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Sleep paralysis and the shadow figures

The subject of sleep paralysis is a fascinating subject for me. I used to be into all things astral and lucid and practiced the art of lucid dreaming and astral projection.

I have had many lucid dreams and a few experiences with astral projection. However one of the things that rally hindered my training was sleep paralysis.


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What is Sleep Paralysis?

A phenomenon in which a person, either falling asleep or awakening, temporarily experiences an inability to move, speak or react. It is a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep characterized by complete muscle atonia (muscle weakness). (Source – Wikipedia)

Sleep paralysis is when the mind is awake and conscious but the body is totally asleep. You are literally paralysed and you are lying there wondering what the hell is going on. But it doesn’t stop there, at least for me. When I used to get the sleep paralysis episodes I always got the shadow figures coming to visit me.

The shadow figures, as I called them, usually congregated around the bottom or at the side of my bed. I was terrified of them as I hadn’t a clue what they were and why I would be getting them. I presumed, rightly or wrongly, that they were dreamlike figures manifested from a partially sleeping brain. There is no other way to describe it. My mind was awake, my body was sleeping, and another part of my mind was partially asleep.

shadows-sleep-paralysisWhat I couldn’t figure out was why the figures only appeared during sleep paralysis episodes.

To get out of the sleep paralysis I had to command one finger to move, any finger. If I could do this I was able to wake my whole body up.

Due to the sleep paralysis episodes being so scary, I discontinued the practice of astral projection. However I continued with the lucid dreaming.

There were two occasions when I managed to get myself out of my body, one of them I can’t really say for definite if it was dream or not. The other genuine time happened just after a sleep paralysis episode. I managed to get through the fear of the sleep paralysis, my motivation was particularly high. When I got through it I sort of asked my mind to get out of my body. My conscious immediately took me to another body floating just above my sleeping body. I asked to go a little higher which it did and then I turned around and saw myself sleeping. I became too excited at this point and woke up. I have never had another experience like this, although I wish I could.

The reason I was reminded of the sleep paralysis episodes was because I had another episode after taking a nap the other day. I was dozing when I got the noise in my head (the noise is kind of like a white noise just before dozing of a little deeper) then came the partial sleep paralysis, I had to consciously wake up about 6 times in case the paralysis took hold. It was strange having it during the day but no less scary.

What to do when you can’t move

It’s difficult to imagine a situation when you don’t want to get out of the sleep paralysis episode immediately, however it’s an enlightening experience to come through it and find out what happens afterwards.

The thing to remember is that nothing can harm you during an episode of sleep paralysis, and to breath as calmly and as deeply as possible, and keep repeating to yourself ‘I cannot be harmed’.  If you get the figures around your bed or the whispering voices in your ear then think of this as a test of your nerve.  If you are too frightened to experience the full episode, then you will never find out what happens on the others side of the experience.

On the other side

Once you are able to overcome the fear of this experience something magical happens in the form of a lucid dream or an out of body experience. The experience of a full on lucid dream and an out of body experience is something that can hardly be described and the elation of this will last for days.  I see it as entering another dimension of this world, one that I cannot intellectually comprehend yet, but one that has a profound effect on my consciousness, and I’ve no doubt it will have a profound effect on yours too.

Sleeping position

supine-sleeping-positionIt’s strange that every time I have experienced sleep paralysis I have been in the supine position, lying on my back, and I’ve read a lot of accounts where people who have experienced this phenomenon have been sleeping in the supine position.

If you want to prevent sleep paralysis from happening then I would suggest sleeping in the prone position, on your stomach.

Exploring another dimension

If you are able to get over the frightening experience of sleep paralysis it’s worth exploring it to the max and see how far you can enlighten your spirit.  You can, I believe, travel to other dimensions of this world, worlds that have not yet been fully explored or explained, and it completely opens up the consciousness to explore another part of our world.

Have you ever had the experience of sleep paralysis?

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  • Hello there friends. I am Reiki practitioner and this Shadow you speak of is a common thing I see. Do not be alarmed by what you are seeing for it is only your Shadow Self. Everyone has one and thanks to internet it shouldn’t be difficult to figure out what exactly it is. Energy work done in reiki can sometimes place someone into sleep paralysis during the session… most people see the shadow then. I have never had anyone not under sleep paralysis say that they saw it…. any way interesting connection, just thought I would share <3

  • I have had many episodes of sleep paralysis. The sleep paralysis in itself is not disturbing. It is the things that I hear going on around me and the things that I see and my inability to not recognize that I am not awake and that this is just a dream because the sensations are so real. Two nights ago was the most recent episode. I was in bed next to my daughter and my light was on. I was awakened by the sound of footsteps shuffling around my apartment searching for something. there was a lot of rustling around and I thought someone had broken into my apartment and all I could think of was how I could hide, escape the apartment maybe by climbing out the window to get my daughter and I out safely since I don’t have any weapons in the house. When I decided that sneaking my daughter and I out the window would be the best idea that’s when i realized I couldn’t move. I saw my daughter beside me sleeping and saw my lit room and then I heard footsteps coming down the hall toward my room making a slow crunching sound as if the feet were walking through the snow. I reminded myself that when i can’t move this is a sign that I am not really awake and that someone was probably not in my apartment and that this was just some glitch in my sleep cycle. I was so terrified that someone had broken into my place because I clearly heard them shuffling around and walking and i heard footsteps. I am relieved that it was just a hallucination or sleep paralysis. I prayed to Jesus to make this thing go away and to let me move, repeated and repeated it until I took all the energy i had to wake up. It was 3:30 in the morning and I decided not to go back to sleep because when this happens and I fall back asleep it becomes a viscious cycle. My concern is the footsteps I am hearing and the awareness of something intruding my space that seems to cause the paralysis and also my inability to realize that someone has not broken into my house even though I can hear the footsteps and the shuffling.

  • i have a concern im 22 and ever since my last tour to Afghanistan in 2010 iv been having what i could explane as Sleep paralysis except no hullitionations or anything like that. For example i was laying in bed and all of a sudden it hit out of no were my mind is awake and im cosius of my surroundings but i cant move, nothing will move then i consintrate and i move my leg and it usually kicks me out of it and i gain full control. this time i could move my left leg anfingers on my left side but the right side of my body my voice and my mouth were peralized. Iv been to the doctors and they said i was fine but i know im not. Im freaking out because i dont know what the hell is wrong with me it scares the crap out of me. it stoped in 2011 and has now kicked back with a vengence i try to roll with it and c if i cnt get the out of body experince but the tingling intenifys to the point that i can bearly breath (or so i think)im not sure because im ussaly freaking out pretty bad at this point. help with answers if u can!

  • Hi everyone. I don’t work, I left school early, and I spend 100% of my time at home with my parents. For years I smoked weed and practiced astral projection, ESP and such, and since I started I’ve been able to lucid dream almost every night. I have so much fun. This life is only a build up to the dreams now.

    I believe in spirits of both positive and negative energy. Those who oppose life and those who are allies. The first episodes of sleep paralysis I had were right after a negative spirit had somehow intercepted my dream worlds, and prevented my astral self from returning to my body. Locking me in a pseudo reality, sometimes very similar to this world we all share and see as real, and toying with me / playing with me.

    This happened for years and it was always the same, I’d get either pinned down by my wrists and my chest, unable to speak, only mumble or make a groan through my sinuses, and I’d have to wiggle each muscle in my body individually to find the one that would wake me up properly upon moving it.
    Sometimes, I saw a white sheet floating above my bed, and a reptile looking shape behind it, making faces at me. Then I’d feel a presence lift me up to the ceiling and back down again, then be able to see it toying with my hair in the reflection of my T.V.

    I’ve also had an array of odd experience that share similar entry feelings to sleep paralysis but confuse me as to their nature. One in particular I seemed to be woken up at about 3am, with a bright blue and white light outside of my bedroom window. A distinct Womwomwom noise like a nearby powerplant or generator, and a dense buzzing and vibration in the air that not only petrified me into paralysis, but also shook my window blinds violently like a tornado was approaching. As I edged toward the backboard of my bed, and clutched my armpits tightly and gripped my knees to my chest, I tried to shout for my mum, and I could feel myself making sound and shouting, but no sound came out, like it was absorbed into the vibrations in the air. Then a black, oozing light effect came from the top corner of my room, like pure black ooze seeping from the cracks of a pavement, bleeding into reality, and I woke up again when it was light and nothing was there.

    A few days after that, I remember relaxing on my bed, I was definately not asleep and I heard the same rumbling in the air, and my desk started to vibrate like an earthquake. Reality started to phase out, I felt paralysed, like I couldnt even muster a thought to move, let alone actually move. Nothing was going through my mind to get up and look around, nothing conscious, nothing analytical, and then a reflection in the wall in front of me, of the same blue and white lights. After a few moments, about 20 seconds, the experience stopped. No more rumbling, no more lights, and I could get up and walk around as normal. I’m not saying it was aliens, but yeah, that’s the number 1 explanation for me.

    On my 26th birthday, I did Salvia Divinorum, a 20x extract, through a bottle pipe. The first time I did it, not so crazy, just hallucinations, and odd shapes. Instant ESP upon closing my eyes. Instant lucid dreaming, while awake. Intense creativity but also waves of insanely scary demonic faces.

    I did it again at night time the next day, but this time with some weed aswell, and upon meditation I was guided, by a large iridescent dark blue sloth type creature, with no hair and big black eyes, and a vacant stare, through crowds and crowds of demonic faces. Utterly terrifying now that I think of it but at the time I was unafraid like I was being protected by the creature. The faces seemed to move aside for us, as we travelled through them, and then it went black, pure black. Like we were clear of them, and the creature disappeared. But a moment later, a square appeared, with a face in it, a human like face, with purple technology behind it, like mainframes with purple curtains and blinking lights. The face was a pale blue / green, with golden facial hair, bald and oriental-esque features. A long golden thin goatee, like an old chinese master from the old kung fu films. Another square appeared beneath him, this one very dark, with what appeared to be a reptilian type of creature looking at me. Along side that square, appeared another, this one with ME in it. What came next I have dubbed as my first, and only telepathic experience. I felt as if everything I know about infinity, life and death, the afterlife and the nature of light and perception, almost bleeding out of me, like I’d made a hole in an aerosol can and it was spraying out uncontrollably. It was like I’d made a first link, spiritually, with other telepaths of varying races, and could not control what I expressed, at all. Noob lol.

    From the moment the first square appeared, and the moment the ‘Genie’ looking character, as I’ve called him, gave me a look with a raised eyebrow and turned head as if to say “What is a Human doing here???” they had heard everything they wanted to hear from me, and appeared to have ceased the transmission, which only lasted about 5 seconds.

    After both the squares disappeared, mine relocated to center bottom, and a large square appeared and filled the field of vision. Within it was a dog, like a golden retriever, but with a large bone structure akin to the insides of a zeppelin, or a hot air balloon. It was flying, and the background reminded me of a gas planet, with a methane atmosphere, brown clouds and tall brown cliffs. The sky was orangey. All of a sudden I felt everything that I felt about humanity – our hypocracies, our plights, the undying hope within it all, the bizarre ways we treat eachother, the confusion, the lack of belief. Everything I felt about us, bleed forth in much the same way. The dog appeared to smile, and it’s tongue hung out, as if it was 100% sympathetic. I can’t remember the exact words my mind was telling me that I was expressing through this emotional wavelength, but the emotion I was feeling was so strong, that I know what I was expressing was pure, and if I could put it into words at its peak, it would win me a presidential election – piece of cake. At that moment, at the peak of my expression, the square with the ‘Genie’ inside appeared for a brief moment, about a second, on the left hand side of the dog. Then… it ended. I opened my eyes and I spent a good few minutes laughing about it, and telling people about it.

    But about sleep paralysis. lol!

    After a while I noticed that my breathing patterns while falling asleep, my thought processes and even my positioning, would bring on certain noises in my head in place of the usual playful images and sounds of things I wanted to be there.

