10 Things That Must Might Piss Off An Aries

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The good the bad and the ugly. Each sign has a lovely list of personality traits to love and to avoid. Some signs show their signs, pardon the pun, more than others. Those who sit on the cusp of any two signs get the best and worst of two signs. We have our sweet loving signs like Libra and then there is Aries. The ram, the bold, in your face animal.

If you are in a relationship with an Aries, you know why you love them so much. Or perhaps you have an Aries in your family. Not an entirely easy sign to get along with but not impossible either, of course. So what things might you do that will really piss off an Aries? Here is a list of 10.

aries1. Take away their power.

Yup, that will do it for sure. They like to, wait, they almost need to have power over just about everything. Like bigger than king of the castle kind of power, (there must be some Leo in there) and if you threaten that or take it away, you'll deal with the wrath of the ram.

2. We're staying in tonight.

Don't tell them they have to stay in. You've made plans to stay in and have movie/date night but you forgot to first run it by them. That's a no no. Remember that power thing?

3. Take away control.

This ties in 1 and 2 but they need control over all things, everything almost. They also don't mind controlling you too. You don't like to be controlled? You won't want to hang with an Aries then.

4. Don't ignore them.

If they are calling or texting, you and you are ignoring it or don't answer it right away you better have a darn good excuse for that. Don't ignore them just for the sake of ignoring. That will send them over the edge like nothing else.

5. Don't make them wait.

In line ups, on the phone, while you're getting ready, for anything really. They have little to no patience. They want something right now. No waiting. If you tell them, you will be ready at 5 you better be ready at 4:55.

6. Give them space.

Don't tie them down or cling on to them or suffocate them, in any way shape or form. They need space and a bit of freedom. They want to know that they have control over their own life, as everyone should anyway, but don't want to feel confined or chained.

7. Keep them in the dark.

If you are always one step ahead of them, they are going to lose their marbles. It's that whole control thing, right? Tell them right away what is happening all the time. No secrets and very few surprises.

8. No negative Nancy's.

If you are a gloomy Greg or negative Nancy, stay away or go away. Aries are pretty positive people and if you start talking negatively or get all glum on them they w ill back away. They want to keep things happy and cheery.

9. Stop beating around the bush.

Tell it like it is. Straight up talk. And don't even think about or try lying. They are loyal and honest and they expect the same. If you're gonna dance around a topic and not come out and be forthright, they will lose their patience and call you out.

10. Don't tell them they can't do something.

They will move the earth and the moon just to prove to you that it, in fact, can be done. They are very ambitious and adventurous so don't hold them back or tell them something is impossible or dumb.

If you do happen to be involved in a relationship with an Aries you will definitely be in a for a lovely treat with someone who is romantic, adventurous and loyal. But don't piss them off, because things can get ugly fast.

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