This is Why Some People Hate You

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Someone I know well hates appointments from the bottom of his heart. She really hates to agree on a certain time and date in the future to meet someone or to do something.

When I examined how she reacts before appointments I found that she constantly keeps telling herself that she won't catch the appointment on time and so she feels extremely stressed and overwhelmed.

hateBecause each time she arranges an appointment to do something she feels stressed and overwhelmed she started to hate appointments.

She wasn't aware that this is the reason why she hates them but all she knew was that arranging appointments was the last thing she wants to do in life.

In short, we don't hate tasks, people or our jobs but we hate the emotions we experience while doing them.

Ask any person who hates his job to give you more details and you will soon find that he hates it because of the emotions he experiences while doing the job (maybe an amount of stress that he can't handle or the fear of the arrogant boss who is managing him)

If that person learned how to manage his stress or to control his fear he won't hate his job anymore!!

The psychology of hatred

The first day Sam went to college he was bullied by one of his colleagues in front of everybody.

When Sam went to sleep that day his mind kept wondering of the possible solutions to the bullying problem he faced. One of the suggested solutions by Sam's mind came in the form of day dreaming where he saw himself kicking that bully and beating him up in front of everyone

But since the bully was stronger than Sam the suggestion was rejected and so Sam's mind found no way to avoid the bullying pain but to keep Sam away of that guy.

Sam's mind decided to let him experience bad feelings upon seeing the bully or even when expecting him to show up just to keep him away from him, these bad feelings are otherwise known as "Hatred"

People Hate others when they find themselves helpless

Didn't you just notice something about the operation of the mind?

When the subconscious mind doesn't find any solution to a certain problem it uses hatred as a final resort.

People hate their bosses because they can't shout at them

People hate their jobs much if they can't find alternatives

People hate things when these things harm them and they find themselves unable to defend themselves

In short, the next time you discover that someone hates you, make sure that he is feeling helpless. Instead of feeling bad or thinking that you are not worthy of being loved you should feel sorry for that helpless person.

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