    For a long time, after stopping smoking weed, the sleep paralysis stopped. I’ve long since stopped trying to walk around my room, watching myself sleep, stuff like that, but continued the ESP, and the lucid dreaming.

    Up until recently. I had one episode of sleep paralysis. It started where I was just laying ‘awake’, thinking everything was normal, and then a voice told me in my head that it likes my voice, and I questioned it, “You like my voice?” in my head. Then a dense and bizarre sucking sound started from my earlobes closing in to the center of my brain, inside my head. I felt stupified, like some kind of essence was being drained from me, and the higher pitched and more intense the sucking sound got (which sounded like someone letting air out of a balloon, or like if you suck air in throug hthe corner of your mouth with alot of pressure, started ‘farty’ but getting cleaner and higher pitched) the more I drifted into a sort of paralysed stupor and couldn’t move or do anything, and something started to pull me towards one side of my bed. I could move again. Move my arms, my head, couldn’t speak but could mumble and groan, and when I tried to turn around or look around to see what it was that was grabbing me and pulling me I couldn’t, the same sleep paralysis feeling of being sprung back to the same position. The harder I tried, the more tired I felt when I sprung back. It lifted me high above my bed, it pulled me, pushed me, then finally…. it was humping me! My bed was rocking and it was right behind me humping me. I couldn’t look around to see it, still, but when I put my hand back to feel it, a HAND grabbed mine. I remembered, as the panic subsided, that I needed to twitch my muscles and eventually one would spring me out of it. I went through them all, my fingers, toes, legs, then finally I wiggled my pelvis, my bum, and without opening my eyes – the entire room changed colour, to slightly brighter, the bed stopped rocking, I turned around it there was nothing there.

    I was filled with a sense of dread but since then it hasn’t happened.

    I hope for some of you this has been an interesting and helpful read. Also, I should note that to make the screaming / loud whispering / horrible noises stop in your brain, you need to tell it to stop, with your own voice in your mind. For me the words ‘F* Off’ shouted at it assertively as if it has no power over me or nothing to gain by screwing with me, made it instantly stop, and for days after that, stop the sleep paralysis too.

    For a while I blamed weed but honestly I think the deeper you delve into the infinite recesses of the astral mind, and astral reality, you will meet more travellers, and some of them aren’t like us. We are spirits of curiosity, spirits of adventure and of discovery. That is the spirit of humanity. But there are other spirits. Malevolence, mischief, cruelty. :(

    • I have bookmarked this page for updates I had no idea so many people were experiencing this. To pass it off as a simple misfunction of the brain, and continue as life is normal, is not wise, I think. lol

  • I had something like this happen to be today and once before, I went in my room laid down in my bed and i wasn’t really even that tired but after i laid down i pulled my blankets up and covered my chin like i do every night and faced the wall, soon as i closed my eyes i immediately felt something slowly getting in my bed and thing was huge could not have been a person sized ghost it was so big the bed started going down as it was making sounds i tried to roll over and bust it in action and to see w.t.f. it was crawling in my bed that’s when my body became paralyzed (with my eyes open) and (body twitching trying to fight off what ever was paralyzing me)the power of its paralyzing powers started declining as it was slowly getting back off my bed by the time i could 100% roll over all the way it vanished and my Boston terrier was whining the whole time this was happening, so apparently my dog was watching this whole thing in action.

    you people on this site are making up names for it calling it sp and the truth is it is not but if that makes you feel better at night so be it.

    but my experience was when i just closed my eyes, what ever it was didn’t want me to see it so it paralyzed me.

    The first time i had a ( channeling encounter )I was 10yo just got home from school laid down in my bed closed my eyes and had a tug on my pillow ( violently ) i woke up turned around and did not see anything so i thought maybe i was just tripping ( even know i was not tired or asleep )so i thought to myself hmmm this only happend when i closed my eyes so just messing around and relaxed and closed my eyes 2 seconds later the tug started and got way more violent so this time with a thought in my mind i turned around and busted it in acting that time it didn’t even paralyze me though i looked right at it and it was a hand with a glove on it so i started laughing thinking it was my aunt Milly or mom hiding under my bed so i got up looked under the bed mind you the door was closed the whole time but…nothing under the bed there was nobody in the whole room let alone the whole house everyone was gone…

    if you ask me this is called ( channeling ) and i opened my eyes and brought it into the real world with me sort of like that Freddy vs Jason movie only this was real i was wide awake after it woke me up the first time plus i was looking right at it 1 on 1 and it was as if it had eyes or something because it froze up like oh crap i am busted then slowly went down the bed even if it was the hand of Jesus Christ the only reason i can think of why it had a glove on was because of the hole that went through his hand on the cross. either way i was awake when i saw it plain and clear then i went to my neighbors house where i felt safer.

    but the one i had today was completely different this one paralyzed me and had the weight of a elephant and yet again just closed my eyes didn’t even have time to fall asleep.

    both times i was unhurt…

    So next time you close your eyes remember as soon as they are closed your in a whole new dimension you don’t have to be asleep to get their.

  • […] It mirrored my experiences and I have since found other sites and major studies detailing sleep paralysis and a common thread runs thoughout these strange experiences. There seems to be some kind of entity, as described in my previous article: sleep paralysis and the shadow people. […]

  • I’m 17 years old i will be 18 in november, I don’t know if i have SP. Something simular to this has only happend to me about 5 or 6 times in the last year.
    It all began when i got very sick around this time last year… The first time it happend was when i was sick i fell asleep but woke up som what but i only had flashes of images.. My body started to tingel and in reality i thought i was dieing it felt so peacefull the first time and i heard a woman say “There she is son”.. then i freaked out and started praying cause i belived that i was dieing..My body stoped tingeling and my eyes opened and i had full controll over my body again.

    The second time anything remotely close to this happend it was about 3am and I was asleep ofcourse, but then i heard a guy call my name as soon as he said my name my ear drums started spazing horibly horibly bad and i felt like my head was being crushed. i was so scared then too because again i thought i was dieing i began to pray and my head came back to normal tho i head a head ake and my ear drums stoped spazing and i woke up.

    The next time it happend i don’t remember when it happend or what time but it was right as i was dirfting off to sleep probly around 12am… my ears started spazzing again and my head felt as if God himself were trying to crush it. I prayed again. I came back to.

    That was all occuring around the same time probly withtin about 2 months that all occured.

    It began to get lighter and not as hard or painfull the next time… i started drifting off to sleep and my ears started spazzing again but i thought to myself no, im not gonna do this again. and it stoped.

    It didnt happen for about 5 or 6 months now….
    Untill today i fell asleep.. and this was the weirdest of all of them…

    I fell asleep and i had been asleep maybe a good 10 to 15 minutes.. and this is what my dream was that occured during the time of what ever is going on;;;; I saw my friend, she was crying i dont know where we where but i was running to her and i was singing baby baby its ok baby its ok. and as i was running the ground fell from beneth me and i started to fall but countineing to sing the same song, and the room/place i was in becaome black and 2 blue wing macaws (i dont know how to spell that) and about 4 other lil green pairots (dont know how to spell that but they where like smaller tropical birds) came flying from behind me and they had some kind of net that cought me as i was falling.. when i began to feel my body fall my ears started spazzing and everything was sounding like a hellocopter.. and i stoped dreaming and i had a flash view of my room i saw my walls but only for a split second and this was the hardest one to come out of i was scared again and i knew this was diffrent fromthe others some how.but i didnt feel my head being crushed i just had a sharp head ace. and this time i tryed screaming but when i tryed to open my mouth it wouldnt open so i thought if i get up and go to my mom she can help me she knows what to do. so i tryed to move, that was the only way i came out of this one i had to move it was extremly hard to do and i hard to try for about 30 seconds maybe it was longer but it only felt like thirty seconds and i remeber wheni was trying to move my body would shake and i thought to myself this has to be a seizure.. i tryed my move my leg and my arm at the same time but i had no controll over my body what so ever at all so when i would try to move i would shake until i decided that maybe if i try to move my hands only i will be able to move if i can just move a small amount i be able to move more so i tryed to move my hands and my fingers started twitching and i finaly came to…and i didnt want to move at all becasue i was so scared i thought something was attacking me or something…

    I have no idea if this is SP i havent been to the doctor ect. i just got on googel and found this…
    someone please email me and communicate with me and tell me what you think is going on…

    My email is

  • i have heard of many women who have reported inappropriate advances to them.they always seem surprised that they are not the only one who has had this type of experience…………………

  • will you please help me too..just when i lye down in bed it’s just started sleep paralysis…i suffered in that particular stuff i always seen the shadow over me, touching me..also i just feel strong waving warm air on me…but i was actually mind awake..what can i do ..there’s unknown thing pulling me down deep from nowhere…

  • I’m so glad I found this post and comments! I started having SP when I was a teenager, going back 40 years now. I don’t remember shadowy figures, just wanting to wake up from something unpleasant and definitely focusing the efforts on my hands. The SP has become rare now, last one I remember was September 2011 and related to a flood and intruder in my house. Most of my dreams are pleasant so still trying to figure that one out.

  • How do I get into this state of Sleep/Dream Paralysis, I would really like to try and communicate with the “Shadow People”.

    -Hope you tell me, Nino

  • Its reassuring to know that i am not the only one. i am 33 years of age and have been having SP since i was a child. like many/most other accounts i almost always feel that presence, sometimes standing over me, sometimesat the side of my bed, sometimes pinning me down. a couple of times actually it was directly on top of me (i dont even want to say what it was trying to do). that particular episode was weird tho as i remember i was having a bit of an X-Rated dream, then i woke up directly into SP to find that thing trying to do you know what with me, i really really had to force myself to wake up and as i did the shadow seemed to flee the room and out of the door, and then the whole room turned bright (daylight) and i was sitting up in bed. this was really weird as only a few seconds before the room was dark.

    Another time it was directly over my face on my bed. although as i am getting older i am starting to realise that sometimes… the things in these frequencies are only made strong by the individuals fear.

    there was another time however, when i felt a very very gentle and loving presence sitting on the end of my bed by my feet.

    during yet ANOTHER episode i remember feeling frustrated that i was paralyzed so i actually forced myself to sit up… and turned and saw myself sleeping in my bed: so i guess the SP turned into an out of body experience. i was a little scared (understandably) and was afraid my spirit might somehow become detatched from my physical body lol so i layed back down and breathed deeply and slowly opened my eyes and woke up.

    during yet ANOTHER episode i remember hearing really fast and LOUD footsteps and seeing a really really tall figure walk into the room yet its feet werent moving. it had a large face and large eyes. i DO believe in God however so i DID PRAY for God and the Angels to protect me and as i did the thing made a sound and disappeared infront of my eyes and as it did once again the room became bright and it was daylight. this was a few years ago.

    Recently i get it, although i am no longer scared. i get SP nearly everytime i sleep on my back. i understand some of us are more naturally tuned in to certain frequencies/wavelengths,dimensions. i just see it that we have possibly been blessed with higher level receptiveness to spiritual frequency. i do sometimes feel however, that people like us might be more prone to spiritual attack, but am comforted by the fact the God is real (and if you have actually experienced the ‘shadow’ presence yet still doubt the existance of the spiritual then i dont really know what else to say: other than the fact that i really do believe that God sees both the visible AND the invisible… so you are never alone. be comforted even when you are afraid.

    my older brother also has had SP from a young age. he said i shouldnt be afraid and that i have the ability to gain full control (i guess thats where the astral projection comes in). its true tho… human beings are so much more than what we see with our physical eyes. when it happens to me again i will see what i am able to create or do within that environment. i believe we are only restriced by the trappings of the conscious mind, however i also know that the higher self is NOT restricted… 😉 i guess thats what my brother means. I see it as a gift. and it is a very spiritual thing.

    however…. i STILL dont like that shadow entity… it seems to have its own consciousness.

