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4 Keys To Create A Life You Don't Need A Vacation From

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The good life"¦ We work hard at our jobs to get a glimpse of it during the summer or spring breaks when we finally have the time to do what we want to do. Some people use this time to go to the beaches to chill and party until the moon comes up. Others go to a foreign country to explore and experience a new culture. Everybody has his own definition of the good life. But what everybody has in common is that it's associated with the ultimate happiness, joy and satisfaction of life. How great would it be to live life on your own terms and to live the good life, whether you have time off from your job/school or not? Let's find out what the keys are to live the good life anytime anywhere.

happy_with_lifeLove what you do

Your work is going to fill a large portion of your life. You need to find out what it is that you're good at and also what you really like. If you combine those 2 key elements, you'll approach your "˜work' as something totally different. You'll begin to see it as something that helps you becoming a better person in life and of course, a happier one. For some people entrepreneurship might be their thing, others like to work in the corporate world or in the health-care industry.

Everybody has his own passions and interests so it doesn't really matter in which profession you'll work. As long as you work in a place where you feel happy and feel like you're making work- as well as personal-related progress, you'll never work another day in your life.

Build strong relationships

Having great relationships with your loved ones is of crucial importance to be happy and feel loved. Not only is this common sense, but there is also finally evidence to back up this claim.

The Grant study, a 75-year study about finding out what creates a fulfilling life, showed a really simple but important conclusion: feeling loved and having good relationships with the people you care about are the most important things to live a happy and meaningful life, regardless of the situation. Therefore, focus on and cherish the relationships that you have with your loved ones, because they are the ones that will give you happiness and joy that you won't find anywhere else.


When has been the last time that you just took a moment for yourself to think about all the things that you've accomplished so far? Since we live in a world that is 24/7 up and running it's hard to stand still by your achievements, because nowadays you always see someone who has it better than you. However, your achievements don't decrease in value just because someone else is 3 steps ahead of you. You'll start to live your life on your own terms when you don't feel the need any more to compare yourself to others. The key is to be genuinely happy with what you have, and the universe will reward you with more in life.

Strive for progress

The ideal situation would be to learn or to do something new every day. However our reality almost never matches with our ideal self, hence the name ideal. It's also pretty difficult to challenge yourself every day, because some days you probably won't feel like it and just want to be and feel comfortable and relaxed. That's why you need to look at the bigger picture. Striving for progress means that you should set goals for yourself that encourage you to become a better person and to do things that you normally wouldn't do. You don't have to learn how to play the piano, if you don't like pianos. But what you can do is becoming more knowledgeable in the classical music if that's what interests you. This can be progress to. As long as you're keep trying to do and learn new things over time you'll not only improve the quality of your life, but you're also finding more things out about yourself that you wouldn't find out otherwise.

People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, and all life for the good life. However, you don't have to escape your "˜normal' life during spring or summer break to experience the good life. You can create your own "˜good life' without going anywhere. Once you realize this, you can start living the life you've been waiting for all your life by creating it right now.

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