10 Signs You Are A Healer

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A healer, an empath, a light worker, an energy healer. You must have at one time or another heard these declarations. Someone was telling someone they are an energy worker or healer. What makes someone a healer or light worker anyway? How do you know you are one? What are the signs that indicate we are gifted and special and can feel, see, touch and heal?

Let's first bust the myth that you have to be a tree hugging hippy from the 70's to fall into any of these categories. You don't. You can be the girl behind the counter at the coffee shop or the young man at the auto repair shop. Healers are everywhere and can be anyone. So are you one? If you have any of these signs you just might be.

healer1. You feel that you are here for a bigger purpose.

If you feel that, you are probably right. What's your purpose? Have you discovered it? What causes are you drawn to? Do you feel a longing and a yearning to save babies, lions, villages? If the desire is burning inside of you deeply, you are a healer and should start looking into living your purpose.

2. Many don't understand you.

Your friends and family don't understand when you try to explain your feelings and they may even look at you like you just fell off the planet Mars. Only healers understand other healers. We understand the bigger picture and know what we are here to do. Others won't get it.

3. You may be introverts.

Because you feel misunderstood by so many, you may have a tendency to be more introverted. It's easier to stay home and enjoy your own company then to be with others who don't understand you or feel weirded out by your energy. Finding like minded people can be difficult so you stick to yourself .

4. You are super sensitive.

To so many things. People arguing, loud noises, babies crying, bullying, thunderstorms, nature, the full moon. You name it, it stirs something inside of you. Some good, some not so good. It can sometimes be a struggle or a battle to not be so sensitive because it can actually hurt a lot.

5. You feel people's energies strongly.

You easily pick up on other's energy, whether happy or sad, good or bad. You are extremely sensitive to angry or negative energy. Not only do you feel energies but you wish you could heal the wounded as well. We sometimes forget we can't help those who don't want help.

6. People are drawn to you.

They naturally gravitate to you and feel comforted by your presence. They may even ask for advice or for some energy healing work. Your glow or aura is radiant and not so easy to mask or hide even if you wanted to. People just want to be with you. They love you and don't quite understand why but they do.

7. Black sheep of the family.

Some healers are the black sheep of the family whereas others may come from a family of healers. You were always different. There was always something special about you and no one could figure it out. Even you knew you were different and didn't quite belong with this family (and that's a real feeling too).

8. You get emotionally drained quickly after a long day.

If you are around too much toxicity you will emotionally collapse by the end of the day and need some of your own healing. Because you pick up so much of everyone else's energy and carry it with you, it is mandatory for you to clear your own energy field and until you get to do that, you're emotionally zapped.

9. You experience a lot of headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

You feel like you carry the weight of the world and indirectly, you sort of do. You can get many headaches throughout the week depending on what your interactions were like. It is mandatory for you to drink lots of water and take time to clear all energies you are carrying or feeling.

10. People want advice.

You get a lot of people asking for advice on romance, work, family and other issues they may be dealing with. Sometimes even strangers are pouring out their soul to you because they simply feel that connection with you and no one has any qualms about telling you their life story. They just trust you.

Being a healer is truly a beautiful thing. You are gifted more than you know if you are one. Love it, embrace it, cherish it and be with it. The world needs more healers.

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