Nominate Your Favourite Personal Development Blog: 2nd Annual Top 50 Personal Development Blogs 2012






yop 50 personal development blogs 2012

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Annual CYT Top 50 Personal Development Blog Awards 2012


It’s that time of year again where you can nominate your favourite personal development blog of 2012.

Last years event attracted 208 nominations – you can see last years nominees here, and over 600 people voted for their favourite personal development blog.  With the winner being Ken Wert from Meant to Be Happy

Personal development means different things to different people so any blog that has enhanced your life in any way can be nominated.

How it will work

If you wish to nominate a blog leave a comment below and please follow these rules:

To make the list of nominees a blog has to be voted for at least 3 times 

Each person can vote for ONLY ONE blog

Include the web address for your nomination

Write a few lines as to why you have voted for your favourite

You can nominate yourself but remember another two people have to vote for you in order for you to make it to the nominations board below.

How the top 50 will be calculated

This is the tricky part and it is really difficult to do something like this without bringing in an element of subjectivity.  So here’s the fairest way I can think of to calculate the top 50 in a measured way without too much subjectivity.  Each factor will be weighted with a % as follows:

Number of nominations – 15%

Number of posts per week over last 2 months – 15%

Average number of comments over last 2 months – 15%

Social Media influence using Klout – 15%

Quality of posts – 40%

If your name appears on the table below you can use these badges:

What the winners will receive

Besides the kudos, and the traffic, each top 50 blogger will be able to display this badge on their site:

The nominations table

I will add each nomination, providing they meet the criteria set above.  If your blog appears in this table you can use the badges saying you have been nominated.

Nominations will close on Monday December the 10th

Blogger Blog address
1  Stephanie Mulac
2  Jamie Alexander
3  Arianna Merritt
4  Jeff Friend
5  Justin Mazza
6  Zeenat Merchant-Syal
7  Dave Newton
8  Elle
9  Izzy
10  Taslim Jaffer
11  Jodi Chapman
12  Sile Walsh
13  Victor Schueller
14  Tamarisk
15  Angela Artemis
16  Anne-Sophie Reinhardt
17  Sandi Amorim
18  Brendan Baker
19  Craig Morton
20  Thuy Yau
21  Melissa Curran
22  Amit Sodha
23  Stephen Borgman
24  Holly Worton
25  Arvind Devalia
26  Paige Burkes
27  Boni Lonnsburry
28  Marquita Herald
29  Melissa Reyes
30  Sarupa Shah
31  Suzie Cheel
32  Jackie Walker
33  Kyle
34  Dragos Roua
35  Angela Goodeve
36  David Singer
37  Ani Chibukhchyan
38  Dennis Do
39  Aileen Mahoney
40  Alex Blackwell
41  Ben Rolnik
42  Evita Ochil
43  Ken Wert
44  Tess Marshall
45  Vidya Sury
46  Betsy Henry
47  Celestine Chua
48  Dan Teck
49  Dani
50  Dian Richold
51  Doris Helge
52  Eileen Lighthawk
53  Evelyn Lym
54  Gabi Klaf
55  Galen Pearl
56  Jack Canfield
57  Jafree Ozwald
58  Jamie Flexman
59  Joe Wilner
60  Leo Babauta
61  Leon Brown
62  Melody Fletcher
63  Michael Hyatt
64  Otiti
65  Philippe Tremblay
66  Roman Soluk
67  Sandy Freschi
68  Steven Handel
69  Symeon Rodger
70  Tim Brownson


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  1. I would like to nominate Sile Walsh for the effort she puts into her Blogs (and Coaching) as everytime I read them they relate to me. She provides the tools to deal with these issues ans is always there for support!

  2. Arianna’s Random Thoughts! Such a wonderful and helpful blog. I highly recommend it to everyone! Take a look at it and you’ll see the difference.

  3. I’m voting for 10 Steps To Finding Your Happy Place (and Staying There) by Galen Pearl! Thank you, Steven, for this yearly fun.

  4. Thanks a lot to the people who voted for LA, plus everyone else too because 1000+ comments isn’t too shabby.

    Good luck, people.

