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10 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself Right Now

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We try to treat ourselves as best we can. Some of us do anyway. Some of us treat animals better than we treat ourselves. We often forget our own self worth. We don't take the time to do nice things for ourselves or we don't give ourselves enough credit for the great person that we are. Whatever the case, there are certain things we definitely need to stop doing to ourselves so we can be happier.

Many of us don't even realize we are sabotaging ourselves as we have been doing this for so long, it's almost normal now. Well it's not normal and here is a small list of things you need to stop doing now.

stop1. Doubting yourself.

Don't do that. You are better, smarter and more magnificent than you give yourself credit for. If you are constantly doubting yourself, you will never go after any dreams or goals you have.

2. Talking bad about yourself.

You say it all the time, oh that was so stupid of me or how dumb am I? Your mind hears you say these things all the time and eventually it will start believing them, if it hasn't already. Start telling yourself awesome things about you.

3. No time for you.

You spend all the hours in the day pleasing everyone else and at the end of the day, there's no time for you. Stop spreading yourself thin and not leaving any time for you in your day. You are just as important, if not more, as everyone else. Make time for you.

4. Being jealous of others.

Jealousy will eat you alive. Stop being jealous of people. When you are jealous of others, you are not giving yourself enough credit for your skills and talents. You are just as great, maybe even better, than anyone else at what you can do. We are not here to compete. You are great, just like everybody else.

5. Working too hard or too much.

Work work work. Is that the story of your life? What about your life? Are you taking time to enjoy it? Your brain and your body nee d to time to decompress and step away from work mode and into leisure and relax mode. You owe it to yourself to do this, nurture yourself.

6. Worrying.

We like to worry and I never could figure this out. We worry about things that haven't even happened and maybe might not ever happen. We stress out over things that we make up in our own heads. Stop doing this. This is torment for your brain. Feed your brain good things, not toxic things.

7. Being lazy.

Procrastination and laziness go hand in hand. We will put it off until tomorrow because we don't feel like doing it today. Usually it is fear that is holding you back from anything. Stop procrastinating and slipping into lazy mode. Get off your arse and go live life. Get stuff done. Tomorrow might not come.

8. Feeling sorry for yourself.

There is no time for long drawn out pity parties. Deal with whatever happened and move on. Don't get stuck in woe is me mode. You may have a heck of a time getting out of it. Whatever happened, come to terms with why and then let it go. You have a life to live now, not yesterday's life.

9. Blaming yourself.

Not everything is your fault all the time. You didn't fail at anything.   Not everything is going to go your way either. Things happen for various reasons and usually none of them are your fault. Accept what happened, and let it go. If you were at fault, admit and move on. What's done is done. And it's done.

10. Playing the victim.

It was wrong. They did you wrong, the system is wrong, they hurt you, bad stuff always happens to you. Ok we get it, that's enough. the more you talk about it, the worse stuff will happen to you. start talking about good stuff now. Start sharing happy times and put all the victimhood issues aside. That was yesterday, this is today. Start fresh.

We all desperately want happy lives but many of us are still stuck in the wrongs from yesterday. It's time to let that go and move into today and look forward to a brighter tomorrow. It's there for those who seek it.

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