10 Things You Absolutely Must Know if You Love a Highly Creative Person.

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It's not just about painting pictures and shopping at Pier 1 for the latest decorating trends. It's not even just about them wanting to turn the spare bedroom into a library the size of a book store. There's much more to loving a creative person than this. So much more.

Creative people are wired so very different from the rest of us. Their 5 senses have no rules. No limits. No boundaries. Lucky them. Their whole world is a different colour than ours.   Do creative people only hang with other creatives? Quite possibly, yes, but it's not a requirement in order to be their friend , or even better yet, fall in love with them and be their partner.

highly_creativeSo you've found a creative. Now what? Here's a list you should print out and keep on the fridge for future reference, especially when you are about to lose your cool because your creative love just painted the walls orange.

1. Their heads are in the clouds, a lot.

Trying to come to some sort of resolution with the m with regards to any issue will result in it being a futile attempt at nothing. You will be adamant about a way that something should be done and you look over only to find their head is in the clouds, again. Fear not. If you want something done a certain way, just do it.

2. They really could care less about practical day to day tasks.

They don't care about the household budget, really, or any other boring practical task that needs to be tended to. They would really prefer you take care of that. They don 't like to think practical, they think dreamy and in colour. Remember that. It will save you a lo t of grief.

3. They think and see things very differently.

If you are picking out furniture or wall hangings just let them do it. Period. They don't want just a plain brown couch. Everything they see, think or feel is alive and deserves life. Even that pad of paper you write the grocery list on. Things they see and think are dancing in their head. All the ti me. Just go with it.

4. You decide really.

They cannot make up their minds about a lot of things and because of this, things won't get done. Don't leave an important task or decision to your creative partner. They will have more excuses as to why they haven't done it. You're better off just doing it yourself.

5. Shiny object syndrome is a real thing.

You could be in the middle of something very important and suddenly you've lost them, again. Be patient. This will happen a lot. They are easily distracted. Things catch their attention a lot, but it's not just things either sometimes. Often their mind will go in a totally different direction than the conversation at hand. It'll come back. Sit tight. But get used to it.

6. Will this ever get finished?

Chances are not for a very long time, if ever. They will start many projects and finish few. They simply can't focus on something long enough to see it to completion unless they are crazy truly passionate a bout it. They have a hard time completing things for many reasons. Distraction is a big culprit but lack of self-confidence comes into play here which brings us to #7.

7. Where did my self-confidence go?

You will look at us like we just fell off another planet but hear us out. As confident and free spirited as we are, we sometimes fear we aren't good enough for something. You will hear us mutter under our breath that "this is bullshit, I can't do this".   Please just encourage us and tell us we're awesome. Really. We need a boost every now and then. Actually it's a must.

8. Stay away from that!

Highly creative souls are also highly intuitive. What this means to you is that sometimes they can sense danger or a warning. You will probably try to brush them off and tell them everything is going to be ok and to stop worrying. Don't do this. Just trust them.   They won't like saying I told you so.

9. You're simply the best.

They will see the best and the beauty in everyone and everything. If you are into judging people you're with the wrong person. They do not judge and naturally don't like to be judged either. They love everyone and there is beauty and love all around.

10. How old are you anyway?

It's anyone's guess really as they never talk about, act or even look their age. It's all about spirit, colours, and creative flows. There is no number or age attached to any of that. With that said, they will never ever act their age so don't expect them to.

After all that, do you think you can handle a creative person? It will take a special person with a ton of patience and lots of love. Could that be you?

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