10 Reasons Why Being The Middle Child Sucks

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The great debate never ends. Some say being the middle child is awesome, the youngest claim they have it the best while the eldest say there is nothing better than being first place. No matter which way you look at it, each position has its pros and cons.

Of course growing up in a family that doesn't play favourites is the best but that doesn't always happen and because of this, one of the children get the short end of the stick. If you are a middle child you might relate to some of the things stated in this article.

middle_child1. Hand me downs are gross.

No matter what, you always get stuck with the hand me downs. The youngest seldom gets them simply because by the time they might fit them, they're already too worn out, by you, of course. Yes, the middle child gets the left over crap from the eldest.

2. Vying for attention is hard work.

The eldest is praised for something, the youngest is coddled and loved up like they are the last child on the planet and you? The middle child? Well you're in your room colouring on the walls. Nobody will notice anyway.

3. No one notices ever.

Not just your immediate family but even other family members, such as cousins, aunts, uncles, even grandma and grandpa. They don't really care how you are doing in school. Look the eldest just got an award for something!

4. You're always in trouble.

Even when you're not you are. Even if you know for sure you didn't do something, you get blamed anyway. The eldest couldn't have possibly done that and there's no way the baby did. Yup, for sure it was you.

5. The rules are set out but only for you.

The eldest doesn't need rules because they are perfect. The youngest doesn't need rules because they are perfect. See the pattern here? They make rules for you because you need structure and besides, someone has to get yelled at when rules are broken.

6. Following in footsteps.

Oh thank you, eldest sibling for laying down so me ridiculous footsteps that we now have to follow. We can't follow them nor do we have any intention of following them. They are dumb and lead the wrong way.

7. Expectations are higher for you.

Your parents already know the eldest will out shine all of you and the youngest will do well no matter what but you better make sure your i's are dotted and your t's are crossed. Be perfect.

8. You're simply not loved the same.

Really you just aren't. Your parents love you but not the same way they do your siblings and definitely not more than either of them . It's almost as if they love you because they have to, not because they actually do.

9. Your siblings don't even really like you either.

The eldest is always putting you down and showing off in front of you. I mean, they are better than you anyway, right? The youngest continually tells on you only because you just can't stop picking on them. They really do get on your nerves.

10. There's no place for you.

You're not first, you're not loved the most, you're not last, you're somewhere in the distance, doing your own thing, completely unnoticed and almost forgotten about half the time. What's your name again?

Yes, being a middle child definitely can be a heavy cross to bear. However, with all that said, some say that being the middle child is loads of fun. They are the thrill seekers, the risk takers, the game changers, the adventurers. They throw caution to the wind and live life to the fullest. Where are you on the ladder?

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