10 Fun And Easy Ways To Get Your Relationship From Good To Amazing

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You two have been together for a few years now and it's getting stale. It's good, but it's boring. You love each other and that never fails but there's just something missing. It's routine now. It's all just so routine. Get up, smooch, have breakfast, smooch, go to work, come home, dinner, TV, smooch and go to sleep. Rinse and repeat. You don't argue and you get along very well. But you both are secretly yearning for something more within the relationship. Something is definitely missing.

So is there a secret? How do you go from yes we're doing well to omg we're so deeply in love!!? Here are a few ways that just might help you get there. Do them all or do some of them. One thing is certain, something will definitely change if you try some of these tips.

1. Ladies only. When was the last time you put on your, or his, favourite lingerie?

You used to wear it all the time and it made you feel sexy and special and desired. Isn't this how you want to feel again? If it doesn't fit anymore, go buy some new pieces. Spice up that closet girl! You may not think you are still beautiful be he sure does. Surprise him and show off your beauty.

2. Men only. You know she likes flowers and other random unexpected and small acts of love.

When was the last time you did anything like that for her? A love note on her pillow or maybe even flowers or a little bottle of her favourite perfume or bubble bath? Anything?

3. Candles anyone?

Either one of you can go buy candles and have a romantic candlelit dinner. How about candles in the bedroom, just because? This will surely set the tone for the room. Candles not your thing? Why not put on some soft music and dance like you did when you were first dating?

4. Let's talk.

When was the last time you two sat and talked about something other than work or the kids? How about sitting and talking about your dreams or your secrets or maybe even your fears. You may discover things about your partner that you didn't know that just may make you closer and love them that much more.

5. First impressions the second time around.

Remember in the beginning when you were both trying so hard to impress each other and you did all kinds of lovey dovey things and it worked? Why not do more of those things again. The little things that made a big difference, a big impact . He/she loved them then, they'll love them even more now. Can't hurt to try right?

6. Date night anyone?

This is a biggie and very important. Sadly I hear so many of my friends say, oh there's never time for that. You must make time. How important is your relationship to you? Are you and your partner on the same page and both want to bring your union up a notch or two? If so, then date is a must. Make one, stick to it, and then do it once a week or twice a month.

7. Don't lose yourself.

Stay independent. Keep your own interests. Go out with your own friends and do your own thing every now and then. You can't be in each other's pockets forever. First of all, it's boring and unhealthy and secondly you will never have anything new or interesting to share with each other. Know that secret little hobby you want to take up again? Do it.

8. Unplug at home.

You're on the computer and cell phone all day at work. Once you get home make sure to unplug and give your attention to your partner. It's no fun trying to have a conversation with someone who is attached to their cell phone. As a matter of fact, it's kind of rude, really. Show some respect. Find a balance.

9. Tell it like it is.

Don't talk in riddles. If you want or need something from your partner come right out and tell them what it is. People are not mind readers and in most cases aren't up for playing guessing games either. If there is something on your mind, spill the beans. You will avoid unnecessary angst and frustration by talking this one out.

10. Family trip anyone?

And it doesn't have to be anywhere expensive or elaborate. Just even a park for the day with a picnic and a Frisbee too. Do something totally fun as a family, with no cell phones. You will soon see how much fun you two can have together being silly with the kids. It'll bring out the kid in you guys as well.

Do you have any ideas you would like to share that helped get your relationship from boring to brilliant?

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