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I love blogging

I set out to start a blog to help people by writing articles that may inspire or help people in some. It could be giving them advice it could be pointing to someone else's work whom I admire; it could be from anywhere as long as I was helping.

blogObviously I wanted to make some money as well so I monetized the site from the very beginning in order to make it easier as I went along. I use mainly Google adsense and as I learn more I will no doubt use other revenue streams as well.

I have been live with this blog exactly 19 days and do you want to know how much I have made in those 19 days. £0.00, absolutely nothing, not a sniff of a pound not a sniff of a dollar.

Do you want to know how much traffic I have had to my site in those 19 days about 30 visitors, probably looking to spam.

Yes I have a lot to learn about getting my site known, I have a lot to learn about the technologies of making money blogging but £0.00 and 30 visitors is a bit miserable.

Do you know what? I am ecstatic. I have learned so much in the past 19 days about lots of things. The main things I have learned are:

1. Setting up a WordPress blog
2. CSS
3. A tiny bit of PHP
4. Other blogs and how they help
5. The psychology of blogging
6. How Google works
7. Advertisers

And so much more. I love getting up at 5.30am every morning just to write another article. I love trying to think articles. I love searching for articles that will help my readers (all 30 of them), I love writing (my lifetime goal is to write a book but this is the next best thing), I love the anticipation of getting more readers, I love looking at my Technorati ranking (which is currently 1,453, 418, which is pretty shite but I still love it). I just love it.

I wrote an article about starting a new habit which I have used myself and it gave me motivation to try other things, stopping sweets, writing every day.

Can you tell I love blogging. I will no doubt get better and more savvy and the money and visitors will come but just now I am loving it.

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Steven Aitchison is the author of The Belief Principle and an online trainer teaching personal development and online business.  He is also the creator of this blog which has been running since August 2006.