, so it doesn't cost anything to put up a smile. Peradventure, you've been faced with a difficulty before living home, practice smiling on your way to meet with your date. This has a great way of lifting your mood and making your date worth while.

Watch your manners

Have it in mind that you are not just there to talk with your man alone. Watch what you say to the bar staffs, waiters, waitress, or even the cashier because he is watching you closely.

Compliment him

Every woman is used to hearing a compliment from a guy, but it won't be a bad idea if you tell him how he looks good on the shirt. That will make him happier and would build his self-confidence.

Can I help in the payment too

Most guys would love the idea that you are helping out with the bills but not on the first date.

Appreciate him

If you are so impressed with the date, do not hesitate to let him no when you get home either by a text or a short call. This doesn't make you look desperate but shows that you value the time spent with him.

A yes to his proposal

When a guy is on a date with a lady that he wants so badly, all he expects at the end of the day is a simple yes to his demand. Nothing hurt more than when one is anxiously waiting for a yes from a lady.

Don't be too demanding

No man ever feels satisfied to sit with a lady that is so demanding. If you fall into that category as a lady, just kiss goodbye to your chances with him.

A happy start and a happy ending

A guy feels so fulfilled when his date with the supposed lady starts and ends in a happy mood. No one certainly loves to be in an environment of strife and discomfort.

We all can agree to the fact that the first date is best when both parties can impress each other at the end of the day. At the end of the date we should be able to see each others potentials on how we can make things work out better and then look on how the weakness can be harness too.

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