  5. Thank you Steven for doing this! Congrats to all the 2012 nominees! I’m looking forward to reading your blogs :) I’m honoured that I made the list and blown away by all the support for my blog Thank you to all the people who nominated me for this. You guys are amazing! I’m truly blessed.

  6. Alla Hayrapetyan says:

    I nominate Life Probabilities Blog ( the blog is positive, inspiring and helps one grow.

  7. I would like to nominate Ani Chibukhchyan’s blog

  8. Hi Steve and everybody on here. Just wanted to say thanks for doing this. I’m so impressed with not only the nominees websites and knowledge, but also the quality of comments people took time to write. Thank you to everybody who took the time to nominate me and I’m honoured to be included in this group. Yours in service, Craig

    • Thanks for leaving a comment Craig, looks like you’ve got a loyal fan base, which is excellent. Good to see so many newcomers and I’m looking forward to reading all the blogs here over the next few days, it’s gonna be busy :)

  9. Hello, I would like to nominate
    The blog has very interesting and inspiring posts. Good luck to her!

  10. Irina Minasyan says:

    I nominate Ani Chibukhchyan with Life Probabilities blog

  11. I vote vor Arvind :)

  12. Crystol Wood says:

    I would like to nominate Ken Wert’s blog, I’ve benefitted from the mix of positive and practical information, and I’m also quite amazed at the amount of interaction Ken engages in with posters/commenters. There’s a wealth of information on Ken’s blog that I’ve only just begun to tap.

  13. I nominate Joe Wilner’s blog, I really enjoy it and value the new and fresh content!

  14. I would also like to nominate Arvind Devalia ( I read Arvind’s blog for inspiration on a regular basis. He is consistent, sincere and has much to offer.

  15. Erica Hickerson says:

    I would like to vote for Jeffrey Friend Jeffrey, you have that special gift for effecting everything and everyone around you in a positive way. It’s beautiful that you’re sharing such important information and inspiration!

  16. I would like to nominate which is one of the best blogs around. Aileen’s words of wisdom are spot on, very encouraging, uplifting and brightens my day.

  17. I would like to vote for Craig Morton. His website is amazing!!! I found lots of helpful life changing tips and for the first time I can relate very well to someone else’s experiences and thoughts.
    Thanks Craig for your ideas :)

  18. Patricia Coldiron says:

    I would like to nominate Angela Goodeve for her blog I enjoy her posts and the way she puts the experiences of her life out there.

  19. I would love to say thanks to all of those that voted for The Start of Happiness – . I feel honoured to be on the nomination list and I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

    Good luck going through it all, Steve!! :)

  20. Amy Simone says:

    I’d like to nominate Aileen (Kaizen Vision)
    Her writing is more than inspiration, she gives unique and helpful tips to achive things in life. It’s orginal and helpful, and her tips are always do-able. I think it’s beacuse of the small step approach – but it works and that’s why I love that blog website.

  21. Am I too late? If not, I want to cast my vote for Dennis from SelfExceed. His website is Would be cool to see him win!

    I’ve een following his blog in 2011, it’s great to see how he developed his unique sense of humor and thought overtime. I admit that he wasn’t too interesting to begin with, but I am overly surprised at how he has changed over the years.

    He definitely deserves it for the changes that I’ve seen.

    -Celso Y

  22. I nominate Dennis from Self Exceed for his awesome blog. Been following it this year, I find it really humorous to read.

  23. Hello,

    I’d like to nominate Arvind Devalia

    His blog is always uplifting and inspiring. He writes from a really authentic place and his work so relevant to peoples lives..

  24. Oops, wrong web address cut and pasted! is Aileen Mahoney’s wonderful blog!

  25. I nominate Aileen Mahoney-Perez’s blog,! Always brilliant, insightful, wise, and a she has truly peaceful and giving heart.

  26. I have been nominated…and I want to say thank you to everyone who has been nominating my blog: – I am really moved by the comments and Steve really delighted that you have created this opportunity..and want to welcome peeps over to have a mooch and hang out time at my blog…. ;-)

  27. I would also like to nominate Evita Ochel of for this award. Her writing is inspiring and she truly lives the life she writes about.