  • I had just woken up from the most terrifying sleep session few minutes ago and i decided to google out what was bothering me. In my dream,i kind of discovered one of my school mates had duplicated herself and each duplicate was staying in the bathroom eating up other girls. For some reason when i peeked thru d slightly opened door to look 4 my sister who had been keeping me waiting,the girl didn’t attack me. So i continued 2 check d other bathroom and there again i saw her. I left and just as i was leaving i noticed that both bathrooms had been empty,but many people had gone there and not yet returned. I was thinking of what next to do b4 i turned back and noticed her coming 4 me in a towel. I ran in horror and forced myself up convincing myself it was just a dream. Luckily it was and as i woke up happy i had escaped i tried to get out of bed,but alas i felt my spirit had somehow left my body. I have been having SP since i was a kid say 7 or so but i didn’t know what it was,now i’m 17. So i was like oh! Not again when i noticed i was struggling to move.Meanwhile i was hearing the girls voice in my head like she was trapped in another realm saying Y-Y-Y-OU! I’D GET YOU!! I was so scared and helpless fighting myself out of the situation seemed useless. Again i was seeing my room perfectly as it was in real life,the fact that i had 4gotten to switch off the bright chandelier and put on the dim bedside lamp,the fact my phone seemed to vibrate beside my pillow and also that i had kicked at the covers and was sleeping with my nude body exposed. So i calmed down and focused on getting my spirit into my body starting with my spirit big toe. Finally,i woke up fully and sat up sweating and breathing heavily. I yanked the bedcovers and wrapped myself and decided to find out if anyone had ever felt like this. I’m so relieved and at the same time amazed at the wonderful comments people posted in. It has helped me see that SP is not so bad afterall and can infact be fun when u get over ur fears. Um…by the way i found out i kind of slept for only 12 minutes and dreamt all of this. Does that seem weird? Was it because of this short time of sleep i had SP?

  • I had a wierd incident lst night and think it’s the second time it’s happened to me, but more concerning is that my grandfather passed away the early hours of the night before.

    I am suffering from a bad cold and cough meaning I am having to sleep on my l shaped settee with my back propped up to keep my lungs from filling with mucus and starting a coughing attack.

    I woke (or so I thought) and had the feeling that someone was sitting at my feet, on the settee before standing up and as the settee moved back to its original shape I had the overwhelming feeling of someone there, but could see nothing in the low lit living room.

    What the hell was it, it felt terrifying and I thought at first it was the spirit of my grandad come to say farewell.

    Any advice would be gratefully recieved.

  • “Bangungot” As what we call it, you can’t move and you see things, sometimes you see nothing, you just know that there is some “thing” is out there and you just feel it. I’ve never encountered this yet. Just heard stories from people, friends and families.

  • i realized i had sleep paralysis about a year ago when it first happened but however it was so scary i couldnt go to sleep for days after. i couldnt move my body but i was awake and it felt like someone was choking me. and my mother said she called my name numerous times and i didnt respond. as if i was dead. i couldnt wake myself up and she had to shake me for me to wake up? is this a more serious stage of it? it has happened more then three times in the past year.

  • I need help!!! I have only Astral Projected once, but I have recently experienced sleep paralysis in the last few weeks, although the occurences are random. This is my experience:

    I would always think to myself before I sleep to try Astral Projection or Lucid Dreaming, during the course of my sleep, I would wake up suddenly, I can’t move my body, but yet, I’m aware of my surroundings and awake. My eyelids are closed shut, as almost I could see myself outside of my body, but I’m still sleeping. At this stage I don’t know what to do. My natural instict was to immediately try to move my body, it would take a few attempts, whereas the first few would scare me because I couldn’t move at all, and eventually I could finally come to. So here I am researching my issues, but I don’t see or hear strange things during sleep paralysis. Should I try to stay in my sleep paralyzed state and see what I can do during the event or what?

  • that sounds sick stuart!, this morning i had a lucid dream but it faded away into SP i just layed there with my eyes open for a bit, and then i started moving my thumb and i moved it upwards and suddenly i felt like a pulling/floating upwards. i freaked the shit out and woke my self up. but after reading your story im going to experiment with this. i was wondering if you could ask your wife to write a number on a bit of paper and leave it some where in your house, so when you have a OBE you can go read it, and see if its the same number when you are actually awake? that would be a very interesting experiment

    • Nathan, how are you getting on with this? Have you had any more experiences would love to read them if you have! After I read you comments I tried the number on paper. My wife wrote something random down, nothing happened that night. It took 4 attempts/nights at it until I was out of my body I went to read it and wasn’t there. Very strange. To be honest I didn’t expect to be able to read it properly, I think I would have been totally freaked if I did, it would have confirmed the impossible. Lately I have been trying to focus on different ways of coming out of my body during SP. Finding more and more that rolling out works well for me. Its the strangest thing to be in SL and to tell yourself to rock side to side and with a final push and a very nice feeling your stood in your room, looking at yourself sleeping. I have also been able to keep strange connection between my astral body and my actual sleeping body, Its like I know I’m wide awake and in another place but safe and asleep in my bed. 9 times out of 10 I can enter SP at will but I can’t always entre the astral state, my SP often turns into a Lucid dream (which is also great fun, last week I had a flying car, that I imagined out of nothing) but for me, being in a astral state is one of the best experience you can every have. Good luck to anyone who is trying to figure this stuff out. I don’t think I ever will but I am happy to experience it.

  • Its been 3 months since I last posted a comment. In my last post I spoke about my SP as a freighting experience but i also said I would like to let it play through and see what happens without panicking. The more I thought about it the more I became convinced that I could turn this into a positive experience and may even be able to have a “OBE”, I was sure the floating sensation I had with I was 16 was after all a “OBE”,

    I browsed the web and found sound useful techniques for releasing myself from my sleeping body; I willed it to happen every night and about a week after I wrote my last post I experienced my first taste. I was lying in bed, just turned off the TV; I was lying totally still not moving a muscle started feeling/hearing the ringing in my ears. It was very slight to begin with, but growing louder and louder, the terror started and I could feel a presence in my hall, I told myself that I was going to see what it was in my hall and not to be afraid. I would normally start breathing quick and panic but this time I slowed and steadied my breathing, I let the ringing vibrating consume my body. Suddenly I was feeling myself sit up and down at a super fast speed. It was like the world was spinning out of control, I heard a loud bang and there was nothing.

    I was sitting up on my bed. I lifted my hand to look at it and could see it as I would with waking eyes, I felt like raw energy was bursting out my torso. The feeling was very arousing. I could no longer feel any presence in my hall and there was no fear, no confusion, no nothing. My room was exactly as it was when awake. I could see the bundle of clothes I had took off when I went to bed. The only difference was there was a navy blue haze everywhere I turned around and looked at my wife. I was thinking at that point “this is for real” I was awake consciously thinking. I tired to move my legs, they didn’t move no matter what I did. I lay back down into my sleeping a body and opened my eyes. I was back in my body.

    The whole day after I couldn’t help thinking about the feelings, thoughts I had. I was very excited. The following night I had a better experience. I was in lying on my back. Totally still, I was breathing as if meditating. I could feel the ringing/vibrating. Like the night before it got very intense but there was no terror, no fear, no presence.
    It stopped with a bang and I opened my eyes. From a lying position I was looking up into my room, there was the same blue haze. I told myself my body had no weight to it I should be floating. I felf myself lift, my whole body this item. The feeling was amazing, It could possibly be the best feeling I have ever felt. Euphoric is the only way I can explain it. I some how found myself standing in my room looking at myself sleeping next to my wife, it was bizarre, but not at all strange. I moved round to my wife side of the bed because I wanted to see her face, She just looked like her. (nothing out of place! nothing weird! Just my wife sleeping soundly) After that I moved into my hall and stood outside my daughters bed room. I was stood at her door thinking about how to get through, Its not like I could turn the handle. This was where it got weird, I thought my way into the room (sounds crazy, I know). It was like I pushed my way in with my mind. Once inside I started circling here room very fast maybe 4 or 5 times and came to a stop above her cot. I was looking down on her and floating mid air. I suddenly thought I should see if I could go out side. I flew out her room and into the hall. Again I willed myself out side I seamed to move very fast straight thought the door in the hall and out the window at the top of my stairs. I didn’t see outside that night. I awoke again back in my body, It felt like the shock of going thought the window jolted me back into my body.

    The next night (3 nights in a row) was the best “OBE” I have had to date. The experience was similar to the night before but I told myself to move slowly, Almost walk, not to rush, managed to go outside but I used our front door, I still had to push myself though. Outside was just like it is when wake, Instead of the blue haze in my house the world had a red haze, When I looked up it was like I could see a universe worth of stars, shooting starts, galaxies all inter connected. It felt as if I was standing outside my house but it wasn’t in the correct place, not from where I belong.

    All this was in November, But since them I have had many other experiences, I have looked at myself in mirrors, Read the front page of a news paper, sat at the bottom of my garden looking at the sky, even tried to go to my office at work (I haven’t succeeded yet but I’m trying) and most of them are good if not great, although there have been things I’ve seen which once would have terrified me. Only last night I tired to speak to an old woman in my kitchen who didn’t have a face! But I’ve learnt not to be afraid of this even thought I can’t explain it.

    My logical mind tells me they are dreams but I don’t think dreams can have such depth and clarity. The feelings and experiences are as real as anything I’ve experienced whilst awake. I can make decisions and seam to be able to carry out simple tasks such as looking in a mirror, move down my street. I remember them as if memories and I always come back to my body to wake.

    I intent to carry on and experiment with this some more, From time to time I will post to share. But I’d appreciate it if anyone has experienced similarities such as the blue haze, very fast movement or star light sky sharing there experience. Thanks

  • i have found that if i sleep with the radio playing and a light on it stays away. i’ve had three good nights sleep lately.


  • I am suprised now. I thought this situation was just with me.
    I am experiencing this issue since I was in college. This generally occurs when I have less sleep. or less sleep on a continuous basis.

    It feels like all my body has been paralyzed, its so hard even to move once finger in such situation. I come out of this situation when I start breathing really hard.

    I generally do not observe strange creatures during SP, but their are some occasions:

    In one I felt like my bed mattress is holding me tight and something siting on my chest and pressing my neck hard enough.

    In another, I did not seen anything (except my surrounding, that is bed and rest thing) but listened sounds of trains moving quite fast near to me (their is no railway station in my town itself.)

    one time I seen a black child smiling at me.
    One time I seen a skull juts above me.

    It occurs to me if I don’t take enough sleep.
    But its very stressful situation, you feel like as if you do not come out with this sooner than you will be paralyzed for ever.

  • i first had a SP experience as a young child and they have always been exactly the same. i feel that someone is looming over me and i cannot move or speak.. as a child i would try and yell NO!! or say a prayer and beg it to leave me alone.. suddenly i can open my eyes and my heart is racing and i am terrified. it feels as they they are trying to take my SOUL..
    IT ALL STOPPED until recently… i went to bed as usual .. hot night and had a fan on some point during the night i believe i woke up and i could feel the fan on my face but i could not open my eyes or move a muscle.. i tried to yell out.. NOOO NOT YOU AGAIN!!! or NOT AGAIN!! and i felt a very sharp pain in the back of my neck like something very sharp was piercing me.. the pain was dreadful and i could do nothing.. suddenly i was able to open my eyes and i was lying on my right side .. the fan was on my face. i knew i was lying on my right side when it was all happening.. i know its all going to start again and i’m thinking of getting something herbal to help me sleep.

  • Glad I found this site. I would like to tell my story as well. The first time I remember having SP was when I was 16. I was laying down on the couch at my fathers house in the middle of the day. I was dozing off and starting to dream when I began hearing a soft buzzing noise. It got louder and louder, and the buzzing sped up and turned into a ringing. It totally blocked out all my dreams and I felt like I was being sucked into a vortex. I was fighting it as much as I could, and the ringing just turned into an unbearable frequency. Finally I gave in, and BAM! Nothing. No noise, no fear, no emotion. I got up off the couch to see my sister. I went to her bedroom and talked to her but she wouldn’t answer… she was just sitting on her bed looking at a magazine. I kept saying, “Jen, look! I can move in the air!” But she didn’t respond. I moved about the house without walking and finally went to where I got up. And I was there, sleeping. I laid down into myself and then I really woke up. And the fear came back, but no ringing. I just couldn’t move at all. I could barely open a slit in my eyes but they were watery and I couldn’t make out much. After a few minutes I was able to get up and when I did I bolted up and fell down. I was fine after that.

