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About a year ago I discovered the law of attraction. At first I thought it was a nice idea to think that thoughts become things and that the universe has our back. When reading an article or watching a video, I would feel my vibration rising but it took a while for me to really start implementing it in to my life. You would probably agree that changing our thought habits is not as easy as it sounds. However, more and more I began to believe that this was more than just a nice idea. It took a while but eventually I started taking action, (baby steps), on opportunities that came my way.

One of the things I want to change in my life, like most people, is my financial situation. So, when I saw an opportunity to earn money working for myself from home, and all I would need would be a laptop and internet connection, I took action. No business experience was needed, being an online business where I could "˜Earn as I learn'. I created my website and I felt very proud of myself but then I kinda lost my confidence.

The truth is, although I have loved this new self-journey, until very recently I had been worrying too much about "How?" I could make this a success.

Thanks to the guidance from many sources online,   I have now realised that always thinking about "How?" I could manage things in my business, (and my life), has held me back. I had been giving too much thought and energy on how I would achieve the end result instead of visualising the actual end result "“ Me, a successful online entrepreneur with enough money for my family, friends and charities.

This is how I used to think "“ I'd wonder, "Have I bitten off more than I can chew?" I mean, I am bringing up 2 bairns on my own, I work part time so don't have a full time income coming in to the household. The girls are growing all the time so always need new clothes. How can I pay for these clothes and everything else they need?   I've agreed to go on a week's holiday abroad this year with my friends and the flights have to be paid soon. How can I find the money to pay for them? My car needs MOT'd. How much is that going to cost? My cooker is not working properly. How can I afford a new cooker right now? And to add to all of this, I have started my own business but as yet can't afford to pay for advertising. How can I make this business work? "AAAAAHHHHH!" Do you follow me?

Today I do not ask "How?" I will be able afford all of this. I no longer waste my time and energy on disempowering questions. Isn't it true that if we want something so much and take the right steps when we see an opportunity, then anything is achievable? I have to believe that I can make it happen and only focus on the end result. Forget about the in between stuff and how I will get there. The getting there will all fall in to place if I continue to visualise the end result. Changing my thoughts has given me the courage to move forward with my business and share my story.

"How?" is not the first question I should be asking. If I concentrated more on "Why?" I want to change my lifestyle and enjoy having my own business, I will then keep my focus on the journey ahead. I deserve it.

Another thing I should be asking myself is "What?" do I want? A very high income working for myself, a better lifestyle and so on.

Then "Who?" can make this happen? Yes it's obviously me that can make this happen but I feel that with the help of the mentors I found when I started this new journey, I am not alone so I can get guidance from others to help me. If you are like me and want to earn money working for yourself but don't know where to begin to make it happen, trust the universe will send you a sign or bring people in to your life that will point you in the right direction.

Then finally the "How?" you create a better income and better lifestyle will all come together.

This is a more constructive thinking cycle. It also makes me happier to think and feel this way.

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Annie Reynolds

I live in a small town not far from Edinburgh. My mission is to encourage and inspire anybody who wants a better lifestyle and financial freedom.
I have taken steps to achieve this myself and would like to share my journey in the hope that when others see that a single 43 year old woman with 2 children and no real business experience can make it work, then they can too.
You see, I am not just a single 43 year old Mum, I am also a new online entrepreneur!
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