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The Secret

No doubt you have seen or heard about the movie "˜The Secret'. I have heard a lot about and finally managed to get a copy and watched it a few times over a period of 2 weeks.

It's not a film as such it is more of a documentary similar in style to 'What The Bleep Do We Know!?">what the bleep do we know?' It also had the same effect on me as Bruce Lipton's work such as the 'Biology of belief', the DVD has to be seen. The secret had a similar effect however I currently use a lot of the principles talked about in the film.


The film

throughout the film there are various speakers come on to talk about how your thoughts create your world. If you think about the things in life you do not want they will invariably be attracted to you. If you think about the things in life you do want, you will attract them. For example I sometimes find myself thinking about the money I DON'T have to buy the things I want, this has the opposite effect to what I want. When I catch myself thinking like this, and it's easy to do, I stop and think of the things I already have and think about the things I will have in the future. I really do believe in this passionately and my hope is for everyone to grasp this principle.

The speakers are people such as Jack Canfield, Mike Dooley, John Grey, Bill Harris, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Marie Diamond and my personal favourite Michael Beckwith. According to the website these are the teachers of our generation. Past teachers were people such Dale Carnegie, Joseph Campbell, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Carl Jung, Emily Pankhurst and Thomas Edison.

The premise of the film is very simple but it is amazing how most people do not know, accept or use the concepts. Change your thoughts and you will change your world, literally.

The secret blog

The Secret also has a blog here and the visualisation tool video you can download this video here, save it and maximise it on your desktop. I have watched the visualisation tool video a few times when I need a little reminder to focus my thoughts.

What Is The Secret

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