Top Ten Ned phrases

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Top ten "˜Ned' phrases

Okay I didn't know wether to put this article in or not, but I thought I would do it for a laugh.

humourFor those of you who don't know a Ned is a derogatory for a young person from Scotland who wears tracksuits, usually white, hang around in groups and have a very nasal way of speaking.

A lot of people are intimidated by them, as they usually hang around in large groups, however they are just teenagers being teenagers. Not all of them cause trouble.

I have compiled a list of ten phrases or words that I have have heard and found quite funny.

Phrase/word – Meaning "“ Example

  1. Baw Bag "“ Idiot "“ You're a bawbag
  2. Am Urny "“ I am not "“ Am urny a bawbag
  3. Aye right? You're kidding! "“ You've got a job, aye right!
  4. Gees a swatch-Give me a look "“ Gees a swatch ae yer watch
  5. Shitebag – Coward "“ You're a shitebag
  6. Voddy – Vodka – I want a voddy for the body
  7. Gonny no dae that "“ Going to stop doing that "“ Gonny no dae that man
  8. Mingin "“ horrible or grotesque "“ She's mingin
  9. Blootered – Very drunk "“ I wiz blootered last night
  10. Fannyman – An idiot "“ He's a fanny man

There are, of course, equivelants of neds around the country. For example in England they have 'Chavs', In Northern Ireland they have 'Spides' and in Ireland they have 'Scangers'. I don't know what a Welsh equivelant is, perhaps someone can tell me.

Do you have a regional term for a these types of people? let me know.

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