  28. I would like to vote Let ME Out @ Let Me Out has reminded me of the simple ways to make my life more fulfilling through creative thought and expression.

  29. I vote for Sarupa Shah’s blog
    I love Sarupa’s mix of spirituality and personal development – making both easily acessible and beautifully feminine.

  30. I vote for Page Burkes’ This is so inspiring and practical. Love it and you should too!

  31. I vote for Arvind Devalia His Make It Happen blog is packed with advice that everyone really can and will apply. He has this way of taking you by the hand, step-by-step, to clarify what you want to do for yourself and to make the world a better place and then he gets you to really take action – the right actions, done at the right moment so that you’re not scared or overwhelmed but then you suddenly realize you’re on track and enjoying it!! His calm, “Zen” spirit makes him unique, one of those rare, remarkable people who manage to acheive so much without being aggressive or pushy – a really inspiring person who leads by example. His book “Get the life you love” and Make It Happen blog really helped me quickly turn things around. Good luck to Arvind! :)

  32. I’d like to nominate Arvind Devalia at because I find his blog get’s to the heart of what personal development is all about. Win or lose Arvind is always worth reading.

  33. I nominate Arvind Devalia for his dedication to promoting consciousness in an authentic and inspiring way.
    LLM, Mica

  34. I vote Dennis Do for Self Exceed! ( His website gives an insightful on life and the serenity extent of it. Also a humorous taste to the side!

  35. I’m voting for Craig Morton’s blog, Ignite Change Life Coaching, because it’s inspiring and helpful, I fell he adresses topics that are very common in our daily lives yet not so easy to resolve. Craig use to be my teacher, he was and still is a role model.

  36. I would like to vote for Arianna Merrit ( Her blogs are very inspirational to read and she truly cares about helping others.

  37. Al-Rashad Ali says:

    I nominate Dennis Do from for having an insightful funny blog.

  38. I’d like to nominate Dennis from Self Exceed! His website is

    I want to nominate him because he’s pretty funny in his post and I can relate to what he means. I hope my vote counts!

  39. I nominate Arvind Devalia – Self-less; always looking to contribute… make a difference in the world; some great inspiration; committed… what else is there to say?!

    Go Arvind

  40. I vote for Taslim Jaffer….

    Taslim is an inspiration to those around her. She has a positive spirit and is also very true to herself. Taslim is imaginative, creative, open and honest with her writing and as a person! We are very lucky to have Taslim in our lives!!!!!

  41. I would like to nominate Arvind Devalia, I find his blog,, inspiring, insightful and jam-packed with practical tips on living a more positive and happier life.

  42. I would like to nominate Anne-Sophie Reinhardt for her blog Watching Anne-Sophie has shared her journey to self-love health and wellness has been a meaningful experience. Her constant reminders about taking time to nurture myself have been a wonderful help to me!

  43. I would like to nominate Angela Goodeve’s blog for this competition.

    I have been following Angela’s blog since July this year and love the way Angela uses her experiences as her muse to create content and coaching advice that appeals to both the mind and heart. I am sure that anyone who visits the blog would see what I see. It is nice to read blog posts which could easily be letters from a friend and I urge everyone to vote for Angela!

    • Thanks Vatsala

      4 votes for Angela

    • Thank-you Vatsala! Of Course your blog is quite noteworthy and inspiring as well! Your first place in the 2012 Best Coaching Blogs Contest was well deserved, and I have so enjoyed blogging with you! I look forward to more of your great writing!

      Angela :D

      • Thanks Angela. I love blogging with you too! My Blog Action Day post still gets visitors and that would not have been possible if you had not shared the initiative with me. Blogger-ettes of the World Unite. I really hope you win!

  44. Celenia Serrano says:

    My vote goes to Arianna’s blog ( I’ve known Arianna for some time now and her positivity and zest for life are not only refreshing, but inspiring! She’s a true inspiration to women and young girls as she promotes healthy living and having a positive body image. We need more Arianna’s in today’s world!

  45. Ashok Kamal says:

    I vote for David Singer: He’s got practical, honest and inspiring advice and uses personal examples to make his message tangible.