    So this reminded me of nightmares I had when I was quite young… maybe 4yrs old. It was the intensity that reminded me… it was the same feeling. But back then I thought the ceiling was coming down on me which I now realise was my “body” going up to the ceiling.

    Ever since I was 16 I have had them quite often. Always the same buzzing and intensity and fear. I would say that 1/2 the time I would give in and come out of my body into that state of silence and no emotion. I would always try and talk to someone softly to see if I could communicate but was never able to and would return to myself and 1/2 of those times I would wake up fine or be paralysed. Several times I have heard voices. Several times I have felt something pushing on my chest while laying on my back. Or a single opened hand pressing on my belly. On one occasion I stood in front of 2 huge stone pillars with some type of writing and some being asked what a human was doing there. Scary shit.

    By the time I was 19 I was pretty used to them and only occasionally would they be scary. I (like some others) found I could produce the buzzing noise in my mind and meditate to it. I have come out of my body several times using this method with no paralysis. Ever since I really started using the SP episodes to come out of my body they have happened less and less. Usually when they do it’s extremely intense but not scary. My body seems to physically tilt sideways and I can feel energy surging out of my feet, hands and head.

    I am 30yrs old now and don’t seek for nor fear an episode happening. If anyone has any questions email me up.

  • Lots of good info on this site. SP is something I have experienced since I was about 16, I’m now 31. My first experience went like this. I was in my parents house (mine at the time) and I had been watching TV before I when to sleep at some point I must have fell asleep. I started to hear (although) it wasn’t just hearing a deep ringing in my ears. It was at this point I was aware I was conscious and unable to move. I had never experienced anything like this before, I wasn’t at scared first and I didn’t try to fight it. The ringing in my ears gradually got louder and my body started to feel like it was vibrating in time with the ringing. I can remember looking about my room but being unable to move an inch. The vibrating and ringing got so intense and I started to feel myself lifting off my bed, I was getting scared now and started fighting against it. I was trying to scream but couldn’t. I was aware that I was suspended half way between my bed and the ceiling and could feel my body below me! I honestly thought I was about to be adducted by extra terrestrials (and I wasn’t the sort of kid to believe that sort of thing). Anyway I finally managed to scream (for real) and I felt myself fall back onto my bed, At that point my mother and sister came running into my room. I put it down to a silly nightmare (I never knew anything about SP at this point) however I always thought it was strange that I could remember it in great detail.
    It never happened again until was about 23 & from the ages of 23 to 25 It happened almost every month, but this time I had moved out my parents house and was living with my wife (girlfriend at the time). Because of me experience when I was 16 I was aware when it was about to happen and would always try to walk myself as soon as I hear the ringing and vibrations.
    Again it stopped for a few years and started again a couple of years ago! This was when I did some digging and found out about SP, up until this point I thought I was just having weird terrible dreams, Its been happening to me on average once a month since but sometime more. Since they have stated up again I have seen some scary, weird but wonderful stuff and it would take too long to tell it all. I will however share what happened last night, as normal I was lying on my back, my breathing was slow and steady, then the ringing started- soon followed by the vibrations. The ringing fell quieter although it was still there and I started to hear my 1 year old Daughter cry, It wasn’t normal it was like she was very far way (not it the room next to us). I had a feeling she was lost. I was looking out into my room, It was very dark, which is normal but there was something with us in the room, I looked up and there was a cloaked shape lying on my ceiling. It wasn’t doing anything just starting at me with a faceless face. I turned away from it and looked at the door of my bed room towards my daughter’s room and her cry’s and could hear foot steps and feel a presence in the hall pacing back and forward. At this point I started to struggle and try to move myself, This I do my breathing deep and fast, the change in breathing tends to help and it also alerts my wife that I need her to give me a nudge. The ringing in my ears happened again a few seconds after my wife woke me when I tried to go back to sleep. I didn’t want it to happen again so I moved onto my stomach (for some reason it only happens when I am on my back)

    Since I have found out about SP I’ve very curious and try to let it play thought but I always get to a point where the terror is so great I have to wake up, I would appreciate if any one can help here. How do you stop the fear, I know nothing can harm me but any pointers would help? I would love experience the feeling I had when I was 16 if I can only stop myself waking.

  • I have experience sleep paralysis for about 5 years now and find it very interesting. I use to have SP a couple times a week at first and eventually almost every night. There were whispering voices herd around my bed. I saw a shadow walk across my room once. I looked at the shadow face to face without it doing anything to me. Hands have grabbed my wrists and ankles. I mostly had all this happen when sleeping on my back, but occasionally it was on my side. It became so scary that I eventually did some research and found out about Sleep Paralysis. I used tricks that were helpful, such as turning music on when I sleep or putting a fan on. If I left the TV on then I was more likely to have SP and my only thoughts on that is because of the light from the TV. Once I learned all about SP I began to have it less, but I also began to love it. Now I have sleep paralysis 3 or 4 times a month, but believe I could have it more if I wanted too. This past summer was the last time I saw anything. I felt the presence of an old woman standing at the end of my bed. Usually if I have SP my girlfriend will wake me up out of it. It is weird because I can see her and hear her voice, but she tells me my eyes are closed. SP is becoming a natural part of my life. Most of the time I have it now I know I am having it and will stop to think about it. Recently I have been trying to force myself to see shadows in SP since I do not see them anymore. I am also very intrigued by what you (steven) have said about floating out of you body and turning to see yourself. Since I for the most part consciously know how to calm myself during SP I definitely would like to try that. My goals… 1. know exactly how to enter SP 2. see more shadows in my world of SP 3. float out of my body to see myself

    If you can relax and learn to have some control with SP it can be an amazing adventure throughout your sleep life.

  • About two or so years ago, after an exhausting 46 hour adventure of helping a friend quickly move into her house, it was 2:30 am and I was in my living room, and as I sat there smoking a cigarette I felt my whole body fall into relaxed state. It wasn’t completely dark, there was some light from the hall and the kitchen, so my visibility was still very good. I was sitting in a recliner, and happened to notice out of the corner of my eye, that I should flick my ashes in the tray. I did that and felt the urge to lay but I figured if I did that then I would fall asleep and with a lite cigartte in my hand I fought the urge but instead compromised by lifting the foot rest and in doing so the back of the chair slightly tilted…. I flicked my ashes once more…. and in that instant, I was completely paralyzed. I started to panic because I had, in years past heard of a story that an indian woman had an experience of what she thought was a ghost choking her and trying to rape her. Attempts to scream were pointless, but after realizing that I calmed down to the point where I started to quickly evaluate the situation to see if there was anything I could see, do, move, ect.
    My vision was narrowed, kind of like in the winter when you look out the window and it has frost on it. Except the difference is, it wasn’t boardered with frost but a brighter glowing light, and in the middle of my vision I could still see a good portion of my living room and my legs and my feet because I was looking forward when it happened. At this same time I was hearing thunder like noises and everything in my vision had a flashy fluttering flash to it as if from lightening.
    After that , I started to get weirded out because I couldn’t make sense of that. So I concentrated harder. I then realized, that I there was an even, and intense pressure on my body. It seemed like I couldn’t breathe but I couldn’t understand what was happening so I just told my self not breathing was the least of my problems, and as soon as I said that to myself I noticed that in the reflection of the mirror on the opposite side of the room, was the HoneyWell School clock that was hung in the kitchen , which was behind me. This clock plugs into the outlet on the wall and worked. Yet the both hands on the clock weren’t moving and I was able to read the #s as if it weren’t a dream. I freaked out and started to panic worse then before. My attempts to scream, once again failed, but FINALLY, what I did was concentrate so hard, TO THE POINT WHERE IT FELT LIKE ALL MY FEAR AND ALL MY EMOTION, MUSCLE STRENGTH AND EVERYTHING ELSE I COULD FIND IN ME WAS GATHERED TO ONE AREA. AND THANK YOU GOD I HAD GOTTEN MY FOOT TO MOVE AT THE ANKLE, ONE INCH OR LESS AND IT WAS JUST ENOUGH TO TIP OVER AN ALREADY UNSTABLE FOLDING CHAIR NEXT TO THE FOOTREST.I DIDN’T SNAP OUT OF IT RIGHT AFTER THAT SMALL MOVEMENT. I CAME OUT OF IT WHEN THAT CHAIR HIT A REMOTE CONTROL CAR AND MADE A LOUD NOISE. IT WAS THE NOISE THAT BROUGHT ME OUT OF IT. I was so scared, I cried myself to real sleep, in my bedroom, with my fiance there. Never had another episode like since though. Any opinions, or ….. ideas of any sort?

    All of the sudden I was inbetween the awake reality that everyone lives each day and either the dream state, or reality as we know it, and whatever lies behind the scenes observing. Thats kind of the feeling I got anyway. It felt as if

  • When I was 15 years old my friend told me about lucid dreaming. I honestly thought that I was really messed up or something because as long as I could remember I had be able to control my dreams and I thought I was the only one. so when she told me all this stuff she had read about it I was really interested (and really relieved to find out I wasn’t crazy) So I tried harder to lucid dream and for a while was lucid dreaming almost every time I had a dream. She never told me anything about Astral projections, but recently I watched the movie Insidious (which for those who haven’t seen it is based on messed up stuff going on during astral projections) It didn’t freak me out thinking a demon would enter my body or anything, but I went back and thought on some of my lucid dreams from when I was constantly lucid dreaming and realized there were a few times I may have had astral projections. One time that I really remember I knew I was asleep (which is how most of my lucid dreams go) but I remember seeing myself sleep, then I left my house and flew to a boy’s house that I had a crush on and sat outside his door step. Now when I first had it I thought it was just a normal dream because I fly in my dreams all the time, and I’m almost always aware that I’m dreaming, but in this dream I left my house and thought I really want to go to this boys house and then I had to direct myself there. (I know that is a really stupid thing to do, go visit a boys house, but at the time I was 15) Around the time I started frequently lucid dreaming I started getting sleep paralysis, like really bad, it would normally happen at about 5 in the morning and usually 4-6 times right after another. I would wake up with sleep paralysis and then go back to sleep and then have it going back to sleep, then wake up and repeat it until I finally got to sleep. At first it was the scariest thing. The first time I had it I heard this terrible rap music (not in quality of the music, but the feeling it gave me) it kept growing louder and louder, I tried to scream and cover my ears but I couldn’t move or make a sound finally I moved a part of my body and it stopped and I was awake. I thought it was a bad dream or a night terror or something and went back to sleep and it happened again, except it was a horrible buzzing noise (in the feeling it gave me), and then a few more times that happened that night. I was too scared to do anything so I lied in bed until I had to wake up. Since then sleep paralysis has become a weekly thing for me, it normally happens in the mornings an hour or two before it’s time for me to wake up (it changes based on my sleeping schedule during the school year usually around 5 am and during the summer around 7 or 8 am) and there is always that buzzing noise. I’m not normally scared of it anymore, but sometimes it feels like somebody is watching me, or sometimes I hear things trying to talk to me, or I feel like they’re going to hurt me in some way (like murder me or rape me or even hurt my family) and it really scares me. It’s not always bad, one time shortly after my grandma died she was there and talked to me, I tried to talk back but I couldn’t, then when I said something I woke up. My sister and I shared a room when I first started having sleep paralysis and she started sleeping wherever else she could because I was constantly waking her up because I would scream or I would move around really bad in my sleep. I’ve been having sleep paralysis for almost 4 years now and it’s a constant thing, at least once a week.
    I really want to know if my sleep paralysis, astral projection and lucid dreaming is related or intertwined. If there’s anything I could read up on about these topics, or anything I could do to stop sleep paralysis please let me know. Also I would like to know if what I had really was an out of body experience, or just another lucid dream.

