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How much is your blog worth?

You may have noticed that I have a blog worth on the left hand sidebar, currently standing at $9.86. which means if I was to sell my blog I would get $9.86 for it. It got me thinking how much other blogs were worth.

I should explain a little about the worth of a blog is calculated according to pingoat.

The blog worth is directly related to the number of blogs or websites who link to your blog which is recorded in technorati, simple. Obviously this is not the real worth of a blog but is it interesting to see who the highest are.



The Top 10

engadget – $213,506

gizmodo – $171,359

dailykos – $110,979

boingboing – $82,580

lifehacker – $73,762

yanxi – $59,785

sina – $56,896

huffingtonpost – $53,825

techcrunch – $52,867

postsecret – $31,835

stevenaitchison – $9.86

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