  46. LearnToBeStill says:

    I vote for Arianna’s Random Thoughts. Everytime I read Arianna’s blog, her words, insights, and interviews are a ray of light. She is courageous, authentic, and positive, all characteristics that are quite rare in today’s world. I am thankful for her blog with all of its intelligent and thoughtful encouragement.

  47. I vote and nominate Boni Lonnsburry with

    For myself this isn’t a vote, the work Boni has put into her blog is apparent and it shows with all of the people she has helped. I was a injured veteran living at home with nothing to show for myself, with Boni and the concept of conscious creation my life had changed drastically. I now live in a house and attend a private college and am in the best shape of my life losing 110lbs. I mention in a lot of conversations because people want to know how I made the drastic change.
    Thank you so much Boni

  48. I nominate Sarupa Shah,

    She combines extraordinary sensitivity with vigorous, accurate insight into people’s issues. Unlike so many of her peers, Sarupa makes credible sense of the spiritual side of personal development and so opens it up, invitingly, to people who otherwise may not have benefited from it. She then shows you how to harness that into the realities of both personal and business life.

    A tall order, which Sarupa fulfills with expertise.

    Suzan St Maur

  49. I’d like to vote for Arvind Devalia [] as my favourite blog as he’s my uncle and an absolute inspiration to me!

  50. I nominate Arianna Merritt

  51. Hi, I know it’s a little bit too late to enter the game, but I suppose it’s better than never!

    I nominate my blog,!

    I have been writing my blog for quite some time (April 2011). Hopefully I’ll still qualify before the 10th!

  52. I’m casting my vote for Suzie Cheel …
    Suzie is always inspirational and authentic. Her posts are uplifting and refreshing to read! :)

  53. I vote for Jodi Chapman. #11

  54. Sharleen Hoar says:

    I am voting for Arianna’s Random Thoughts ( Arianna’s honesty and vulnerability is refreshing.

  55. I’d love to nominate Craig Morton ( He’s got a great blog…very real and very insightful. He’s also a fantastic life coach! Take a look at his site. You’ll be glad you did.

  56. I nominate This blog has meant so much to me in terms of self-development. The author Anne-Sophie uses her own personal experiences to help others to better themselves and go after their goals and dreams.

  57. Catherine Ross says:

    I’d like to vote for Craig Morton’s blog –
    The honesty of his personal reflections on the changes in his own life are not only interesting to follow but also a source of motivation.

  58. Carolle Blais Parent says:

    I vote for Taslim Jaffer Truly inspirational.

  59. I would like to nomiate #16 – Anne-Sophie Reinhardt and aMINDmedia ( Her personal journey is very inspiring and I think it’s great that she’s sharing her experiences to empower others.

  60. I would like to nominate Anne-Sophie Reinhardt for
    She is committed to empowering others and her blog is very inspiring and insightful.

  61. I nominate Taslim Jaffer’s “Let ME Out” blog. I find her blog uplifting, inspirational and genuine. More over, she offers practical, creative and purposeful tasks for self-improvement and self-love. Not to mention being a mother of two and a person of color challenging the social stereotypes of women within our ethnic community using a medium that is still considered in our community, a taboo – to express herself and raise women’s self-worth! Hands down, my favorite blog!

  62. I am nominating Taslim of – she’s an inspiration and a bright and shining light to all of us who want to turn our negatives into positives. I’ve met Taslim in person so i can say she is truly a radiant spiritual being – this even shines thought in her blogposts! Go Taslim!

    Love, Violette

  63. I would like to nominate Taslim Jaffer Daily doses of inspiration!

  64. Farah Abbas says:

    I am voting for Taslim Jaffer’s blog, Let ME Out, because Taslim’s writing style and chosen topics are captivating and motivating to all types of people.

  65. I’d like to nominate Anne-Sophie Reinhardt’s blog It’s absolutely full of useful and inspirational posts.

  66. I would like to nominate Jeff Friend of for the CYT top 50 personal blog awards 2012. his blog is amazing! I could relate and as soon as I began reading I could not stop. it was definitely motivating!