  • i regualy have dreams just when i nod off.. but still awake. with my whole boady vibrating in pain cant move and being attacked by things dont no what they r. have to fight to get out of it. some times i cant get out of it and i gose on 4 ages. when i finally wake up my head herts… ive been having these on and off 4 about 20 years… can anyone give me advice pls

  • I’ve been thinking more and more about dreams I had when I was child. For a long time I believed they may have been paranormal. I thought i’d search the net to try and find a meaning for my dreams but have not found one yet. but it does sound like Sleep Paralysis. When I was as young as 5 maybe 6 I used to dream that there was a head on the wall above my bed, looking down on me and talking directly to me. All I could do was look straight back and I remember being terrified. I beilive I was so scared that my Mother would wake up to hear me crying and shouting out for help. This happened often, I also remember seeing dark tall figures in room. This is making me feeling a little edgy just thinking about it. Gives me the creeps. I’ve honestly never been so scared in all my life, I know it scared my Mother as well. Do you think this is Sleep Paralysis? I hoped it might have some kind of a meaning, i’ve been told by a medium that I am sensitive to the paranormal, not sure about that but I have always been very interested in the topic. I have looked for the truth about religion and do not believe there is a god, but I do believe in ghosts and spirits. I have been on Paranormal investigations and have seen shadows and I have witnessed objects move by themselves. Any thoughts?

  • i have the exact same thing IT IS FRIGHTENEING. My mom says it’s passed on which is really weird. I am actually pinned to bed and i can feel before it’s about to come. Way before like when i just get into bed i feel a little sway, like the bed’s rocking, but a bit more subtle. I know it’s just me, and then it’s get’s stronger a little more frequent. sometimes i’ll see a dark figure in the corner and i’ll hear this vacuum and it’s get stronger and LOUDER until it stops after about 20 seconds. SOmetimes it’ll reach it’s peak go down and then come back up and i litterally feel pinned ot bed COMPLETELY PARALYZED and i’m aware of what’s happeneing/ It sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!! sometimes i can force myself out of it but it is SO HARD and draining. So when it happens (rarely) i usually go and sleep with my mom lol embarrassing but oddly when i go to my mom i don’t get it anymore. My mom said she got it a lot when she was young, and it became less frequent as she grew up. The same story with me, but every so often i’ll get it like three four days in a row ITS HORRIBLE

  • Hi, I had a similar experience. I was in a half-dream, half-aware state, but there was this sort of shadow that was caressing my hair, as if patting me to sleep. Is that a medical scare thing or something worse like a spirit or demon hovering around me? I got really scared, and it was as if the shadow was soothing me, but I got so scared, ‘knowing’ that it was evil or dnt know somehow, I imagined a white circle of light and protection forming around me and forcing it away. The shadow was resisting but I sent it away. What could this mean? Was that a dream-induced anxiety or was it real?? Hope it’s the first!

  • I was dreaming I was asleep in a room that was old with aged wall paper.
    There was a mirror opposite my bed to the right, just enough light in the room to notice movement in the mirror with what appeared to be a dog looking at me but changed into a woman with wavey blonde hair.
    I lay frightend and unable to move, trying to yell/scream but at a loss to find my voice?
    I woke up and screamed two times but my voice was restricted.

    I have had two ther very intense happenings of being attacked where i’m certain of being awake but not seeing the attacker, I was being strangled and was not able to yell out. Quite frightening..

  • I’m so very glad to know I’m not alone. I have had an uncountable number of experiences starting at the age of 13 up until present day. I’m 23 now and haven’t had them as frequently as I used to and not as intense. I can relate to just about each and every post all except the positive ones. I must say I have had the most horrific experiences with sp. It was extremely difficult in high school. While others were concerned with dating and football games I was struggling with sp as if it were my dirty little secret. Holding on to my sanity with no one to turn to was hard but at this point in my life, even though I would never wish to experience sp again I have learned to deal. I make myself the authority when it begins, not allowing myself to feel powerless. I will force words out of me. I ve woken up screaming stop, and also if the sp was too intense I would just start moving my fingers as others have stated. I hope no one feels hopeless and I pray you all find peace.

  • I’ve had SP sleep ever since i’ve been a child, it didn’t happen alot when I was a child but i’m 27yrs old now and it happens more than ever. Maybe like once or twice a month. In the beginning I used to just feel an evil presence in the room and before you knew it I felt this pressure pinning me down. My mind was awake but body can not move no matter how hard I tried upto 5 minutes to get out. When it first happened I asked my family if any of them experienced these episodes and my sister said she gets them too but how she only experienced it a couple of times.

    It usually only happens when i’m very tired and sleep deprieved, This happens to my co-worker aswell. Except his are more violent and scary, he actually sees demons in his room sometimes multiple demon men with little horns with a large face. He can’t really move when these objects are in his room, it happens to him like weekly he talks to them but they never talk back. Ever since he told me this i’ve been scared to hell that I might see these objects too in the future since I get SP sleep like him.

    Last night was the worst SP sleep ever, I began dreaming about demons who wanted to harm me and realized it was a dream, unfortunately when I woke up I realized I was in another dream “I was extremely shocked this happened” How shocked I was actually woke me up and I realized it was all a dream, but due to the nature of the dream being so scary I woke up and played my ps3 for 1hr to get my mind off what I just experienced.

    This is 4am and I have to be at work at 8am, I was very annoyed but went back to sleep thinking about those damn demons and how they ruined my sleep. exactly 45 mins into sleeping suddenly while lying flat on my stomach I feel the SP sleep creeping in, its happened to me soo many times that now I can feel it coming to prepare on getting out of it when the pressure of somene holding you down comes. Only this time a saw a shadowy mist right infront of my face, I closed my eyes in the SP mode and told myself i’m not seeing you, I kept telling myself i’m in SP dream this shit is not real there for I will not even look at this mist. I can now get out of SP dreaming within 5 seconds but concentrating on currling my toes. I woke up and realized when ever i’m afraid of sp occuring it will happen.

    I’ve done some research on this SP thing from a religion perspective and it is infact demons that are messing with us. Sleep paralyis can found in Christinity and Islam, both describe them as demon visitions. Ultimately we all belong to god and not the demon hence the reason they haunt us in the dreams where we are most volunerible and not when we are fully awake. If they haunted us when we are fully awake then we would seriously go insane and god wouldn’t let that happen he protects us.

    The scary factor will never go away but I find what helps the most is not benig scared of these weird visitions. After speaking to an Imam at a mosque I was told demons thrive on fear, it feeds them power. He also gave me these verses in the koran to study to make SP from never happening again but haven’t memorized them yet.

    • Hi my name is Sam and i have a theory about these SP expirences. a quick backdrop, I have had lucid dreams and sp for years and years and years for as long as I can remember. and I would also have strange frightening demon evil dreams ever since I was a child. a child so young that the things I saw in my dreams belonged in horror movies, of which at the time I had never seen.. i.e. playing in the autum leaves and stubling across a blue face corpse just beneath and inch of dirt wrapped in plastic. I used to have dreams like this when I was three to five years old. I have always dreamed vividly as if i were there in full color. Amazing places sometimes strange and terrifying as if i have seen the other side. Predictions of the future that have come true. Dreamlike dejavu that seems to be a reference to a possibe past life or maybe just a past spiritual journey things i may have seen in an atstral state. Im really not sure of what it all means only that sure of what ive seen. I should have been writing these things down. I do however have a lamens theory of what may be going on. When i experience SP it will usually start with a dream a nothing scary or unordinary, when suddenly it will go pitch dark like im in the pit of hell, and I will see and hear beings come gather around me. The so called “shadow beings”.. and so thats about the time that the dream becomes lucid and I get a sense of control, naturally I try and wake up and that is when I end up in sleep paralysis. Usually being tormented and strangled by one of these beings. I have seen faces and drawn them the next day. Ive Heard sounds footsteps, shuffling noises, had false awakenings where the beings take the form of my loved ones to fool me into relaxing, I read every post on this site and have expeienced everything posted here at least once some things more than others. So anyway my theory is that maybe when I go into REM sleep and have these vivid dreams and see these places that I may be converging into an astral state usually not moving far out of my body, maybe just on the other side of the veil. When the darkness falls and the dreams become fully lucid is when I am in the onslaught of entities trying to posses my vacant body… Or maybe I am just hallucinating LOL. if anyone reads this and has any thoughts or comments feel free to email me. ————————————————————–
      —hi im sam. your post interested me as I have always seen these things as real, maybe more real then conscience reality. I tend to take a “religious” point of view. maybe you can read my post and tell me what you think about it. if you care to chat it over, drop me a line. thx

  • Just thought I would share my experiences.
    I’m 16 and have had sp episodes for as long as I can remember, I’ve also been diagnosed as a cronic insomniac. I suffer from frequent night terrors, sleep walking and hallucinations. I manage on very little sleep each day but ‘crash’ about twice a week and sleep for anything from 4-16 hours.
    Anyway, sp happens on average once a week for me, but at times when I have been extremely stressed or going through trauma it has happened 5 times in a week. Like many of you when paralysed I feel a presense approaching me. It seems to start in the corner of the room, or at the window it then painfully slowly gets closer until its leaning in close to my face, I sometimes think it grabs my arms, pushes my chest etc. but each episode is different. I also witness the ‘shadow figures’ closing in around my bed, they seem to wind and swirl up my body closing in on my neck holding me down. It’s at this point I panic. I also start to hear a loud heartbeat, probably my own, getting faster and faster.

    The presense that appears in most cases doesn’t take a physical form that can be identified, but on more than one occasion it has. I can only describe it as being a human face with no features.. like skin has been stretched over the physical features so when it does open its mouth its teeth can be seen but under the skin.. it’s hard to describe. But this same ‘figure’ appears in my nightmares constantly, family and friends morph into this thing and then I wake up very frightened.

    Just thought I would add that strangely, even as a child this never seemed as something spiritual or ghostly, I never had a faith in god and therefore have never seen it in that light. More as my mind being a little different to most people.

    Over the years the nightmares and sp episodes have become more frequent. I also gradually get less and less sleep but I still function adequetly in day to day life, get top grades and have good health.

    Going to leave you with my faveourite quote about sleep, sums up how I feel about it: “I detest sleep. I’ve got better things to do. Besides, I find it frightening – to awaken and be unsure of everything you remember about life not being just part of a dream. Waking means I’ve slept, and sleep dissolves what certainty I have left.”

    Thanks for listening :]

  • I have encountered SP most of my adult life. The unset involves seeing a shadow move in my dreams. Its terrifying. Now when I get the chance I hunt for it in my dreams to confront this entity. My “Dream” is to prove this thing exists. I also sleep walk, even now has an adult, and even then it happens when I’m sleep walking.

    This can’t be some sort of evolutionary trait from the past that we all here suffer. You believe in god then why not this entity?

