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Why The F*ck Should I Care About Social Media For My Business?

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If you're not using social media to grow your business, then it simply means you don't care about the growth of your business.

That's hard hitting I know and straight to the point and it's meant to be, it's a statement to get you sit up and take notice of what the hell is happening in the world around you.

Listen up, if you're not using social media to grow your business, then your business is not going to grow, or at best it's going to grow at a snails pace.

We are a nation of content junkies, we consume a massive amount of content on a daily basis and if you're not contributing to that content, then you're out of the loop.

Why You Should Care About Social Media

I have been asked so many times why a coach, why an entrepreneur, why a writer, why a speaker, why a healer, why a creative person should really care about social media and the answer is the same every time:


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Your Business is Not Your Product

Many small business owners think that their business is selling their product or their service, it's not! Your business is all about your distribution channel.

The more attention you can get for your business, the more sales of your product/service you're going to get and to get attention to need to think about the content you're putting out into the mix.

The Starbucks Effect
Starbucks logo

Most people think that Starbucks business is coffee…

It's not about coffee

Coffee is their product, but their business is actually distribution and real estate.

All their stores represent Starbucks distribution channel.

Television is a distribution channel.

YouTube is a distribution channel.

Facebook is a distribution channel.

These are the mediums in which marketing messages flow and goods are sold to a participating audience.

So if Starbucks wants to sell more coffee, they must expand their channel by opening more stores.

Without these stores, there is no business. Same with McDonald’s, ASDA,  LIDL, Wal-Mart, KFC, ALDI, TESCO, SUB-WAY and host of other stores who main product is not their business it's their stores which act as a distribution channel.

You Are A Media Companyyou are a media company image

You are a media company and that's something you're going to have to wrap your head around.

Buyers want to know the person behind the product, readers want to know the people who are behind the business, viewers want to know the person who will potentially be coaching them or teaching them something in a program they might buy.

Think about what you do when you are thinking about buying a training program online, what's the first think you do? You search that person on Google to find their videos, to find reviews, to find out if any of your friends have bought the product.

My program over at Your Digital Formula has not grown because I have a brilliant sales video, my program has been bought because members searched the name 'Steven Aitchison' in google, or they asked their friends about the program, or they looked for reviews.

And where is the first place they went to find information about Your Digital Formula? Social Media!

Your Distribution Channel

The miracle of building a business in the Internet age, is that it allows a single person to build a massive, global, virtual distribution channel with nothing more than a laptop.

Personally, my distribution channel is my Facebook page, my youtube channel, my Instagram Channel and my email list.

Right now, there’s around 3.5 million people from around the world who are following me. In addition to Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, I also have the ability to reach out to 80,000 email subscribers.  

That is my distribution channel which flows with information about helping people online in their business, it has information on the mindset of an entrepreneur, it has information on personal development and it has information on the products and services that I sell.

It doesn't matter if someone reads my content and doesn't buy from me straight away, because I know that it might take 50 times for someone to read and watch my content before they might buy from me, but meanwhile I am contributing content that is helping people around the world for free and ultimately my name is becoming more and more recognised – It's thinking long term and not short term.

For your distribution channel to grow you need three things:

The Distribution Triangle

The Distribution Triangle

That's it, all you need to think about to grow your distribution triangle is:

Presence – Your presence is you, and your social media channels.

Reach – Your reach is how many people you can reach on a daily basis which is determined by your content.

Engagement – Your engagement is about how many people come back for more to share, like comment and watch your content.

It's not complicated but you are being told every day that is is complicated to grow your distribution channels like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Google+

The real reason you need to have all these distribution channels? – Your business is not going to survive in a world where people value authenticity, where they value genuine people who care and they value people who put out amazing content into the world.

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