What Does Your Blood Type Say About You?

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Our blood is beautiful. It flows effortlessly and wonderfully throughout our bodies and we never give it any thought, until we cut ourselves. But our blood holds secrets about us. Deep dark secrets that you probably aren't even aware of. Do you even know your blood type? Surprisingly, not many of us do. Our blood flowing and our breathing are two things we end up taking for granted and never think about, ever. It might be time to pay more attention.

60 years ago, Japan began extensive research to see if blood type could have any links with personality and health and research continues still today now in the Western Hemisphere too. Naturopaths and doctors are intrigued by the facts found and the links blood types have on personality and diseases.

blood_type_personalityBefore you read on, find out what your blood type is and then have a look and see if this accurate.

Type A

If you are a Type A you can donate to A's and AB's which is always a good thing.

The Cons: Health wise, you are at a slightly higher risk of getting pancreatic cancer or leukemia and heart disease compared to the other types.

The Pros: You're also least likely to get eaten alive by mosquitos. See, it's not all bad.

Personality wise, Type A's can be slightly stubborn and a tad stressed but are also patient and might even be a bit shy. They are also creative and sincere.   A's like to get along with everyone and want to be everyone's friend. Often they won't voice their true opinion for fear of upsetting the apple cart.   They also tend to lean towards being a perfectionist.

Type B

If you are a Type B you can donate to B's and AB's.

The Cons: You have an increased risk of heart disease and research has shown that women have a slightly higher chance of developing ovarian cancer.

The Pros: You have 50,000 times the number of strains of friendly bacteria. Sounds good to me.

Personality wise, Type B's are very creative, passionate and strong willed. You're also selfish and irresponsible. B's also like to be everyone's friend but more easy going about things. They blend in well with any crowd and make friends easily.

Type AB

If you are a Type AB you can donate to all blood types.

The Cons: You have a much higher risk of heart disease. There's also a chance your cognitive functions may experience difficulties.

The Pros: Your personality

Personality wise you are calm, cool and collected (maybe because you forget what you were supposed to be upset about) AB's are also social butterflies and can be quite charming. They stand out from the rest and are quite unique. They like to dance to the beat of their own drum.

Type O

If you are a Type O- you have universal blood and can donate to all types, and O+ is the most popular of blood types.

The Cons: Mosquitos love you.

The Pros: You are less likely to get heart disease or cancer though you are more prone to ulcers. Even though mosquitos do love you, it ' s not likely you will get malaria.

Personality wise you are confident, intuitive and strong willed. You are also a bit of a workaholic. O's can be loners. They are able to handle stress better than the other types. They can also be considered somewhat daring.

After doing all the research I did to write up this article I was quite amazed at what our blood type actually reveals about us. I can see how there would definitely be links to health and diseases with our blood types but our personalities too? Very intriguing.

The Japanese also linked certain blood types to certain types of food and came to a few conclusions about what kinds of food the Types should eat more of or stay away from but that's a whole other article.

So what type are you and was the personality part accurate for you? Share with the other readers.

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