How To Write A Viral Blog Post Within 30 Minutes

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One major way to get attention in the online space is to write quality blog posts that make people pay attention to you and your message. It is alright throwing lots of money at an advertising campaign, hoping that it will work but actually all you get for your efforts can be a lot of click-throughs but no sticking around. Needless to say, this can be a waste of money.

Instead, choose to produce quality blog posts that you deliver all over the internet and you might even get the attention of offline publications in your niche.

Here is how to write a blog post quickly.

viral_blog1. Select a Headline

What kind of things do the people in your niche want to hear about? Do you know? Make a base keyword list by using applications like the Google Keyword tool and BuzzSumo to get an understanding of what is proving to be interesting to people in your target market. Create a base list of 20-30 keywords that you will make the subject of your blog posts.

Then do a Google search using the keyword you select for this blog post. See what kinds of topics are being written about and create a catchy headline based on what you find. There are various templates that are more likely to catch the eye so stick to proven and true. Another way to select a headline is to think of a question that someone, a real person, would ask about the base keyword you have. Then make answering the question the point of the blog post.

2. Gather a few key points

In order to make the writing of your article speedy; it is helpful to already know what you want to write about. So write out a quick outline of what you want to cover in the post. One thing to understand is that blog posts with bullet points or simple steps tend to do better than essay posts so where possible, do a list post, if you truly want virality.

Write out 3-5 (or whatever odd number you have chosen) points. If the topic is not completely familiar to you then you may need to pop over to Google again to gather a few ideas to talk about. You do not need to copy anyone else's ideas but understand that there is nothing new under the sun so take an idea and make it your own. Give it your own unique voice.

3. Start writing out the blog post

So, now that you have an idea of the points you will cover in the blog post and you have the headline that the blog must cover, start by writing an introduction that naturally leads to the points you intend to cover. Write in your regular spoken voice. Do not be overly concerned with being formal and completely grammatically correct, unless of course you are writing an essay for your educational establishment! To make your blog post readable, just make it conversational and friendly. This also makes I more likely to be shared.

And most of all, make it sound just like you. Let people get to know you as they read your blog posts.

Do not filter or edit your writing until you get to the end of the blog. This can be easier to say than to do because you may be tempted to go back and edit everything as you go but in order to complete the post in as short a time as possible, you want to keep writing, letting what is inside of you flow out without any blocks. Finish with a conclusion that ties it all together.

And there you have it "“ a simple plan to create blog posts in a very short space of time. When you begin following this plan, it may take a little longer than half an hour but as you do it consistently, you build up speed until you may even be able to get to 15 minutes a post and you will still produce quality information that people want to share.

How long does it normally take you to write blog posts?

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