  67. I would like to nominate Jeff Friend of Kaizen Ways definitely worthy of this award with all of his hard work! good luck to you all!

  68. Taslim has helped me realize that I can be creative in my own way!

  69. Diana Stocks says:

    I am voting for Taslim Jaffer’s blog, Let ME Out because her writings always touch me personally.

  70. Darcey Diehl says:

    I vote for Taslim Juma!

  71. I am voting for Taslim Jaffer’s blog, Let ME Out!! I think it deserves to be one of the Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2012 because it is so inspirational!


    A great and thoughtful blog. David is a prolific and talented blogger!

  73. i’d like to vote for Taslim Jaffer (Let Me Out). She really has let herself out and follow her passion

  74. Dave Singer’s Six Simple Rules ( is the best personal development web site I have experienced and I’ve seen a lot of them. It is always inspiring yet at the same time comforting and reassuring. I found the site after purchasing his book which was wonderful.

  75. I want to nominate Jeff Friend of Kaizen Ways for the CYT Top 50 Personal Blog Awards 2012! I really enjoy reading the articles and are so informational!

  76. I would like to vote for Taslim Jaffer’s blog Let ME Out! She has truly followed her dreams and made her blog and other writing her life’s work. Inspirational!

  77. Karima Kassam says:

    I vote for Taslim Jaffer for her inspirational, genuine and positive blog Let ME Out

  78. I would like to nominate Jeff Friend of Kaizen Ways for the CYT Top 50 Personal Blog Awards 2012. His blog is very influential and inspiring from taking small steps to make big changes in life.

  79. Hi. As far as personal development blogs go, the one that I am nominating is from Anne-Sophie Reinhardt. Anne-Sophie has helped many folks over this past year, as well as taking herself and her business to new levels. Anne-Sophie and her blog are both quite dynamic!

  80. Lara Varesi says:

    I’m voting for Taslim Jaffer at Her incredible warmth and creativity comes through in her writing and she is truly inspirational.

  81. I am voting for Taslim Jaffer’s blog, Let ME Out because she inspired me to start up writing again. I love her positive messages and look forward to reading her blog.

  82. Salima Abdulla says:

    I am voting for Taslim Jaffer’s blog, Let ME Out, because every Tuesday I look forward to reading and doing the insightful Tuesday Tasks!

  83. Taslim’s blog on her website is an inspiration for all. She has found a way to use what can be viewed as negatives in her life as positives and to share them with the world. Kudos to her to not be afraid to share herself with all of us. GO TEAM TASLIM!!!!

  84. This is my favorite site and the book is great too. Cuts to the chase 6 times!! Steve

  85. Lydia Schoenberger says:

    I’m nominating Anne-Sophie Reinhardt ( ), because she is inspiring and helps a lot of people to rise from their darkest places to the light, where they belong, can shine, laugh and live again.

  86. Karima Kamani Dahya says:

    I vote for Taslim Jaffer’s blog, Let ME Out, because she’s funny, inspiration and REAL. She writes about things we can all relate to. Taslim is truly inspirational and find ways to get you to think about how to let yourself out! Thank you

  87. Sandra Martins-Toner says:

    My Vote goes to Taslim Jaffer of Let Me Out! Taslim offers her readers great tools and resources to inspire and explore ones’ inner-self! Love her daily affirmations and the feeling that I am not alone…Good Luck Taslim!!

  88. I’m voting for Taslim Jaffer’s blog, Let ME Out, because it brings me positivity and helps to set my life on the right track.

  89. created by Taslim Jaffer is a wonderful blog! Truly heartfelt with tons of tips/advice/observations for not only creative but all round personal growth.

  90. Myra Sabel says:

    I would like to nominate Mr. David Singer His blog continually gives me reasons to reflect upon my life. His simple approach to making change in your life permits me to focus on the successes in my life, and at the same time gives me an attainable path to continued personal development. I look forward each week to reading his blog and the discussion that follows.

