10 Surprising Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds and Why You Should Be Eating Them Daily

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Nuts of any kind are always on the chopping block a s that one food that is too "high in fat" and "don' t eat too many". And then there's the whole nut allergy issue that can be very dangerous for many. Nuts have had a bad rap but they are definitely making t heir way back to the kitchen. People are starting to realize that nuts are better for them than they ev r imagined. Pumpkin seeds fall into that trap too.

I play no favourites. I love all nuts. Pumpkin seeds, however, have never really been a big fave of mine but after discovering the benefits, they will make it to the top of my list.

Remember when it's time to eat nuts there are a million different ways. If you are not a big nut fan but still want the benefits, they are easily disguised in ice cream, yogurt and even salads.

I always knew that the fats in nuts was a good fat but the benefits of pumpkin seeds totally surprised me. Here they are

1. Migraine sufferers pay attention.

Pumpkin seeds are full of magnesium. A very high source actually and this mineral is extremely important in helping to prevent migraines. One quarter cup of pumpkin seeds contains almost half of the daily requirement of magnesium.

2. Zinc please.

Another important mineral necessary for maintaining optimum health. One ounce has 2 mg which may not sound like a lot but the bod y only requires 10mg a day. Zinc is a super mineral that supports our immune system, our cell growth, sleep, mood and so much more. This little seed is a great way to get some zinc into yo u.

3. Goodbye cholesterol.

These great little seeds have been known to reduce the bad cholesterol level by up to 13% when eaten daily. Also good to know is this will also reduce the risk of stroke, heart attacks and blood clots. Pass the seeds please.

4. Full of the good stuff. Like protein and fibre.

Two must haves in order to help with weight loss and also aid in maintaining a healthy weight. The great thing about these two powerhouse nutrients is that they fill you up faster and help keep cravings at bay.

5. Be happy.

Pumpkin seeds are great for good moods! They are great for reducing symptoms of depression, alleviate anxiety and lessen stress. You can thank the magnesium for all that.

6. Anti-inflammatory properties.

Research has shown that it can reduce inflammation in joints that leads to arthritis. Eat a quarter of a cup daily to get the maximum benefits of these seeds. 30 grams should do the trick.

7. Iron is in there too.

Yes, another great mineral. One quarter cup of pumpkin seeds provides 16% of your daily iron requirement. Not too shabby.

8. Cancer related benefits.

Research is starting to sh ow that there are compounds in pumpkin seeds that help to fight cancer cells. They say it's possible that they might cut the risk of ovarian and prostate cancer.

9. Cool off.

For ladies suffering from menopause, pumpkin seeds are great for reducing many symptoms, including hot flashes. Also good to know they will help with headaches brought on by menopause (or your kids).

10. Glowing skin.

All those powerhouse minerals that are packed into that tiny little seed are great for your hair, skin and nails. Vitamins A and E, along with your Zinc, Magnesium and protein and fibre is sure to have your skin and hair healthy as can be.

For those of you that do suffer from nut allergy, according to researchers, these little seeds are in the safe zone. I'd be careful anyway, but that's just me. Check with your doctor first.

As you can see, these little guys are pretty high o n the health benefit scale. Find a fun way to eat them and try to get in at least one quarter cup a day. Careful not to over indulge though, they are high in calories. Beware

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