10 Things A Strong Woman Won't Stand For In A Relationship

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You finally found the woman of your dreams. She's everything you've ever wanted in a woman and then some.   She's smart, confident, kind, beautiful inside and out, she's simply the whole package. And she's strong. Very strong. You wanted a strong woman though, right? So now that you have a strong woman, the question is not only can you handle her but do you know what drives her and what drives her crazy?

The strong woman wasn't born like that. More than likely she had to put up with a lot of shit in her life that made her strong. At this point in her life, for as far as she has come, there are things she appreciates and some things she simply won't stand for in a relationship. I'm fortunate enough to have married a strong woman and I know from experience, she will not put up with any of this.

1. Laziness.

If you have no ambition or very little desire to push further in your career and or life in general, you probably won't keep her very long. She likes a man with drive. Personal and professional. Always pushing the envelope, what can we achieve next? That's her kind of man. Oh, and if you are lazy around the house too, chances are she'll be gone before you know it.

2. Complaining.

About anything really. Strong people in general have worked hard to get to where they are now and appreciate what they have and are very grateful for their accomplishments. If you are too busy complaining about every little thing in your life, then she won't have time or the desire to put up with that.

3. Jealousy.

She has no place or room for jealousy in her life. Life isn't a competition between anybody. We are all in this together and she wants everyone to succeed and be happy. She'll even lend a helping hand if she can. She gives you no reason to be jealous and she will not show jealousy towards you. If you can't do the same, she has no room in her life for you either.

4. Controlling.

If you want to control her, you got the wrong girl. She will not be controlled or told what to do, how to do it or when. She's a free spirit and a determined lady. She knows what she wants and she won't let anyone tell her differently or keep her from living her life. Chances are she's been controlled in the past and will not put up with that behaviour ever again. If you are looking for someone to control, wrong girl.

5. Lying, cheating or any other kind of deceit.

If that's your thing, move on. She is honest to a fault and absolutely expects and demands the same in her partner. You can't build a relationship on a shaky foundation and she will not tolerate betrayal of any kind. First lie, you're done. There will be no second chances, ever. White lies too.

6. Selfishness.

Forget it. She is a kind and caring soul and will often put others before herself. She thinks of other's feelings before she will do or say anything. If you only think of yourself and your needs, then you are with the wrong person. There is a time and place to be selfish, especially when we are caring for ourselves, but it doesn't come at the expense of others.

7. Manipulation.

If you want something come out and say it, if you don't like something, come out and say it, don't play games with her mind. Not only will she catch on immediately but she will put a stop to it, all of it, asap. She doesn't have time for mind games or manipulation. Those are bully tactics and she has no room in her life for a bully.

8. Ego based.

If your ego is bigger than the doorway she'll let you know and put you in your place. You are not better than anyone else and she'll be the first to tell you. People are people and we are all equals. She is adamant about that and has no qualms about telling people that. Check your ego at the door.

9. Judgemental.

No judging allowed. See #8. People are people and we are all in this together. The rich, the poor, the homeless, the middle class. Everyone gets treated the same. She will treat the CEO and the homeless guy on the street corner the same, with respect. Judging is for arseholes and she has no room in her life for one.

10. Unsupportive.

If she has plans and dreams and goals, she would like 100% support from her partner with regards to those and she in turn will give you 100% support back. She likes team work. A relationship is a partnership. Equals. mutual respect, trust, love and support.

If you see yourself in here anywhere, the strong woman isn't for you. If none of these apply, then this might be a match made in heaven.

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