  91. I have known Craig Morton as a friend, colleague and yoga instructor for going on five years, since before he became a life coach and the founder of his website, Ignite Change. When going through a major transitional period in my life earlier this year I turned to his site to find out if working with him as a life coach was something for me. I was instantly drawn in with his casual, informal writing style; simple yet comprehensive organization, design and format; topics which were approachable, thought-provoking, action-oriented and completely relevant for what I was going through. After several successful sessions working with Craig in person, and living in different countries now, I still check in with his site often as what he now writes about not only still resonates with my moving on and adjusting to a new country, job, etc., but also parallels his own journey moving forward. By putting his experiences out there, being fully open with every part of the process of change and how he is dealing with it, and by giving me and others who have and continue to work with him a source for inspiration, admittance of setbacks, reminders of hope, encouragement to carry on, all with simple, honest, thoughtful wording, seeing his updates is like a friendly reminder that you are not alone in your journey of change. I can’t say enough about the timing of his posts–truly inspirational and meaningful topics. Thanks for the opportunity to nominate Craig’s site!

  92. Craig Morton’s website,, is always inspirational in its honesty.

  93. Kevin’s blog posts ( are so full of knowledge! Insight, truth and light! They inspire me to be the best me possible!!

  94. Randy Fresch says:

    I’d like to nominate David Singer of
    This blog is practical and basic, with a focus on ways to improve and appreciate one’s day to day business and family life. It helps to have read David’s book, but it’s not essential. I have adapted many of his recommendations and used his strategies.

  95. I’m voting for David Singer’s “Six Simple Rules” blog! The blog is a great extension of his book, “Six Simple Rules for a Better Life.” His personal anecdotes and weekly reflections are valuable modes of encouraging his readers to take positive steps in their own lives, and to take a patient approach, and to stop and appreciate the progress they have already made.

  96. I would like to nominate/vote Mr. Jeff Friend of the blog Kaizen Ways :)

  97. The ideas and dilemmas that Craig Morton writes about in his blog site,, resonate for me. His travels around the world give him a unique insight into all kinds of people. He recognizes that each person must make their own way and his is willing to help get them there. Kudos to Craig!

  98. I´d like to nominate
    because its absolutely amazing what this women writes

  99. I nominate Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

  100. Anne Sophie Reinhardts Blog is an inspiration , she’s so positive and reading her blog makes me just happy and hopeful!

  101. I would like to nominate Craig Morton from His posts never fail to resonate with me. I had the pleasure of receiving coaching from him and he really helped me face obstacles that were impeding my growth.

  102. I nominate Anne-Sophie Reinhardt with her blog
    By blogging about her life and experience she helps others to rediscover their self-love and encourages them to keep on fighting and loving.
    “Many small people, who in many small places, do many small things, can alter the face of the world.”
    That’s what she does- altering the life of many people for the better :)

  103. Hi,

    I’d like to nominate Anne-Sophie Reinhardt’s blog She is genuinely gifted to motivate and empower her readers to become a better version of themselves. Having interviewed Anne-Sophie, I personally had the chance to discover in her a sensitive soul yet a strong woman who won her fight with anorexia and embarked on a passionate journey that makes a difference in other people’s lives.

  104. I’d like to nominate Anne Sophie over at

    Anne is earnest and fun in sharing honestly the ups and downs of life. Getting motivated and growing. All coupled with great inspirational guest to move forward to finding a better version of yourself.

  105. this is one of the greatest blogs and it needs to be nominated

  106. Steve Kim says:

    I would like to nominate for the Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2012. It has great articles that has helped and is helping develop myself.

  107. I would love to nominate Sarupa Shah from I asked her to write for my magazine, 72M, because I wanted a different approach to managing money. Her insights are spot on, always. Her advice is excellent for anyone that really needs to review their spiritual relationship with money and success!

  108. I would like to nominate by Craig Morton. It’s insightful and inspiring, and a delight to read any of his posts.

  109. I would like to nominate Mr. Craig Morton of! He was my ninth grade biology teacher and was such an inspiration to me. He was a really great teacher who truly cared about his students. His blog is full of great and useful information! :)

  110. Michelle L. says:

    I would like to nominate Craig Morton for the Top 50 Personal Development Blogs of 2012. Craig is such an inspiration. He pumps waves of optimism and confidence into his readers in the form of advice and practices what he preaches. His blog is as equally as amazing as himself. I am almost always moved by his motivating words and thoughts on, which recently has really become the website I refer to the most for life coaching. Craig and his blog, in all respect, deserve this award.