    They say “the church of Rome” that deamons converse with us in our dreams…

  • I have had SP since I was a really little girl. I had it more frequenty as a child and teenager, but still have it happen now and then in my late 30s. It wasn’t until the last year or so that I heard some folks on a paranormal podcast talking about it and one of the guys on the panel gave the SP explanation and I started to do some reading. It is a huge relief as I thought this was something unique happening to me and that it was something demonic. I talked to some pastors and teachers about it growing up and no one gave me a scientific explanation — they all left me feeling like something was wrong with me, which made it worse. My experience is much like everyone here. Usually during a nap, always on my back. I do not drink or take medications though, so I am not really sure what is causing it for me. The dreams always start for me with a really disturbing noise. Not necessarily loud, but it sounds like every sound in the room is suddenly being fed through a jet engine. All of the words distort and everything starts to vibrate. The sound is all in my ears and I notice that when I wake up my ears are usually extremely moist. I also have several false wake ups and the dream is usually about 90% accurate to “real life.” Meaning, I am in the same room as I’m sleeping, same pajamas, I look like me. But after I wake up and really scrutinize the dream there is usually one minor detail that was “off” and should have been my tip off. My most recent one, everything in the dream was exactly like the dream except instead of being on the counch, I was asleep on my big chair from my office. I have never seen a shadow person or any sort of figure, but I always know it is there. The pressure a lot of people say they feel is a little different for me. I feel that, but it comes into me more slowly. I feel the presence coming in through my big toe and it very slowly takes over, paralyzing me one inch at a time and it feel like I’m drowning. The presence has a very thic, heavy feel to it. Aboslute terror overtakes me. About 50% of the time I am telling myself, “Oh crap, I’m having one of those dreams again” and I will say things like, “This isn’t real, I know I’m asleep,” but all of the false wake ups throw me off and knowing it is only a dream does not do anything to make it less scary. Even though I do not see the presence, it is there and it always talks to me and we usually have a conversation back and forth where I attempt to resist and talk myself awake, while it mocks me and threatens me. The presence is always very clear that a) it wants to kill me and b) that no one will be able to help me. I also usually wake up with my mouth so dry that all of the saliva has crusted dry in my mouth and I have to rinse with hot water to melt it all. I am happy to believe this is all scientific and nothing demonic but the thing that alarms me a little bit is I have had this happen a few times when I have been traveling with my dad and as soon as I say in the dream, “This is just a dream and my dad is right there. He will wake me up and you won’t be able to hurt me” the dream instantly ends and I pop wide awake. Knowing it is just SP helps in that now when I wake up from one of these episodes, I am usually not afraid anymore and can go right back to sleep. But back when no one told me it was SP and just had me thinking some demon was after me, waking up from these episodes was just as terrifying as the dream because I thought something was probably still out to get me. Someone said earlier that this experience is more terrifying that something happenening to your body because you do feel like the entity is not after your body, but your soul. That perfectly describes the sort of terror that I feel when having a SP episode. I guess I am just really relieved to know this is actually a very common experience.

  • I remember this happening to me as a teenager, it scared the crap out of me. I was reading some of your comments and the very first one was similar to what happened to me. I woke up but I couldn’t move and i didn’t understand why. then I felt “someone” sit on the other side of my bed. I could feel the bed lower like someone was sitting on the edge. I think I was sleeping on my stomach though b/c i tend to move around in my sleep, sometimes on my side or sometimes on my back and others on my stomach. Anyway when I was finale able to get up, i went looking for my mom and she wasn’t home. I waited for her and told her what happened. she told me it was just a really weird dream and that I was not really awake. I thought my house was haunted! I was scared to sleep in my room after that and started sleeping on the couch at night. I think it happened at least twice in my room when I stopped sleeping in there. Then it happened on the couch too. Except that I felt myself lift off the couch a few times and then come back down. After that i figured it didn’t matter where I slept so i went back to my mom. One time I even felt myself lift off the bed and then spin around before coming back down and waking up. I didn’t know what sleep paralysis was till reading this just now, although I did learn that it was related to lucid dreaming and astral projection when I was a little older and started reading about it. Its still scary but, know what it is makes it a little easier to deal with. I am very glad I didn’t have any really bad nightmares as some people experienced.

  • I have been having problems such as those described above (not being able to move, can’t really see what is going on only darkness, and a pressure either on me or at the end of the bed.). But instead of a saw or sharp metal, it sounds more like a bunch of people screaming. It is literally lie something is a few inches from my head and it is screaming at the top of it’s lungs directly into my ear. I was convinced something was in my room. I live alone in a basement so naturally the are is dark and creepy. But I event mind till this happened almost every night. One night I decided to fight whatever it is that was doing this to me. So I grabbed a knife, laid down to go to sleep and told myself to finish this. And when it happened later, again I was unable to move or speak. But I concentrated on taking my hand and throwing the knife into whatever it was. I laid there struggling in my mind and then finally my arm raised, my voice returned (yelling at the top of my lungs) and I threw the knife into the darkness hitting the wall and making a loud noise. I then caught my breath, arose and turned on the light. I then sat on my bed with the light on for two hours without making a sound. Falling back to sleep after a while longer.

    This still happens off and on. But I have been able to control my dreams lately a little more than usual. When I am in control I usually don’t have to deal with this.

    Any ideas about the screaming though?? I haven’t found a single site that says screaming is one of the delusions we have with SP.

  • i’ve had a mild case of two of this of thinking i’m awake and the light is on in the hall just outside my room and some shaddowy figure or figures pass by. also, i’ve had the time i really want to awake from a scary dream only to find out i’m just in another dream and have to try again to wake up for real.

    but my comment for steven is that doesn’t sleep paralysis seem to explain those reported alien abductions? the paralysis and appearance of creatures is so similar, just the nature of the creatures is different. also, has there been any sociological study of a corrolation of social or cultural imagery and the changes in the manifestations seen during sleep paralysis, over the centuries and across the cultures of the world?
    .-= rachy b´s last blog ..My Computer is Keeping Me Up at Night! =-.

  • i have experced SP ever since i was little, about 8. now(15) i usually expierence SP about once or twice a month.. then go about 4 months with nothing. i dad SP last night, and for the first time i heard somthing. Ususally i only cant move, but last night i heard screaming, it was god awful. when i has SP before i saw almost like a black shawdow above my bed hovering over me. This is extremly scary, especially when your in 3rd grade. I talked to my mother about this, she said she would get this when she was little. I have also read that this is heridtry. I one time also had this dream type SP that i was running away from this black shadow and jumped of my stares, which are very high, and then turned into this creature. I hate when this happens. I dont know what to do so all i do is pray.

  • I’ve experienced sleep paralysis many times, mostly when I have taken anti anxiety medications. Really frightening!!

  • I’ve only just recently experienced my first episode of sleep paralysis and …the noise!… I’m so glad to have stumbled across this posting to see that I’m not alone. I was really upset by the whole situation and since then I’ve found that if I meditate and try to enter a silent state, I now can hear the noise consciously. I can’t seem to move past it.

  • Wow – my episodes of sleep paralysis are very undramatic compared to others but the first time it happened I was completely freaked out and thought that I was in an irreversible coma. I haven’t had one in a few years and when they were happening they were very infrequent.

    They always happened when I was napping and on my back. It always happened when the day outside was bright but I don’t know if my eyes were open. It just felt like they were and that I could see everything. I’ve never heard noise or dark shadows. I would try and shake my head a bit in order to wake my body up. Boy, is that hard.

    Perhaps related, perhaps unrelated, both my sister and I hallucinate spiders. I can often see them crawling along the ceiling when I’m in bed but then realise that it’s the middle of the night and I wouldn’t actually be able to see them. I had a very nasty experience of a huge furry spider descending onto the bed a couple of months ago during a daytime nap (sleeping on my back again) and by herculean effort managed to wake up and run off. I thought it was absolutely real until I thought about it a bit and put it down to being just another hallucination.

  • Its 3:08am right now, I had my first episode of Sleep Paralysis in months just 20minutes ago and I can’t return to sleep.

    Normally it happens to me when I’m laying on my back, and I feel like there is something or someone else in my room with me, but not much as far as anything visual, sometimes my roof appears to swirl. In all cases i have total paralysis from my neck down and trouble breathing.

    This time, I fell asleep in a right lateral recumbent position (laying sideways facing my right). Within minutes of falling asleep I simply opened my eyes and realized I couldn’t move anything and I then realized I was having SP. I started trying to yell but only heard myself moaning, thankfully I physically woke up within seconds. This time I didn’t feel a presence with me, it was actually the opposite, I felt totally alone and I felt so much loneliness and fear.

    I can’t go back to sleep now.

  • I am so encouraged by everyone here. Last night (thats 3rd March 2009) i had a struggle getting sleep and the last time i looked at my clock it was 0516. What seemed like short time later i felt as if someone or thing was slowly working their way up the inside of my legs on the outside of the bedcover and before long whatever it was seemed to stop and pinned my arms against my sides (i was laying on my back) and pinning my top half of body down as if it was sitting on my chest. I believe i could see a faint watery outline of an object – i could not say it was the outline of a person but it seemed quite bulky. I remember not being able to move but had just enough breath to well, sort of shout at it to get off me but my shout wasn’t very load as i didn’t have enough breath to. The next thing i remember is sobbing to my wife about what had happened as i thought i was awake. THEN the next thing I know is actually waking up what seemed to be second time with my wife asking if i was okay – and yes i was actually awake then but totally breathless and bemused at he whole episode. I write this now knowing i will going to bed soon hoping there will be no repeat tonight as i never experienced such a thing before (did wonder if it was spiritual as we live in 16Th century Old Quaker House in the UK)??

  • I used to suffer from sleep/dream paralysis all the time – the trick I taught myself when I was in that state is to force my mind back to sleep. It does work – what ppl have said above (to try and move a finger and to force ureself awake seems to do more harm than good to me – with mega thumping pain in the back of my head amongst other things). No one has mentioned it above but I can actually feel physical pain when I suffer from SP. For example, I had one episode where there was someone next to my bed screwing something into my stomach – I felt that pain so vividly! The strange thing was I knew it wasn’t real (because I have suffered SP for so long) but I could do nothing to escape it – the more I thought about it and feared it, the worse it seemed to become. PS I do recognise that I suffer more if I have been drinking the night before – maybe this creates a weaker or disillusioned/dissfunctional state of mind?

  • Yep, I’m familiar with the SP as well as the shadow people, Steve. When I had my first couple of episodes I was freaked with fear. Eventually I tried communicating with the odd and uninvited seeming visitor, and that worked. My shadow man walked through the wall out of my room upon recognition.
    The question is, are they really uninvited? Or did one call them subconsciously? If they are governed by an outside force and not projections, then it would seem logical to me that one could have called them oneself, yet possibly one forgot or didn’t realize one was doing so. The feeling of unprotectiveness comes from the learnt behaviour against that which one doesn’t seem to know, I think, and therefore one reacts panicky in the first place. Since learning and perceptional changes help dealing with these situations, I feel that it’s really the dreamer/experiencing person themselves who are projecting fear onto that which they don’t know (anymore).
    Dreams in general are a great tool to learn pretty much anything one wishes to learn, and the interim body situations are part of this learning (or maybe the word should be “rediscovering”).
    I also like to leave an edge of surprise to the dream happening, not trying to be completely in control, because I realize in awake life that some things are out of my direct conscious control and I need to let things fall into place through “flow” instead of “forced force”. Btw, this “forcing the force” (as a friend of mine calls it) seems to make the forced force conscious about itself, and this seems to have the effect for quite a few people to be catapulted back into their bodies. I’ve been wondering whether this could be a sort of “protective shield” for the lodged soul not to wander “too far”.


  • Hi Steven

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I am suprised that this is what I have, all these years and I have never ever looked it up, thinking it was just me. I can only recall maybe 3 times when I have been experiencing SP and have seen like a dark shadow next to me, or even feel a strong sense of something / someone standing besides me.. apart from that its always the screeching noises and paralysis and knowing I am awake. It used to frighten me a lot, but now I am not so scared of it, I just let it happen because I know eventually I wake up. And as you said it does make you feel like you are entering into another world or even dimension.

    Thanks for clarifying this for me.


  • Hi Emma

    Thanks for your question.

    This is definitely a symptom of sleep paralysis. I have experienced something very similar only not with the screeching noises, i have had a ‘white rushing noise’ which wasvery loud.

    I think it’s important that you mentioned that you get this when falling into a ‘deep sleep on your back’. I have never experienced sleep paralysis if i have been lying on my side or my stomach, i don’t quite know what this means, if anything.

    Anyway I still like the feeling of sleep paralysis, although scary sometimes, it kind of makes me feel as if i am entering another world which i am just trying to get a hold on.

    • Hi i posted my experience of sp a couple of days ago, but forgot to add that when it happens i am on my side in bed i ,can honestly say that this physical presence felt quite heavy and solid as i had mentioned this only started after i took Reiki up which i really enjoyed but unfortunately had to stop because my phsyic channel which i had opened with the use of reiki was really strong and i didnt understand what was going on. The noises i heard was like something shuffling around the bed but was a rushing sound also. aaaaaaaalso which really spooked me was i actually saw out of the corner of my eye a head which was in shadow and i couldnt move at all but my mind was awake. Has anyone had this happen to them in this way?

  • I came across this website by just googling what happens to me when I sleep, after all these years of experiencing it have only thought about checking up on it. I never knew it was SP… my experiences is as follows. I am now 28 I have been having these experiences since childhood ever since I can remember.

