The True Promise of Aging

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I love journeys.   The way they challenge us, make us feel alive and stretch our boundaries.   I still remember the tremendous freedom I felt when as a boy of 14, I set out on my first bicycle tour of England.   My parents had given me a new bike with proper racing handlebars.   It was a mighty proud young fellow who set out from his South London home one day, and pedalled to Devon and Cornwall, staying at youth hostels

Recently I've been on another kind of journey, creating a course on "happy aging."   As the world's "oldest, newest blogger" — to quote my friend Steve Atchison — at 79, I've felt a deep urge to share my experience that aging is not something to be afraid of, but can be a door to true meaning and happiness at any age.

I loved the picture that I saw in the Denver Post the other day of a 103-year-old man happily biking along a coastal path in California, beaming at passers-by. Mind you, this gentleman had trainer wheels on his bike, but so what?

The important point, which brought such a big grin both to my face and to my wife JoAnn's face, was that his fun-loving, unconquerable spirit is as alive and well now as at any other time in his life.   "Tell those lazy 80-year-olds to get off their sofa and get busy," the elderly gentleman told a local reporter with a laugh.

Your body ages, but not your spirit

This is the essential message of my new course, "How to look (and feel) 10 years younger: The true promise and potential of aging." Although our bodies age, our own unconquerable spirit — the timeless truth of the core of our being — doesn't age at all.

I'm so grateful to Steve for this opportunity to write a little bit about aging, and also to let you know that my course, comprising eight modules and a workbook, is available starting today at my blog.   Special reduced rates will be in effect from May 23 "“ May 27.

The true promise and potential of aging

What is the "The True Promise of Aging"?   It's a paradox in a way.   Obviously, our physical forms will lose ground.   And yes, there will be challenges.   But there is also a tremendous privilege.   It is the privilege — if space and time is given to us — to connect more deeply with who we truly are, and find new meaning in the truth of our own being, our own eternal soul.

In this, I find, is the very source of all true happiness and peace. I can truthfully say I'm happier now than at any time in my earlier life.

Incidentally we are all aging.   I notice in various articles and magazines how even 30-year-olds, for example, can start to worry about possibly losing their looks, or their athletic ability, when they reach 40.   And by the time you get to be 50, or 60, or 80"¦ well, you are obviously well on the road to decline.   Or are you?

The truth is that there is a huge evolutionary process under way on this planet and the old expectations and guidelines concerning aging don't apply anymore.   There is new territory to explore. Here are a few examples of the benefits and blessings that the experience of aging can rightly bring.

1.   A deeper experience of inner peace

Yes, there are challenges with aging, of course, just as there are at any time of life. But there is also a unique opportunity to honor the ancient scripture, "Be still, and know that I am God." To find that indeed there is no boundary to the peace and happiness of being. We can always go deeper!

2.   A deeper experience of oneness

As we connect more deeply with the truth at the core of our being we inevitably sense ever more deeply our essential oneness with all humankind and with Nature.

3.   An increasing experience of compassion

Compassion is an essential characteristic of our true nature. Just as good wine improves with age, so the quality of compassion can improve with age. Forgiveness can become very easy indeed.

4.   Appreciate our ancestors

It may seem strange to include this as a blessing of aging, but it is. I never was able to be close with my father when he was alive. But I find in my latter years that I have come to see my father in a very new light "“ in a sense, I have been able to recreate this particular relationship in my life. I am so thankful for his integrity and indomitable spirit, his true legacy to me.

5. Let go of all pretense

Sometimes, the masterpiece who we truly are can get hidden behind our human conditioning and the impacts of the culture in which we live. With the gift of aging is a special opportunity to let go of any remaining pretense and present ourselves to our world and to God as the unique, inimitable being we truly are. 

Message from Steven Aitchison

Christopher is not one for selling himself so I wanted to let you know how good his new course,   'The True Promise of Aging', is.

I first met Christopher when he was aged 77, and mistakenly thought he was aged around 60 years due to his passion, vigor and joy for life; we have been friends ever since.   His wisdom is not of this world and each word he writes is like a tugging at the spiritual heart.  "The True Promise of Aging" is a course for the mind, body and spirit. It will change your thinking about aging, and reconnect you with the power that is inside. This is a course for everyone to enjoy whether you are 21 or 91.

Some testimonials

" Christopher Foster is one of the few people I know that has discovered passion, meaning and happiness in growing older. His ecourse is filled with profound wisdom. Even Deepak Chopra's wisdom on aging doesn't compare with his. I'm dead serious. In his 4 week course join him as he shares his hope, habits, insights and wisdom. "How to look (and feel) 10 years younger" will help you move forward with much more optimism as you learn to redefine what aging means." "” Tess Marshall,

"Christopher Foster is a beacon of hope for many people. He is an Elder in the true sense of the word: someone who can show how to live a fulfilling  and meaningful life. I've seen "“ close-up "“ that Christopher is always willing to learn new skills and develop his capabilities. I think he exemplifies a new paradigm of aging: that we can create a fulfilling, active, and happy life, no matter where we are on life's journey. His course is ground-breaking, and you will emerge from it with new insights, and a new zest for life.""”Mary Jaksch.

"Everything Chris puts out is of phenomenal quality and I know this course will be no different. If you can get a chance to work with him, grab it, and be prepared for transformation.""” Jonathan Mead.


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