  111. This website is really interesting and provides useful info

  112. I vote for Craig Morton (#19) because he is one of the most inspirational person I have ever met. His blog has encouraged me to live my life to the fullest. Not only is he such an inspirational person, but also he lives his life to its fullest potential. He has taught me much more than Biology. A big lesson in life. He deserves this by far.

  113. I nominate Craig Morton (no.19) because he has always been an inspiration others with his thoughtful words and awesome posts.

  114. Lisa Brennan says:

    Craig’s website ( is an amazing read. It is honest, inspirational, funny, heartwarming and raises questions we all need to answer for ourselves. I hope you win Craig!

  115. I nominate Holly Worton from Love her blog!

  116. I nominate for Craig Morton ( because his blogs are always so calm, and makes me peaceful.
    His posts are always so fun to read, and his blog always contains some good stuffs.

  117. Fatma Hefaf says:

    Hi, I’d like to nominate Craig Morton at

    All of the posts I’ve had the chance of reading on this blog have been not only relatable to my own life, but also extremely eye-opening. His writing always has a personal touch which is what I appreciate most about the blog. He definitely has my vote.

  118. I nominate Holly Worton from for writing inspirational blog posts.

  119. Carson B. says:

    I’d like to nominate Elle over at

    She has a wonderful sensibility and I appreciate her musings on how our perception and belief shape our experience in the world. It’s very inspiring stuff.

  120. I would like to nominate my brother, Ben Rolnik, who has an incredible blog dedicated to personal development:


  121. I am pleased to nominate Life Advice the Coaching Way authored by one of my favorite coaches, Angela Goodeve. Angela’s blog is the one place I can go where I am guaranteed to feel lighter by picking up on her contagious enthusiasm and positive outlook. Even when the subject matter includes challenging stuff, she shines a light for herself and the rest of us. Her recent post about “Moment in Time… At Your Best” showed her coming from such an authentic place that I knew she had experienced this instead of, for example, just repeating it from a book. Her “Chocolate” post illustrated one aspect of the profound topic of “Acceptance” in a way that was fun and accessible, and her plan to cover other aspects is a valuable and savvy approach. Thank you!

  122. I would like to nominate Ben Rolnik.

    This man has changed the way I, my community, and many other people have approached their daily life. He is a great influence on the world and an important person to support in recognition.

  123. i vote for arvind devalia– arvind has changed the lives of many people i know, including my own, for the better. in fact, whether he is coaching a person or not, he changes their life for the better, simply by being the person he is. his clear no-nonsense and upbeat approach is inspiring and easy to apply, and he is able to break down into little day-to-day steps ways to change your thinking/approach to whatever it is you are trying to achieve/desire that in a remarkably short time can lead you to that place and space.

    he is as well one of the purest hearts i have ever come across: generous, kind, warm, and compassionate, beloved by all who know him–from children to the elderly and all in between.

    thank you.

  124. Want to nominate Tess Marshall –

  125. Hi! I’d like to nominate Dragos Roua’s blog (

    I’ve been following his work for a couple of years now, and I think he has a special way to connect with people. He manages to keep it simple and very straightforward and that’s why his posts always feel real to me.

    Greetings from Uruguay.

  126. I want to nominate Arianna’s Random Thoughts for best personal development blog of 2012

  127. I would like to nominate/vote Mr. Jeff Friend of the blog Kaizen Ways for the CYT Top 50 Personal Blog Awards 2012

  128. I propose, one of the most coherent and realistic blogs on personal development; a pleasure to read it:)

  129. I propose Dragos Roua’s blog – Dragos’s philosophy can be a guideline for anyone. He writes eloquently and speaks directly for your reason.

    I like that everything he writes has roots into reality.

  130. Jan Martin says:

    I would like to nominate Jackie Walker at Her blogs are always humorous and very very insightful. They remind me to not stop at the first layer on my onion but too carry on peeling aways the layers despite my tears and knowing that Jackie works intuitively to peel them away with lashings of humour and fun.

