Interviewing The Coaches – Curly Martin

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Today I have an amazing person to introduce you to: Curly Martin.

Curly is an interntional coach to the coaches and has set up her own coaching institute called Achievement specialists. She is the author of 4 books:

The Life coaching handbook

The business coaching handbook

The personal success handbook

The Thity minute life coach

All of which are available at here Life Coaching site

She has been named by the observer magazine as one of the top 10 life coaches in the world.

I first heard of Curly when I was starting out on the path of life coaching years ago and came across Curly's courses.  I decided to buy her book instead.  However that book has been a bible for me in my coaching practice and in my work place.

You're going to love this short interview where Curly answers three questions which were sent in by readers.

A lot of you have asked when 'Interviewing the Coaches' will be released, which has all the full length interviews in the series.  Honest answer, I don't know as I am having a bit of trouble finding a suitable way to handle the delivery of the program.

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