10 Things You Absolutely Should Know Before You Fall in Love With an Introvert.

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You know what an introvert is. You are the poster child for extroverts and you just met, and are falling in love with, an introvert. How is that even possible? You were sure the person you were going to fall for was going to bubbly, outgoing and the life of the party just like you. Instead you met this fabulous guy/gal who would rather sit at home sipping tea a d reading romance novels than go out and party. For one moment you actually worried what your friends and family are going to think. How can this be?

Well it is what it is and it happened. So now what? You know that introverts are a rare and special breed. Unlike extroverts who throw caution to the wind and live on the edge, introverts are cautious, careful and like to plan things or just not do things at all.   Can you both live in harmony? Absolutely and here's a few tips to make sure that happens.

love_introvert1. Respect their space.

This really should go for anyone. You should always respect your partner's space but introverts especially like and need their own space. It's almost vital to their wellbeing. Don't smother them. Give them some breathing room.

2. Party if we have to.

Though they aren't particularly fond of parties they will go with you. Don't be too surprised to see your introvert partner eventually become the life of the party too. Once they get comfortable it doesn't take them long to f it in and have a great time. Be prepared.

3. We're not mad, we're just quiet.

And no, there's no thing wrong. Really. They are probably just lost in their own little world and don't feel much like talking. That's it, that's all. Don't read anymore into it. If there is something wrong, you'll be the first to know. Which brings us to the next point.

4. Say it like it is.

If there is something on their mind, maybe on their chest that they need to get off, make time and sit down. They want to talk, not argue, about the dilemma they are experiencing. They trust you enough to be able to discuss it with you openly. Let them. And listen intently.

5. Spill your guts.

They want to know what makes you tick. The good, the bad and the ugly. They truly and genuinely are interested in knowing every thing about you and won't judge you for any of the not so good. They get that we aren't perfect . They will love and respect you for exactly who you are.

6. We like people, just in small doses.

Big crowds aren't really their thing. They do like people and love to hang out with a small group of friends and chat and have fun. They're just not into big parties every weekend. You got the wrong person for that. Nice dinner parties are great. Big shindigs, not so much.

7. They are highly intuitive.

Don't laugh at them when their Spidey senses start tingling. They are on to something and they are trying to warn you about it. Don't discount it as craziness. It's not. Introverts pick up on little things all the time be cause they are more in tune with their surrounding and the people in it. Because of this, their intuition goes into high gear and they can smell danger immediately.

8. They may actually envy you.

Introverts are pretty much born that way and they are kind of jealous that they aren't as outgoing and carefree as you are. They secretly wish they had the attitude and joie de vivre that you do. It's not always easy or fun being an introvert and they see how much fun you have all the time. They envy and admire you at the same time.

9. They're not really shy at all.

Just quiet. There are times when they really just don't want to talk to anyone and may come off as being stuck up or shy. They are neither. The introvert simply just doesn't want to engage in mindless idle chit chat. Some may think that the introvert is shy and simply stay away from them as to not put them in an uncomfortable situation. They respect and appreciate that.

10. Life sucking extroverts.

Sometimes they energy is sucked right out of them by the extrovert. It's exhausting at times to be always around that one person who is a go getter and high strung. Give them some breathing room. That's all they need. If they have just come home from a party, they desperately need some quiet and maybe even alone time. Give it to them.

So yes it can be a little tricky to deal with and handle an introvert but if you can understand, respect and appreciate all of the above pointers, then you two should get along just fine. The two can balance each other out beautifully provided the respect is there .

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