  131. I’d like to nominate Izzy from the 30 year old ninja.

    I love his honesty and humility. He has an amazing ability to address deep subjects in a fun and inspiring way. I especially enjoy his cartoons!

  132. I would like to nominate Jeff Friend of Kaizen Ways for the CYT Top 50 Personal Blog Awards 2012! It’s very refreshing and quite helpful in many day to day tasks.

  133. Hi I’d like to vote for Arianna Merrit’s blog “Arianna’s Random Thoughts”
    ( because she has an incredibly upbeat and positive blog that always lifts my spirits!!! :)

  134. I would like to nominate Sarupa Shah for consideration. She writes at Her posts are very inspiring to those readers who would like their business to grow through tips on self improvement and business development. Her posts are a must-read!

  135. Sheldon Richard says:

    I would like to nominate Paige Burkes @

    She’s not just another talking head. She resonates with me. That connection is very important because it tells me she gets where I’m at… where I’m coming from. That is worth its weight in gold.

  136. Dale Boden says:

    I would like to nominate Melissa Curran at This blog is always inspiring and her writings are down to earth.

  137. I would like yo vote for Lucid Ability. I have been following Jamie for some time now. I like his style of writing and he has a great depth of knowledge on Lucid Dreaming.

  138. I vote for Zeenat Merchant because not only is her blog amazing, but she also has treated my mother and numerous times successfully. :)

  139. I would like to nominate Thuy Yau insideamothersmind.Her blogs are very inspiring and thoughtful. She has done a good job.

  140. Rachel Cobian says:

    I vote for Craig Morton (#19). I have worked with many life coaches over the years and Craig Morton is one of the best. His caring, inspirational and down-to-earth coaching style shows through in his blogs. He isn’t afraid to share his own life stories as examples to help others.

    His insight has made me a better person and I hope that his blog wins so he can benefit a larger audience.

  141. I want to nominate Izzy from the 30 year old ninja (

    I’m nominating Izzy because his blog is thoughtful, different, very interesting and thought provoking.

  142. I would like to nominate Izzy from 30 year old Ninja….super real, vulnerable authenticity, and every post is meaningful.

  143. I want to nominate Izzy from The 30 Year Old Ninja ( I’m constantly inspired and rejuvenated with every post from Izzy and find myself always going back for more. A refreshing outlook with an amazing approach to life.

  144. I would like to nominate Jackie Walker at She’s warm, funny and her metaphors inspire immediate clarity and understanding. Her website is a gift and a blessing!

  145. I’m nominating LocateFate – I’m enjoying their blogs so far and the direction they are heading.

  146. I would like to nominate Jackie Walker at Not only is Jackie and inspiration to so many she also has the capacity to give so much to everyone she touches. She wholeheartedly deserves to be top of the list

  147. I’d like to nominate Jackie Walker for her relationship blog

    Practical and helpful tips delivered with a great sense of humour!

  148. I’d like to vote for Izzy over at 30 Year Old Ninja. Izzy is following one of his childhood dreams, and his passion for it is contagious. His blog is inspiring and, at times, down right hilarious. His passion for what does has pushed me to question what I previously thought wasn’t possible for myself.

  149. Hi, I want to nominate I’ve been following Suzie’s personal life changing journey for the last few years and can honestly say that she is a true inspiration. Her blog is a beacon of light for so many and her story is truly amazing. Thank you and much love xx

  150. I would like to vote for This blog is extremely insightful, inspiring and filled with great information on how to make life better.

  151. I would like to nominate Izzy from the 30 year old ninja ( Very straightforward, very fair and exceptionally motivating. This, coupled with a writing style which is both very honest and positive really makes this blog a notable and quite remarkable read. Highly recommended.

  152. Hi there. What a great inspirational collection of blogs. I would be honored to add mine to the list. It’s a raw and humorously candid look at how we can make our lives all we want them to be. A bit of Buddhism, a tad of babble, and a ton of laughter and wisdom.

  153. Hi! I would like to nominate Sarupa Shah of

    She has a great balance of head, heart and soul in all of her posts.


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