    It usually happens when I am falling into a deep sleep lying on my back. I can feel myself dozing off when all of a sudden I get (and this is the only way I can describe it) sharp, loud noises in my head. Sounds crazy but thats how it feels, I get these sharp, and by sharp I mean it sounds like someone cutting a piece of metal with a electric saw, and these noises get louder and louder. At this point I know I am not asleep, yet I can’t move a single inch of my body. I become completely paralyzed I try my hardest to open my eyes but its such a struggle and I can’t, and I try to move any part of my body, my arms, legs, and I just can’t and these sounds are really loud in my head, but at the same time I feel so tired and just want to sleep. I do eventually manage to move when the noises stop but then its like a big relief and I usually turn on my side and go to sleep normally.

    I have had these as I mentioned since childhood I have never really told anyone. It doesn’t happen as much as it used to however it still does happen, I had one few weeks ago.

    Can anyone tell me if they have experienced anything like this, or even know what it is?



  • I have suffered from sleep paralysis for a number of years now, I am 38. It usually occurs when I’m overly tired. I work nights & days alternatively so it upsets what sleep regime I have.
    The strange thing is I actually find it well exciting is not the word but I don’t find it scary at all, I can pull myself out of sleep paralysis at any time I let it go for a while just to see where it goes. I know I’m conscious & kind of aware of my surroundings but if you can assure yourself that all the strange noises & movements around & on you are not real its actually exciting.

  • That’s really nice to know that other people had experienced that also. I mean its good to know that I’m not the only one. I have had many dangerous experiences during my live; I like climbing, parachuting, rafting, and for two times I had a gun over my head. Those are the kind of things that scary people, but not me. I was 21 when I first had SP. The fear I had was extreme, it was like my own soul was in danger. It different when only the body is at risk. I have never read anything about SP and I would never believe that. In the morning after the event I googled for and answer. I wasn’t as the images on the internet like a deamon, but definitely the shadow person was there over my body, kind of holding me there. It was scary but I so curious about it, I want answers! I wanna try it again.

  • My name is Jayson, I am 27 years old .I woke up this morning and had the most frightening thing happen to me in my life. I sleep on a king size bed by myself. I went to sleep normally like anyone else. my son sleeps in the same room as I. he woke up first and came to my bed to wake me up since he sleeps much earlier than I. Morning came, I woke up …but my body was completely stretched out flat on the bed, arms spread out and legs spread…I was completely awake my son was looking at me and wondering why am I was making struggling sounds but could not move at all , I felt as if a giant invisible wrestler was pinning me down. I was trying to scream for my other family members to help me and I couldn’t ..I felt as is my neck was being held down so i could not move it ..i could breathe but unable to talk or scream but with no pressure on my neck to hold me from breathing . I am there freaking out, trying to get this thing that was not physically there but felt like an iron grip and had a lot force pinning my down of me, when after 5 to 7 minutes of trying to move and almost in tears. I felt it get off me..I jumped out of bed and grabbed my son who was in horror watching this happen to me get out of that room so fast. and woke my mother who was in another part of the house and started explaining what happened. I feel really bad for my son. who had to see this. we never see horror or even r rated movies at my home. my son has never seen any scary movies EVER. seeing the horror on his face..I will never forget that look on his face looking at me. as if i was dying. I am so scared of this happening again. it is near bedtime now .THANK GOD ,I have a new High definition camera with the most sensitive night vision features that records on to a 100 gigabyte harddrive , so i will record in high quality to see if this happens tonight to have some proof to show. I admit I am scared to death. my son is sleeping with his grandmother tonight. I am not taking no chances.


  • im 33 years of age and have been having sp since my teens.I like many people thought i was being visited by ghosts in the night or that may be i was going mad.i dont really see any dark shadows just the terror of some 1 watching me and pinning me down,i even once was spun round my bedroom along with my quilt in the air,but now ive read up on it i feel like a weight as been lifted and realise im not on my own infact ive ad two attacks this wk and im going to try and be more positive about this,i just wish these attacks were not so frightening.

  • After practicing relaxation for a very long time (many years), i recently discovered binaural beats and isochronic tones.
    I’ve used binaural tones for almost 2 weeks now. I “jumped in” isochronic tones, with a very special tune called ‘Kunlun’.

    Today, precisely two hours ago, i relaxed myself with a binaural beat tune from a well known program, and tryied Kunlun afterwards.

    After feeling a warm “wave” (i don’t really know how to qualify it) in my legs and arms, i opened my eyes and realized that i could not move an inch ! My body was entirely paralyzed except from some part of my head (eyes, i could swallow but uneasily, and i could breathe)
    I read some articles about sleep paralysis recently, but i really did’nt want to experiment this weird state of conciousness.

    At first, i felt a little scared, because that really wasn’t what i wanted to do. I just wanted to relax, and i found myself unable to move.

    But i somehow relaxed myself, and let it go, enjoying and analyzing this strange feeling.

    I was able to move my fingers after a while (10 minutes or so) and then i began to be able to move some others parts of my body and progressively fully “wake up”.

    A very strange experience indeed, an i will try some further experimentation with isochronic tones.

  • … Once, I saw it staring at me, and strangely it was like it was torn almost in half. Strangely enough for myself , I felt much much more anger and rage with that thing than fear. Now, I noticed that this paralysis happened to me all times while I was lying back , and some of these while I was in minor effect of alcohol , and sometimes that I was frozen cause I left some window open. Oh , and also once that I had eaten too much and got asleep. So I think thus far that whenever something lowers my blood pressure , my body temperature , and generally whatever brings me closer do a deep sleep (maybe closer to death state?) I am much more prone to such thing . I think good sleep with ideal room conditions and calm positive mind will prevent it. I ll keep looking about the subject like many of you will. Thank you about all above interesting posts, and sorry for my huge posts. Please add some more to it

  • In the last few years I had some experiences like mentioned above, regarding paralysis. Likewise mentioned above these incidents make me prevent me from trying things myself like projection.
    They only happened just before I wake up. The first time I remember should be about 5 years ago and the last about 6 months. It happened during night , in darkness and with turned on lights too , and also during morning time , but I keep my bedroom relatively dark.
    The common thing in all experiences was a presence, which strangely after the first experiences , I can feel something unique from it, a feeling that I can sense it before I actually see it. Sometimes I saw it as a dark smoky or liquid metal form spining around the air , giving me the impression that is something that desperately tries to get a form , and all the rest like the shadow thing others mention , but it always had the same familiar sense.
    The shadow form likewise gave me the impression sometimes that it was either smoke or something kinda liquid . Its hard to describe completely accurately . Indeed like others mentioned, red eyes, it floats , saw no legs, and no apparent arms. Its Size like a human but with a bulk that gives an impression that it wears armor , and maybe seemed that it has horns but I am still not sure. It can move very fast , and 2 or 3 times I saw it above me and at that times it was like a hand formed of it reaching to my chest. Descriptions of others say that they felt something was ripped off them at that point, but the feeling I got was like lighting shock, both powerful and painful (maybe some kind of drain?)…

  • I had SP for about 4 years till it stopped altogether ( hopefully it wont come back ) its been 3 years now since i last had one , they used to be quite frequent and very scary , it was made worst by the fact that i watched quite a number of japanese horror movies and have always been scared of the dark . I was only a teenage at the time ( 21 now ) I cannot describe how scared i was. i felt that there were terrifying spirits holding me down and screaming at me . Another SP experience i felt like i was on a roller coaster ride my heart was beating very fast and i felt upmost terrified .
    Because i thought these were spiritual attacks i were to my local church and spoke to the pastor describing my experience , however he simple just told me to stop watching too many horror movies !!

  • Hi Jonathan, sounds scary as hell. Reality is a personal experience so this will be real to you. I have spoken to a few people with jobs like yours i.e. stay up late. This is when my episodes occurred most, as I would be at the computer until 2 or 3 am, go to bed and have an SP episode. I think it’s a lot to do with sleep pattern i.e. the body is knackered but the brain is still awake. I think this is one reason why we can get SP episodes.

  • I my self suffer from SP, I have had about 10 episodes within the last few years and its true…… you can never truly explain to your friends and family how its feels. They either think your over sensitive or just imagining things or even just dreaming, well maybe it is just a dream but I really don’t know for sure.

    My first episode happened when I went to work abroad in Majorca. My flat mate had just moved out which meant I had the place to my self. It was an ordinary night, well as ordinary as it can be for a Holiday Rep that is. I got into bed and fell asleep. In the middle of the night I woke up to a feeling of someone being in the room with me, I looked to my right and in the corner of my room about six foot away there stood a tall (Man?) about seven eight feet tall with a long dark coat and a gray colour to his face. Straight away I thought that it was the Devil himself. Don’t ask me why I thought this I just did. Then I had the feeling of being pinned down starting with my legs then spreading up my body until it had reached my neck. It felt as if I was being held down buy a number of small (Spirits, Demons). Then I had a dark mist surrounding me. I was so scared and some how managed to wake my body and slammed my hand against the wall coursing a large brose the next day. After realising my self I ran to my friends Flat and pounded on the door crying and screaming. She said it was probably a dream but it felt real, I still do not know weather it was or not. Because at the time I knew nothing about SP I convinced my self that the Flat was haunted. So in search of some answers I went on the Internet and found a guy who had experienced something very similar. He went on to say that if the Devil was to come to you he would not do any of his dirty work himself he would get his demons to do it for him while he watched. He also says that the devil will only come to you if he can see something within you that he likes, wants, or can corrupt.

    Ever since I have had very similar experiences. Lately I have been having a lot of audio episodes where I hear people’s voices screaming and shouting in the next room to me even though I am alone in the house. I really find it strange that it only happens when I am alone never when my Partner is next to me.

    I feel as if I am alone to deal with this, know one around me can understand and when I am shock up the next morning or when It has jus happened all I get is “you will be ok” to them it’s a dream…… to me it’s a reality.

  • I had no idea so many people experienced this phenomenon. I first experienced it at probably 8 or 9 and I remember I was sleeping on the floor at my dad’s house because I didn’t have a bed there. I tried to scream for so long, so someone would wake me up and eventually I woke up and screamed anyway, just because it frightened me so.

    The second experience I can remember, I was sleeping at a friend’s house and I was having a regular dream, when I suddenly snapped awake and when I was able to focus my eyes, I was looking at a very sharp set of enormous teeth! When I tried to move, the thing lunged toward me and screamed, waking up my friend. It was about 4 in the morning but we drove to Denny’s for breakfast immediately because I wasn’t willing to go back to sleep. Another friend of mine later told me about the Hag Syndrome, and we thought it was probably related.

    It was a few years later when I started to experience SP regularly. It is now usually accompanied by a sense of dread and a presence in the room. It helps if I sleep with all of the doors closed. I struggle to wake up but noting works. I’m going to try astral projection next time.

  • An interesting site. I have also experienced sleep paralysis since I was 12 years old (32 now). I can experience these up to three times a week at the worst. Although I now realise that I am not some ‘strange woman’ that has visits from scary demons from another realm! I still find them scary as hell the majority of the time. I have only had a few experiences that were pleasant and would love to try control the experiences better and see what happens, but I always end up concentrating on moving that foot as soon as I’m faced with strange creatures staring in my face! Although there are many theories on the internet, there is not much explanation on the unbeleivably loud strange noises that you can hear (my ears physically hurt from them). Anyway, nice to read about it and know that your not alone experiencing these awful things. Like Reachel says in her post though, it proves the power of the mind – very fascinating.

