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Do You See Variety or Competition In Your Industry?

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Do you see variety or competition in your industry?

One will support your growth, wealth and prosperity while the other keeps you trapped if you're not careful.

It matters not that there are a plethora of healers, health specialists, coaches, astrologers, numerologists, singers, songwriters, bloggers and more…

This is exactly what's necessary to have VARIETY.

The more we connect on this level, the more you support what you want to build.

The more we collaborate with people who lean into variety, the more growth-minded collaborators connect to INFINITE possibilities (growth).

Collaboration grows an audience.

Collaboration appeals to the variety of tastes out there.

If you're a heart-centered business owner who claims to want to "be of service" … then you cheer when anyone has taken the initiative to invest in themselves (no matter who they choose).

If you're not here yet, then you're effectively in competition mode (and not in a good way). This is treating your business like a SPORT, setting yourself up to win or lose WITHOUT opportunity for more.

Don't get me wrong…

Competition has its place if you know how to utilize it for your own growth.

Competition can help you prepare and get focused.

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Competition can be your fuel or it can burn you out.

If you're busy attempting to destroy your competition by stealing their work, clients, or bad-mouthing them to effectively get them "out of your way"—then competition is not an asset to you. In fact, you'll lose every time.

Variety is the key to more inspired ideas and growth.  With variety then collaboration becomes a powerful tool that allows for more growth, wealth, and prosperity in every way!  It's a WIN-WIN model but only if you get it and find others who get it, too.

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