  • What an interesting topic! I have had many sp experiences myself, starting when i was very young. Although it was very frightning as a child, it has now become an exiting experience in which there are no limitations. There seems to me that there are 2 different things you can do when experiencing sp, one is waking yourself up by moving a part of your body. I always try to move my head, but this proves to be difficult and doesnt work well. So i guess moving a finger would probably work better as the larger muscles of the body are more affected by the brains paralyzing of the body. During this state, If there is light i can see and hear everything around me, although i do not know if my eyes are open or closed. Not everything seems to be in the same order when i wake up. I cannot begin to describe the rush that flows through my body when i start to wake up, but its probably similar to the feeling of jumping out of an airplane.
    The second thing i can do is let go. This is also very exciting, especially since there is a lot to explore in dreamland. Consiously letting go of your body during sp can be frightning and/or mesmorizing. When this is happening, just before i let go, I focus on somthing i want to dream about, then i fall into a lucid dream. Well the skys the limit. Most of the time though, when I am completly aware i am dreaming, i feel somewhat bound to reality and cannot always dream something outside the walls of reality. Sometimes I like to play with sp, and i find this quite fun. I will let myself wake up, and then fall back in numerous times just to feel the rushes and tingles of doing so. Anyways hope i have given some good feed back here, and sweet dreams everyone! -Chris. Feel free to e-mail me

  • For the longest time, I had no clue what I was experiencing when I had SP episodes. I serioulsy thought I was nuts, or that could quite possibly be supernatural. However, now that I’ve done tons of research on the subject, I realize it’s all haluncinatory. During my SP episodes, all of my hallucination are auditory (footsteps nearing the bed, animal pit-patter under the bed and I have no pets, loud blasts of music I’ve never heard, etc.). I also have lucid dreams and false awakenings. I haven’t quite gotten the grasp of lucid dreams yet… I’ve only realized it twice in my adult life, though I used to lucid dream frequently as a child and know I was dreaming.

    I’ve finally figured out what triggers all of these things for me… Periods of sleep deprivation combined with a lot of alcohol use are almost guaranteed to trigger it for me (i.e., a full weekend of partying). I can predict it coming that Sunday night before I have to be back at work… I also have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep in those instances.

    The only other instances I’ve experienced all or some of the above is when I’m extremely stressed out, or if I try to take a nap during the day.

    False awakenings freak me out the most…especially if I look at a clock to see what time it is when I turn th alarm off, and realize there is something bizarre with my apartment, as well as the lighting for the time of morning. When I go back to check the clock again, it’s a totally different time of day, which makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up because I feel like someone is in the apartment fooling with me…it will usually lead into an unrelated dream sequence until I wake up for real.

  • I just wanted to add that I experienced another sp episode the very next day. This time I was able to turn it into an out of body experience (my first ever). This was wicked and not scarry at all. It felt like I left my body and floated down my stairs and then floated around my front room. I do think that all of the recent research and talking about the subject helped me to turn sp into a more positive experience. I think the power of suggestion is strong. Because I had read loads of accounts of sp being a gateway to obe and lucid dreaming and because I have found out so much about the subjects, I now do not feel so afraid. I think this is why I was able to control it and turn it into something positive. However, it is a bit like tripping in that I am not sure weather it will always be good, I still feel slightly wary of the whole thing. When sp comes on it is hard not to panic and it does so often be accompanied with scarriness of some kind. I was wondering if it would happen again this morning, that would have been three in a row – it didn’t though. The key to dealing with sp is to find out as much about it as poss, stay calm when you feel it happen and try to turn it into either a lucid dream or a obe (if you want an obe just ask yourself to leave your body – it worked for me anyway). What I like about the whole thing is that it gives you a little insight into how powerful and amazing your mind actualy is. It gives you a taste of other levels of reality.

  • I am very interested in the link between lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis. I have experienced this phenomena quite often since my teens. I am now 36. Like most people I found it terrifying to begin with but have now learnt to deal with it (to an extent). I experienced an episode only this morning. I tried to stay calm and control it. I kept slipping into lucid dreams but they were only semi-lucid. By this I mean I did not have full control. To start with it began when I was half-asleep. I dreamt that my pillow was moving over my head and trying to smother me. I began to wake up and became aware of being paralysed so I forced myself back into the dream. I concentrated on keeping my head above the pillow and staying calm (in reality when I did finally wake up my pillow was under my head). I then began to lucid dream. As I always do, I must admit the moment I know I can control my dream I try to make it a smutty one! When awake I tell myself if I reach this state I will do something more creative with it but every time for some reason I always try to make the dream take an erotic turn (maybe I just have a dirty mind). Anyway I was controlling the dream for a while but it is like my dreaming mind fights with me because it keeps taking the dream in a more sinister direction and so I end up in a battle of will within my own dreaming mind. Repeatedly, when the dream got scarry I started to wake and feel the paralysis again. I also experienced a false awakening and a feeling of my face twitching as well as a rushing sound in my ears. A couple of times I actually awoke. One time it was like I tricked my mind by pretending to dream then I thought ‘right now quick, wake up’ and I did. Both times I awoke I was overcome with weariness and I just could not help but slip back into sleep even though I was scared to. The whole experience is like I’m fighting with myself to stop it becoming too terrifying at the same time the element of dream control is exciting. It is a most odd but kind of cool experience. Does anyone know how I can gain more control over my dreams when in this state?

  • Last night my mother told me of a dream she had a few days ago where she could not move any part of her body, and an old woman had climbed on top of her and started licking and sucking on her face. She said that the dream was very sick and perverse, but also that it did not feel like a dream. She felt absolutely awake. I had heard of this kind of thing before , such as ‘Old Hag’ syndrome and did not believe it , but my mother telling me of this i felt inclined to do some sort of research on it and add my mothers story to sites such as these.

  • I have suffered from sleep paralysis for as long as I can remember. I am 26 years old. I simply don’t know when it started because I have had so many bad experiences. I grew up in Blackburn, England, in a very old house which I believe is haunted and so can not tell the difference between the SP and the ghostly situations.
    Anyway I remember on holiday when I was 17 asleep in the hotel during the day. I was having a dream about vampires and I saw a church and thought I will go in there and the vampires can’t possibly come in here. Well one of them did, my response was to wait up quick before it gets me. So I forced myself awake, at least I though I did! I could see everything was normal in the hotel room but then very fadly the vampire was there and he chucked me around the room banging me into walls and cupboards. I woke up normal in bed.
    By the time I was 20 my dreams where very intense. My legs where being pulled, my pillow was removed from under my head. I was hearing noises in the room and then the killer blow was an old women in my bedroom on her knees about 4ft away from me. She had white hair and was wearing an old white cloth dress, stained with blood that was coming from her head and running down her face. After that I never wanted to sleep again. I would go for walks in the night to stay awake. I preffered to sleep in the day because I felt safer, but I had to work. Then I drunk heavy just for a good night comatised sleep. I had a lot of time off of work and never any money which only made it worse. People think you are lazy but I just told them I was sick, I was just always tired.
    Sleep paralysis has had a dramatic effect on my life.
    I have moved to the Netherlands and still have weekly episodes of SP but not as intense. Now I accept it and deal with it. I laugh at it even though it still scares me.
    When you suffer from SP you can not move or speak but I have learned to make a moaning noise which is enough for my partner to hear and she gives me a nudge which wakes me up. Sometimes its fine but not always.
    Once I was woken (well thought I was) by my partners daughter (12 years old at the time) in another room who shouts in her sleep. So I led there and the shouting stopped and heard her open her bedroom door and walk towards our bedroom. I thought maybe she has had a bad dream and is scared. She entered our bedroom, I looked straight at her and she had these big Black holes or like black snooker balls as eyes. I though oh my god i’m not really awake and she dived straight for me. She was possessed by a demon. I forced my eyes open but then your body is still paralysed, I could still feel her presence but not see her. Soon after I woke up for real but its nights like this when you don’t want to go back to sleep. The funny thing is that my girlfriends daughter didn’t even stay with us that night she was at her fathers.
    Another time I had a nightmare and my partner failed to nudge me. I woke up (again I use the term woke meaning not really awake) and give my partner a nudge asking why she never heard me moaning and then suddenly she was possesed my the devil or a demon of some sort and was trying to attack me.
    I feel for anybody who suffers from SP because I know how hard it is to deal with not just the nightmares but the day time tiredness after a bad night. Also not being able to explain to people that you really are tired and not lazy.

    • I’m 20 years old and I have been getting SP since I was about 14. I usually get it for a couple weeks at a time a few times a year… it has just recently come back and its been progressively getting worse throughout my nights. Even reading about others experiences is making me very uncomfortable. I have had an experience where I’ve heard a whispering noise in my ear (it didn’t make out to any words) but this whispering noise continued to get so loud that it soon felt as though my eardrums were going to pop, and as soon as the noise abruptly stopped, I was able to wake up but at that same moment I heard my father yell “ANNIE.” My father was dead asleep in his room, but nothing has every felt more real nor been so scary. On many other occasions I’ve felt as if my body was folding up into my bedframe. I don’t consider myself religious but I do believe in God and my mom is very Christian. She has taught me to call out to God in these situations and is certain that SP is a stage that is easy for demons to attack (because our defense is completely down). Nearly every time I have called out to God, I usually wake up very quickly (although not every time). I have gotten to the point of knowing exactly when I’m going into SP but I still am unable to control it. However, sometimes concentrating really hard on shutting my eyes or falling asleep with my covers over my eyes helps me out because I have no way of seeing the “shadowy figure.” So its a little less threatening, but by no means does it take away the scare. Definitely the most frightening of all my life experiences. By far.

      • wow, that whispering noise that grows unbearably loud has been a recurring element in alot of my sleep paralysis episodes

    • Sorry in advance for my spelling or grammar mistakes.Well I expiernced SP this morning and it felt so good.I was totally relaxed and even though I was aware of what was happening and I felt like I could wake up whenever I wanted to and I did after an hour or so.I felt so peacefull and good and now that I woke up I feel pumped up.Anyway I came to this site to see if i can control SP to have these possitive effects again.But then I remembered that when I was younger like 6-11 years old (now I m 19) I had these episodes that I was waking up in my bedroom paralised but totaly relaxed when sudendly I was feeling a presence coming in the room walkin towards me.I couldnt react and I even heard footsteps on my wooden floor infront of my face but i didn not see anything when sundenly It chocked me I litteraly was feeling something grabing my neck chockin me while I was asleep and I couldnt do anything,I tryed to shout for my father but I couldnt only wisper.And I am lucky almost every time my mom was arriving at home (she was working as a nurse during evenings) and she was waking me up.I had this ocured 3 or 4 times (the footstpes and the chockin) after that whenever I felt a presence in my sleep I was woke up.Now 8 years after living in another house for 7 years and I still feel that same presence some nights.I dont know what the fuck it is but I dont only feel it during sleep or nights.I had another experience in the new home that I was dreaming and woke up normaly in my bed(that was what I thought) and I went to get a glass of water when I saw a freakin shadow walkin towards me on the ceiling!I run for my bed shut my door closed and I fell in the bed but i couldnt sleep.The next thing i remember was this thing chockin me again till i managed to wake up.I am trying to forget these unpleasant memories but i cant.I do not believe to ghosts or demons or spirits but wtf srly.Ok I might not believe cause I am scared but this realy scares me I am just ignoring it to live normaly.

  • I have also experienced sleep paralysis and it is terrifying the first few times until you realize what it is. I don’t see shadowy figures, but I always have auditory hallucinations (footsteps approaching and entering my room) and I sometimes feel a presence standing over me, or I can feel it sit down on the bed at my feet.

    This typically happens when I nap during the day, but has happened upon waking in the morning once. Now if it happens, I just close my eyes and breathe really hard to wake myself up

    • I have also experienced this sleep paralysis and didnt know what it was until i found this site, it started with me after i had taken up reiki which i have since been told that reiki opens up a persons physic channel, as im a very sensitive person i did feel and see these shadow men/man which would happen when my partner had left early for work in the mornings, never when he was there. What happened was a feeling of something lying next to me actually feeling the bed move and always behind me as i lie on my side, then i find i can’t move, quite scary this, and i think i had an outer body experience which took me downstairs where our dog sleeps, i remember asking the angels for help and suddenly was back in bed awake. This kept happening for awhile until i had a very strong feeling one morning of a poking in my back like a claw which woke me and i fled downstairs as i was freaked out. I have stopped the Reiki for awhile to see what would happen and it has calmed down alot. I dont think i imagined any of this!!

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